Blair Watching - Patt

Jim watched from the doorway of the loft and saw his partner and roommate making dinner. It was something to see. The man not only could cook, but he made it look effortless. He also looked damn sexy and it was driving Jim insane.

Jim Ellison knew that he couldn’t be having these feelings. For Gods sake, he was a cop. A military man. Well, hell! That didn’t always mean anything, but he knew one thing for sure, Blair Sandburg was no one that would stick around for long if Jim did make a move.

Jim moved into the loft, took his jacket off, hung it up and continued to watch Blair in the kitchen.

“Hey, Jim. How was your day?” Blair called out.

“Great, Chief, how was yours? Where were you all day?” Jim asked.

“I had that court hearing, you knew that. Simon said I could go home from there after we finished. So I figured I’d start dinner,” Blair said as he stirred something that smelled divine.

Jim walked into the bathroom to wash his hands and could hear Blair singing some song under his breath. He didn’t think that the younger man could get any sexier than he looked when he walked in. But the idea of him cooking and singing made Jim’s mouth water and it wasn’t for food. When he got back, he sat down at the table and watched the chef for the night do his thing.

Jim noticed that Blair constantly licked his lips after each verse he sang. It was not only cute and sexy, but was damned hot. Jim was getting hard just watching him. He wished he could talk to his Guide about this but knew he couldn’t. So he was content with just watching. About thirty minutes later, Jim was still hard as a rock from watching and could only think of one thing.

I want to kiss him so bad, it’s not even funny.

“Jim, wanna set the table?” Blair asked sweetly.

“Sure, Chief,” Jim said as he walked into the kitchen, adjusting himself on the way. He washed his hands again and got the dishes and glasses for the table. Setting it, he kept looking over at Blair and could see him dancing a little while he sang and cooked.

Jim couldn’t take it anymore. He walked over to Blair, pulled him into his arms and brought his lips down to Blair’s. Blair didn’t pull away, in fact, he kissed him back with such urgency that Jim was even more turned on. God, is that possible?

They kissed for about ten minutes, until Jim smelled something burning. He reached around and pulled the pan off of the burner and Blair said, “Shit, I worked all night on that dinner.”

Jim just smiled and pulled him in for more kissing and knew that things would be all right. He could hear it in Blair’s heartbeat, see it in his eyes and feel it in his lips. This was the happiest Jim had ever been in his life. He knew without a doubt that Blair would be his for however long, Jim would want him.

Life was sweet, but Blair was sweeter.

The end.

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