Alternate Universe Stories

A Binding Agreement - Patt

Jim is charged with involuntary manslaughter, sent to prison and has to do the time. What will happen to Blair while he’s gone? What will happen to Jim? 118K

Elderkin - Legion

In the sequel to Liegeman and Companion, Jim finds himself trying to prevent Blair from discovering the secret the Elderkin hide from all in plain sight, and almost loses Blair because of it. 760K, split into 3 parts

Destination Anywhere - Tinnean

In a world where the color green has become a fairy story told to children, Blair Sandburg and his fellow scientists are determined to preserve what's left of the human race. Living in the biosphere of University, they constantly struggle to find solutions to the devastation man has let loose upon the Earth. In a desperate effort to stave off extinction, Blair creates a series of cyborgs. The best of these is the JIM 852, so realistic Blair's fellow scientists swear they can smell its sweat. But now University is dying as well, and Blair must find another way to save the Earth. He takes the JIM and the other cyborgs to find sanctuary in the legendary city of Cascade. What will Blair and the Jim find in Cascade when they arrive there, and will they succeed in keeping mankind alive? 94K

Hush, Little Baby... - Katef

During a particularly unpleasant case, Vice cop Detective Jim Ellison finds help in controlling his senses from a very unexpected quarter. 118K

Transformation - Patt

Jim is settled into a boring life, but two people come into his life and turn it upside down. 111K

Fairly Cracked Tales - Kerensa

An assortment of Fairy Tales told in the Sentinel universe. 67K Image heavy

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