First Kiss - Mereridkat

How many times in the past four and half years… almost five now… had they come so close to this? Jim studied Blair's lips with such intensity that Blair shivered. He wanted Jim, loved Jim, worshipped, adored… the whole nine yards… Jim was the center of his universe. He was just a helpless satellite. He knew Jim cared about him, too. He was pretty sure Jim loved him, though from time to time, it was hard to tell. He had a pretty good idea that Jim wanted him, too. Who could miss those occasional looks? Like now.

"Blair." Jim groaned, shaking his head, pulling back.

"What?" The word came out hoarsely, half choked.

"Get away from me." Jim turned his back on Blair, rolling his shoulders, shaking out his hands.

"I wasn't the one doing the stalking, man!" Blair found his voice and shouted. "All I did was come out from taking a damn shower!"

"Yeah, well…" Jim grumbled, moving to stand in front of the windows. Feet planted, arms crossed over chest. The stalwart sentinel, watching his city, hiding. "Don't do that again."

"Fine!" Furious, Blair slammed his tea mug into the sink. "I won't shower here again! Maybe it's time for me to move out - permanently!" He stomped to his bedroom, throwing open the door and slamming it shut. Only it didn't slam. He whirled around to see what had stopped it and found himself face to face with Sentinel. A large, angry, horny Sentinel.

"You aren't leaving me." Jim growled, moving forward. He moved like the panther, all sinewy grace and silent, raw power. "Ever."

"Yeah, well…" Blair swallowed nervously, backing up against his desk. "What am I-"

"Shut up, Blair." Jim slid his fingers into Blair's hair, taking a firm grip of that beloved, irritating head. "I've fought this, tried to save you from it, but I can't. I need you, Blair. I love you."

"Save me?" He squeaked as he watched Jim lick his lips and lower his head. Then those lips were on his mouth. Fire exploded into his veins. He could swear he could see firecrackers going off behind his eyelids. Whoa. Finally being kissed by Jim. Yes!

The end.

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