Alternate Universe Stories

Royal Protection - Ankaree

Blair is the personal assistant and media consultant to his step-brother, Prince Alvaro Badran of Andorra. When the prince's life is threatened while on a royal tour of the United States, a Special Forces soldier is brought in to impersonate him. Blair is given the task of turning Captain James Ellison into a double for the prince, but after only one conversation, Blair has his doubts about transforming the rugged, hard-headed solider into nobility. 241K

A Fresh Start - Bluewolf

After the press conference, Blair decides he has to leave. Jim has other ideas. 63K GEN

Full Circle - Bluewolf

Blair is doing his PhD dissertation on the work of the emergency services, doing a series of ridealongs, during which he meets Jim - whose senses are reassuringly normal... 116K GEN

Six Ways Jim and Blair Never Met - Ceares

Six glimpses into other Sentinel and Guide lives. 48K

The Sum of the Parts - Franscats

What happens when a Guide thinks he knows what is best for his Sentinel, and changes the Sentinel's life forever? 270K

“Such stuff as dreams are made on...” - Katef

When Detective Jim Ellison visits a rural resort to get some respite from newly on-line senses, he is drawn to a mysterious young man who has his own reasons for being there. 142K

What Love Endures - Legion

In a future where matched sentinels and their guides are a normal part of the fabric of society, ten-year-old Jimmy Ellison finds Blair Sandburg literally as he's born. For the next twenty years they struggle to find their footing both as a matched pair and as lovers. 256K

Storm At The Gates - Ankaree and LilyK

When young Lord Ellison rescues a boy from harm he has no idea that years later that same child will play an important role in his life. 129K

How soft the scarf, how deep the water - Marion

In England, in the year of our Lord, 1604, an actor and a merchant meet. 124K

19 Minutes - missfae

He has 19 minutes and a rogue agent that just won't shut up. Will he or won't he? 20K

Savin' The Day - missfae

Crossover with NCIS and Man From Uncle. 29K

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