Humorous Stories

Chains and Whips - Kerensa

Jim and Blair go undercover at an S&M club. What will Jim learn about Blair? 21K

How To Live With A Neurotic Sentinel - missfae

Practical tips for dealing with your sentinel. 17K Crossover

Still Best Friends - Patt

Jim is confused, as usual and Blair is also missing something. But in the end, will they still be best friends? 25K

My Beloved Monster - Patt

Jim's having a baby. Or is he? 10K

The House on Sentinel Hill - Tinnean

Rumor has it the house on Sentinel Hill is haunted. Jim Ellison, a Sentinel without a Guide, doesn’t believe what he’s heard, but even if it’s true, he doesn’t care. He just needs a place that’s quiet so he can come to terms with his suddenly out-of-control senses. How is he going to react when he learns that while the house isn’t haunted, something else is living there? And it has no intention of moving out. 54K

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