Miscellaneous Stories

Uneasy Feeling - Hurt/Comfort - Patt

Blair is mad at Jim and Jim takes it out on him by driving like a crazy person. 22K

New Beginnings - I Hate... Carolyn - Annie

Jim Ellison is a cop who’s retired from the PD due to the problems he’s having with his senses. He and his son, Joe, aged 5, move to a small town named Chinook where they set up house in a rundown house and meet Blair Sandburg, the local pharmacist. 91K

I'll Be Home for Christmas - I Hate... Naomi - Patt

Blair and Jim find out that separation during the holidays sucks. - 14K

Just Fishin' - Pre-Slash - Lisa, Duncan's Twin

Jim reminisces. 5K

Sentinel-mental Art - akablonded

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