Angst Stories

Worth Listening To - Annie

Someone realizes that the other person is worth listening to and sometimes it’s almost too late. 26K GEN

Impromptu - Banbury

What happens when the novelty wears off, when day-by-day routine becomes just that - routine, when what others see in you overshadow the real you... Where this fine line when person snaps and can’t take more? 29K

Scapegoat - Katef

scapegoat n. ‘a person blamed for the wrongdoings of others.’ Blair finds out the hard way. 146K

Sticks and Stones - Kerensa

Jim and Simon find out that words can indeed hurt when they jump on Blair. 144K

Lost and Found - Lyn

Everyone has given up hope on finding a hurt Blair Sandburg, except for Jim. 11K GEN

If I Can't Hear Your Heartbeat - Natalie L

A bad thing happens on the way to a seminar. 31K Pre-Slash

One of the Guys - Patt

Connor has become a detective in Major Crimes, has become a citizen and now feels like she fits in with the rest of the group. But there always has to be a reason why things don’t work out as planned. 43K

Hard Decisions - Patt

Blair is dating Ms. Right until she tells Blair that she doesn’t want him to have anything to do with Jim anymore. What will Blair do? 22K Pre-Slash

In the Heat of the Night - Patt

Blair is hurt by some officers from another station house and Jim wants to take care of it. Blair wants Jim to stay out of his business. Will Jim listen to Blair for a change? 37K

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