I can't believe this is already 2013. Did I miss 2012? Geeze. I had some medical problems come up and Kerensa, aka Strifesmistress helped with all of the coding. So Lisa and I are forever grateful for that. She was like our own little angel. Thank you, Kerensa.

A big thank you to Lisa for making the last 12 years tons of fun. It's been a good run. We both love the boys and will continue to love them forever.

Thank you all of our readers for being here for us, all these years. And then I need to thank the writers and the artists. Without you, we would have nothing. So, thank you so much to everyone.

Sending lots of hugs and love to all of the fandom.



I don't even know where to start. Many, many thanks to every writer, artist and beta over the years... these ezines never would have happened without you guys.

I have to apologize for the lateness of this ezine... if it could have gone wrong, it did! Starting in December it was a couple of stories coming in late, a surprise birthday trip, the holiday, getting sick, finally getting better, a friend who is handicapped and has MD getting sick and going into the hospital, taking care of her dog while she was in the hospital, her having surgury, bringing her home, going over daily to help, running her errands, having my computer not start, buying a new one, not having the HTML program on it, downloading the software, realizing it was a new version and needing to learn it, realizing there was no FTP software installed, installing it, tearing my hair out when the first story I do on the new version of the HTML will NOT fix, yelling at my husband about this DAMN program... and somewhere in the middle of all this we had to deal with my mother-in-law's Christmas meltdown and having to make a special effort to get together more as a family, so that was 3 times we had to get 4 schedules to agree... I'm exhausted! And I had to live through it!! And they ask me why I want to stop doing the ezines... I have NO TIME!!

I will be sorry for the ezines to end... not right away, mind you, but I'm sure in 6 months I'll be itching for something to do... in fact, I'm already talking to my husband about new ways My Mongoose can evolve.

I want to refer back to the notes from my first My Mongoose story: This started one sleepless night in October (of 2000). Iceman (my husband) and I were stuck in this crappy hotel room in Virginia with a barely working air conditioner and a lumpy mattress. Trying to sleep, I found myself listening to the television and an A&E special about biker gangs. Fertile imagination took over and a story idea was born. I wrote the opening scene, plotted a bit and then writer's block hit. I didn't pick the story up again until January, when I wrote for a couple of days and stopped. Then one night, chatting with my girls, one of them asked if I was ever gonna finish that biker story. And I probably made some sly comment about 'someday' and then she challenged me to finish it by the end of the month. That's how March started. So, I started writing more seriously, getting into the swing of it again. Then another friend asked me to put it in a zine, but I'm too impatient to wait for zines to come out, so I said no. And then Iceman said, why not make an ezine? It had started.

And here we are 12 years later. We stuck it out during the tough times when a certain mailing list tore our stories (and some of our authors ) to shreds, we stuck it out through no LOCs or feedback of any kind, we stuck it out because we were too stubborn to give in to pressure. We stuck it out because we wanted to stick our tongues out and say, "we're still here!"

These years would have driven me mad if not for the friendship, laughter and insanity that Patt has brought to my life. I can't imagine what my life would be like if she hadn't come into it.

Long live the Mongoose!


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