The Snow Globe by Debbie Stone

The Snow Globe - Debbie Stone

Blair had been looking for a meaningful gift for Jim for Christmas this year. They had just endured one of the most difficult years in their working and professional lives. So many things had happened to them. The mess with Alex and Blair’s death at the water fountain had left a distance between them and when the dissertation had been revealed they had drifted just a little bit further apart. Blair wanted to find a gift for Jim that would show Jim how much he valued him as a friend. What Jim didn’t know was how much in love Blair was with him.

When Jim had come after Blair at the fountain the joining of their spirit animals sealed Blair’s love but Jim seemed to back away from what had happened to them at that instant. Blair desperately wanted to show Jim how much he meant to him but he was afraid of how Jim would react. Let’s face it he didn’t want to come into the water with Blair so he didn’t push it at that time. Jim’s words spoke volumes. Then when the dissertation had been leaked he knew Jim would never love him like Blair loved Jim. From that point on they just existed together. Blair’s love grew but Jim just pulled further and further away. His senses were under control but he still seemed to tolerate Blair’s company so he hadn’t made any plans to leave. Truth be told Blair prayed that Jim wouldn’t ask him to leave because if he had Blair knew it would be devastating to him. A cold and distant Jim was better than no Jim.

They needed to talk and open up the old wounds that kept them closed off from each other and Blair hoped that a gift of personal meaning would open up the lines of communication and allow them a second chance to become the close friends they were before this year had happened.

Blair had woken up in the morning to find that Jim had already gone to work. No coffee had been made and no note was left. Jim was drawing further and further away from Blair. They had to find a way to talk and work things out. If not Blair feared that he would loose that one person that had ever meant so much to him.

Jim hadn’t made any attempts to put up a Christmas tree so Blair figured he would grab the sick excuse for a tree that Jim kept in the storage bin in the basement of the loft when he and Carolyn had been married and set it up this year. Jim had never put up a tree in the four years that they had been living together but this year Blair wanted to surprise him with all the holiday trimmings. So after five hours of decorating Blair had managed to take the dismal little tree and the dark loft and turn it into a warm and inviting holiday space. Even though Blair had never decorated a tree before the lights were evenly distributed and the decorations where hung perfectly. The lights on the tree cast a warm and inviting glow around the entire loft and with Jim’s senses these tiny lights should be easy to deal with. Blair then decided that he had just enough time to run out to the store and find that one meaningful gift for Jim because tomorrow was Christmas.


Jim had had a horrible day at work and was in an extremely foul mood. He just wanted to go home grab some food and go to bed. His senses had become very erratic since Blair no longer worked with him and he wasn’t about to tell Blair anything about it. He just wanted to go about his life and not have to deal with all the explaining he’d have to do if he told Sandburg how bad things had become. Most days he just wanted to be left alone in the quiet of the loft and wasn’t interested in being tested for one thing or another. He knew he’d been withdrawing from life but he just didn’t care. He figured that Sandburg was probably getting sick of him and would be moving out soon anyway so why bring it up. Blair had lost enough of his life to Jim. He didn’t want to take any more of Blair’s time to discuss problems with his senses. Especially since he figured that it must be painful for Blair to deal with the sentinel thing since the dissertation and all of his work had been for nothing. Jim didn’t want to rub salt in Blair’s wounds so he just decided that it would be easier just to let Blair go on with his life without dealing with Jim.

The instant Jim arrived home he knew Sandburg wasn’t there. No heartbeat and no car so, therefore, no Sandburg. Jim’s heart actually dropped when he realized that he was alone. He hated being alone now and dreaded the day Blair actually moved out and started a new life somewhere else. They needed to talk and maybe Jim just needed to push Blair away in order to force him to start his life over.

Jim noticed a strange glow in the window of the loft. He was not happy at the thought of what it might be. He had no intentions of decorating for Christmas or any other holiday. If Sandburg did what he thought he did he was going to kill him. Jim flew out of the truck and took the stairs two at a time to get to the loft. Getting madder and madder with each step. Jim got to they door, unlocked it and swung it open. He stopped dead in his tracks. He was livid. Blair had decorated the loft and put up a damn tree. What the heck was he thinking? This is my damn place and I don’t want this crap up Jim thought to himself. He entered the loft and slammed the door shut. He was going to call and give Sandburg a piece of his mind.

“This crap is out of here.” Jim said as he stormed over to the phone.

“Who the hell does he think he is?" Punching in the numbers to Blair’s cell phone.


Blair was so excited because he’d found just the perfect gift for Jim that he’d been looking for. It was something so personal and so meaningful that he believed it would open up the lines of communication that had been closed for so long. It had been a long time since he’d had hopes for a happy ending and this gift contained all of his hopes. Now he had to get home to hide it under the tree. Blair had also picked up a few other less personal items for Jim for presents but this one was special and he couldn’t wait for Jim to open it.

Blair’s excitement came to a screaming halt when he answered his ringing cell phone. Jim was calling him and Jim was mad as hell. Blair’s heart sank as the tirade from Jim began.

“Sandburg, who the hell do you think you are? What ever possessed you to put decorations up in the loft? I haven’t done this in years and I sure as hell don’t want to do it now. This is my damn apartment and I don’t want this crap up. Christmas is nothing more than just another day I have to go to work and I don’t want to deal with this in the loft.” Jim was seething mad.

“Jim, oh, oh, I –I’m sorry, man. I just thought it would be nice to put the tree up. Doesn’t it look so nice and it warms up the loft. I figured…”

“Look Sandburg, don’t figure anything. Just get back here and take all this shit down. All I wanted to do was come home and go to bed and now I have to deal with all this too. I don’t celebrate the holidays or haven’t you noticed that over the last four years,” Jim said as he rubbed at the ache in his head that was now forming because of the conversation with Blair.

“Jim, I just thought we could have a small tree this year and exchange gifts and have a small dinner and just spend some time talking. We haven’t done that in such a long time. I miss talking with you and watching the game and just hanging out together,” Blair said as he put his hand up to his eyes closing them with the despair that filled his heart.

“Ok, Jim I’m on my way back now and I’ll take it all down when I get there. Just go to bed and I’ll take care of it.” It will be just like it was before cold and lonely, Blair thought to himself.

“Fine then I’m shutting the lights off and going to bed. You’re on your own, Sandburg.”

“Jim I’ll take care of it all and what happened to us? We used to be such great friends. God I miss that so much.” Blair waited for Jim to answer but all he got was silence.

“I’m on my way.” Blair said with sadness in his voice.

Jim didn’t say another word he just hung up the phone. Blair’s last words prevented Jim from responding because of the lump that had closed his throat. Jim wondered too what had happened to that wonderful friendship they’d had. He closed his eyes and tears began to fall. When he reopened them to let the drops fall he was suddenly hit with the warmth and beauty of how lovely the loft looked with the Christmas tree lights glowing softly as they danced with color along the walls. These walls had become nothing but empty and cold just like Jim. He realized at that moment how much he’d missed his friendship with Blair and how much he wanted it back.

He’d let all the stress of the last year take its toll on their relationship. He wanted it back and so much more. He had grown not only to love Blair as a friend but loved him as so much more. Jim was just about to tell him he was in love with him when Alex came into their lives and ruined everything. Once the dissertation disaster took place Jim figured Blair would never love him like Jim did Blair so Jim just began to close himself off to prevent his heart from being broken. Unfortunately, until that very instant in time he’d never realized that it had already been broken when he closed the door to his heart on Blair. That was going to change. When Blair got home, they were going to talk about everything because they had so much that needed to be discussed and Jim was ready to finally tell Blair everything.

Jim took another look around at the loft and realized that Blair had managed to turn the loft from a house into a home. Jim owed Blair so much and couldn’t wait to tell him so. The loft looked just wonderful.

Blair hung up his cell phone and if he hadn’t been in the middle of the mall he would have actually sunk to the floor and cried but this was not the place or the time. He had to get home and take down all the decorations he’d just put up. Jim was furious with him and Blair was miserable that what he thought would be a nice gesture of friendship had actually made Jim angry. Blair had to get home now so he took off jogging to his car. He had to get this done fast. His heart ached at how he just wasn’t able to appease Jim in any way and putting up the tree had only exacerbated the tension between them.

Blair fumbled for his keys and dropped them from his shaking hands. He quickly picked them up and unlocked the door to his car. He tossed the bag with the gift for Jim on the back seat. He’d have to return it later because he needed to get home and he knew Jim wouldn’t be interested in it and what it had meant to Blair. How sad that he’d actually found a perfect gift of love for Jim and now he’d never even give it to him. That thought made Blair very depressed as he pulled out of his parking spot and headed quickly back to the loft.

It seemed that Blair managed to hit each and every red light on the way from the mall. Blair could feel a sense of panic rising in his gut. He needed to get the loft back to normal so Jim would be comfortable in his own home. Like Jim had said what right did Blair think he had to decorate Jim’s home without his approval. Blair was feeling really upset with himself for even thinking about how much of an invasion of privacy that must have felt like to Jim. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t see the drunk driver loose control at the red light at careen across the intersection and slam into the driver’s side of the Volvo. Blair’s last thoughts were about how angry Jim was with him.

Jim was getting worried, Blair had said he was on his way back and that was an hour ago. He was only a few minutes away from the loft at the mall when he called and should have been here by now. Jim went to the balcony doors and opened them. He was taking in a deep breath of the cold December air when a sound slammed into his hearing. Sirens. There were lots of them right on the next block. He wondered what might be going on so he allowed his hearing to extend out to take in the sounds around the sirens. Blair would love to see him doing this. He’d have to tell him when he got home.

He opened up as wide as he dare with the incoming sirens and listened to the events. He could hear many people talking and shouting. He could actually see the reflections of the police lights in the air what was becoming thick with fog. It seems like a typical accident scene to him. He was actually thinking that maybe he would go down and offer some help but he wanted to be here when Blair got back. He thought to himself that there was plenty of help at the scene now so he really didn’t need to go. He was just about to pull back when he heard someone yell out a description.

“Hey, the guy in the truck is drunk and doesn’t seem to be hurt to bad but the kid in that green Volvo is hurt pretty bad. We need to get the fire department down here with the jaws-of-life to get him out and we need to do it now. He’s bleeding pretty bad and I’m afraid he’s going to bleed out.”

Reality slammed into Jim, as he took in the description of the green Volvo involved in the accident. It was Blair he was sure of it.

“Oh God, no,” Jim said as he took off running out the door of the loft leaving it open and taking the stairs three and four at a time to get to street level. His mind raced with panic and his feet weren’t able to run fast enough for him to get to the next block. He was absolutely terrified of what he’d find when he got there.

As he rounded the corner he stopped dead in his tracks as the accident scene froze him in place. Blair’s car was nearly unrecognizable. He’d been hit by an SUV that was twice the size of the Volvo. The driver’s side of the car was gone. It had been completely crushed by the truck. His mind couldn’t believe that Blair could possibly have survived such a horrendous crash. Jim stood and listened for the treasured heart beat but found nothing. All he was able to hear were the sounds of rescue workers and police.

Once again, he found himself, running toward the accident scene. He ran up to Blair’s car and was grabbed by a fellow police officer.

“Hey, what do you think your doing?” Said the officer to Jim pulling him away from the car.

“That’s my friend Blair Sandburg in there. My name is Jim Ellison and I’m a detective with Major Crime down town and Blair is my partner. I need to get over there.” Jim said, as he pulled free of his fellow officer’s hands and began to run over to the car again.

“Oh, God, Detective Ellison, I’m Bill Leary from traffic detail. I had no idea this was Blair Sandburg. I know him. I’ve seen him in the bull pen before.” Now shocked that he actually knew the man behind the wheel.

Jim turned back to look at Bill Leary and recognized the officer as well. “Thanks, Bill. Can you call Simon Banks and let him know what’s going on? I’ve got to get to Blair.”

“Absolutely, Jim I’ll take care of it.” Bill grabbed his shoulder talkie and called it in to dispatch.

Jim didn’t know what he’d find when he got to the car but he knew he had to get there fast. His heart flew into his throat when he took in the sight of Blair’s position in the car. Sandburg was pinned between the driver’s door and the passenger door. The truck had hit so hard that it had almost folded the Volvo in half. Jim could see Blair’s head resting off to the side of his right shoulder and blood was pouring from his head. The injuries seemed catastrophic to him. He knew Blair was either dead or dying and there was nothing he could do.

Suddenly the senses that he’d been having problems focusing came back online with a vengeance. All Jim could smell was the sickening metallic scent of blood on metal then blood on plastic and finally just the smell of blood. Blair’s blood. It was everywhere. However, one sense brought him wonderful relief and that was the sense of hearing. He could hear the beating of Blair’s heart. It was very slow but it was still there.

The paramedics where working on Sandburg. They were starting an IV and stabilizing his neck and back as much as they could until the fire department arrived to extricate Blair from the wreckage. Jim was recognized immediately by one of the paramedics and began to fill Jim in on Blair’s condition.

“Hey, Detective Ellison I’m Evan Fallon, so sorry this has happened. I’m doing what I can to take care of Blair. I knew it was him the second I looked at him. He’s had one hell of a year hasn’t he?

All Jim could do was shake his head in acknowledgement. Blair had had one hell of a year. He only hoped it wouldn’t end here on this street before he had a chance to tell Blair how sorry he was for being such as ass to him earlier not to mention being able to tell him how much he loved him.

“I’ve waited too long,” Jim said out loud forgetting that Evan was right there. Jim then reached out his hand to place it on Blair’s battered cheek.

“Too long for what?” a confused Evan said.

“Oh, nothing Evan I was just thinking out loud. Please tell me how bad it is?” Jim said as he looked back to address Evan but never taking his hand away from Blair’s face.

“Well, from what I can tell he has obvious head injuries but how bad I just don’t know. His left arm is definitely broken as well as his left thigh. I can only assume that there might be internal injuries and bleeding because his blood pressure is all over the place. Other than that he seems to be holding his own.” Evan then reached out and placed a calming hand on Jim’s left shoulder. Evan could see the pain in Jim’s face. He even noticed a flicker of light off the single tear that kept its place in the corner of his eye.

“Thanks, Evan. I just need to be here. I can’t leave, ok?”

“Sure, Jim you can stay. Hey try talking to him to see if you can bring him around. We need to assess his head injury and getting him to talk would be a positive sign.”

Jim turned back to Blair and began stroking his cheek with the back of his fingers at the same time he reached in the crushed window and brushed away a bloody curl from the beautiful face he longed to kiss.

“Oh God, Chief what have I done. Please don’t let it be too late. I have something so important I need to tell you. Please, please hang on. Blair, if you can hear me can you please try to open your eyes for me? Don’t move just open your eyes for me, please.” Jim waited for a response but there was none. Blair’s eyes didn’t move.

“Blair, I really wanted to tell you after we hung up I realized that I love how you decorated the loft for me. For us. I was going to tell you when you got home. Sandburg, I’m so damn sorry for how I yelled at you about the decorations. I’ve been so worried about loosing you that I actually just realized tonight that I was pushing you away. That’s the only way I could protect myself from getting hurt. When you drowned in that damn fountain my life came to an end and when you came back to me I was terrified that I’d loose you again. I guess I figured that if I didn’t’ care so much any more that I wouldn’t get hurt. You know? Blair? Blair? Please buddy talk to me.” Jim was being gripped with panic as Blair just lain still in the car and had no response to Jim’s presence. Jim was shocked as he watched the color slowly drain from Blair’s face. He could even feel the Blair’s body temperature was dropping. Death was lurking nearby. Jim could sense it but he wasn’t about to give up.

Jim carefully continued to stroke Blair’s face and gently leaned down to place a gentle kiss on his head. The smell of blood once again filled his nose but he needed to place this kiss on Blair’s head just in case it was the last chance he had. Jim leaned into the window a little more.

“Sandburg, Blair, I have to tell you something. I would have preferred telling you this in some other fashion but I don’t think that can be arranged right now. I was actually going to maybe tell you Christmas morning but fate has kind of taken that out of my hands so I’m going to tell you now. Can you hear me, Blair? Can you? Please, just open those blue eyes of yours. I want to say this to your eyes buddy. Please?”

Moments ticked by but Blair’s blue eyes remained closed to Jim’s pleading. So Jim grasped Blair’s face and gave him a kiss on his lips and snuggled up to his ear and said, “Blair, I love you. I love you so much. I love you more than anything on this earth. I need you. I need to feel you next to me. I need to make love to you. I want to spend the rest of my life and all of my Christmases with you. Please, dear God wake up and look at me. That would be the most wonderful Christmas gift you could ever give me. It would be the best gift I’ve ever gotten. Chief, look at me. Did you hear me? Sandburg, I love you so much.” Jim dropped his head onto Blair’s cheek as tears finally escaped from his eyes.

Jim felt absolutely empty. Totally void and cold inside and he couldn’t imagine his life without Blair. He would not be able to exist without this wonderful man in his life especially after the last words he said to Blair had been so cruel and hurtful. He longed to take back those hurtful words. After what had happened at the fountain he should have learned his lesson about how quickly life can be taken away but obviously he hadn’t and now Blair was once again paying the price. So would Jim if Blair died here on this cold December night trapped in his crushed car. Jim continued to listen to the precious heartbeat and wanted to just zone on it and never come back. It was a wonderful thought that way he’d never have to deal with Blair’s death. He could just fade away and wait for his own death to come. Yeah that sounded ok to him. The sounds around him all disappeared except for that heartbeat. Ka thump, ka thump, ka thump.

Just at the moment of no return Jim heard something. A whisper of something from somewhere and he knew the voice.

“Back seat, Jim,” a soft voice said.

Jim didn’t know if he was hearing right but it was just enough to bring him back from his self-imposed zone. Jim’s head shot up and his eyes captured the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen looking back at him.

“Back seat, Jim. Get the bag. It’s my Christmas gift for you. Please get it.” Blair said as he tilted his eyes in the direction of the back seat of the Volvo.

Jim kissed Blair again on the lips very gently as he reached into the back seat and grabbed the bag.

“Open it, Jim please. I want you to have this now. You need to know how much. How much I love you. How much you mean to me.” Blair closed his eyes as he winced in pain and nearly cried out but instead just whispered a small groan.

Jim opened the little bag and removed the tissue paper that hid the precious gift beneath it. He lifted the gift free from is wrappings and looked at the beautiful snow globe. Tears once again filled Jim’s eyes as he saw the contents of the globe. Huddled together and enveloped in each other’s bodies were a black panther and a gray wolf. The snow floated over the two figures within the globe as they protected each other from the storm of snow that raged around them. Jim was struck speechless.

With a painful breath Blair said, “That’s us Jim, we have protected each other so many times during the storms of the last year. You have protected me and I have protected you and we love each other more because of it. I love you so much. I never thought I’d get to tell you that. I’m so glad you’re here with me.”

Jim could hardly get a breath. He had words to he wanted to say but it seemed as though the words were being crushed within his chest. He had to get the words out. He took a deep breath and said, “Blair, this is the most precious gift I’ve ever received except for the wonderful gift of love you just gave me. I will never be able to give you the love you are entitled to but I would give anything to try. You are everything to me. Without you I am nothing.”

Jim leaned forward again to give Blair the sweetest and warmest kiss he’d even given to anyone.

“Jim, you are the most precious gift I have ever been blessed with. I want my forever with you. Fo-o-o-oreverrrr.” Blair said as his eyes drifted closed once again.

Jim’s heart flew into his throat as Blair drifted into unconsciousness again. Blair couldn’t die now. Not now that they had finally said they loved each other. How unfair would that be to tell Blair he loved him and then to be taken away by death?

“NO!!! NO!!” Jim screamed just as Evan returned to his side and pushed Jim away to check on Blair.

“Evan checked Blair and grabbed Jim by the arm and said, “Jim, he’s alive, it’s ok, he just passed out. He’s still alive.

Jim closed his eyes to try and calm down and acknowledged Evan with a shake of his head.

“Jim we need to move the fire department is here with the jaws. We need to let them get in here ok?” Shaking Jim a little to get him to move.

“Ok, ok, yeah.” Jim said as he stepped back to let the firemen in to clear the wreckage from Blair.

All of Jim’s concentration was on Blair. He watched for what seemed like hours to cut away the metal that trapped Blair inside the Volvo. Jim could hear voices yelling and the screeching sounds of metal as it stressed against the jaws-of-life. One sound that kept Jim calm was the continued beating of Blair’s heart. After what seemed too long Blair was finally cut free from his car. Jim returned to Blair’s side and watched as he was gently lifted on to a backboard and secured to a gurney for transport to the hospital. Blair was still unconscious but he didn’t seem to look as pale.

Maybe death had been pushed away here tonight because of the love they shared for each other. The love they finally declared to each other. How sad that it had actually taken something so life threatening to get Jim to finally come to realize how much he loved Blair and to finally have the courage to say it. He followed the gurney as it entered the ambulance but was turned back by Evan when he tried to crawl in next to Blair.

“Jim, we need the room in here to work on Blair. You can’t come with us.” Evan said pressing his palm against Jim’s chest.

Jim opened his mouth to protest but was cut off by another voice that he recognized.

“Don’t worry, Evan he’s coming with me,” Simon said as he walked up to Jim and placed his hand on Jim’s shoulder.

“Hey, Simon. I just want to be sure Blair’s ok. I don’t want him to wake up and find that I’m not there.” Jim said with so much concern on his face.

Echoing the same concern on his face Simon said, “Jim, I know how much you want to be in there with Sandburg, but if you want him to be cared for properly you need to give these guys the space they need to do their job. Ok? Sandburg needs all the medical care he can get. Now come with me and we can meet them at the hospital.”

Jim looked forlornly over at Blair and said, “Ok, Simon, ok.”


It had been hours since they had arrived at the hospital and no one had come out to tell them anything about how Blair was doing. Jim had heard a few bits and pieces of information about how Blair was doing from time to time but he wanted to hear it from the doctor. They had done many x rays, cat scans and the waiting was driving Jim and Simon crazy.

Jim suddenly remembered the beautiful snow globe that Blair had given him for Christmas. He took it out of his pocket and shook it and watched as the snow whirled around the panther and the wolf and thought how perfect a gift it had been. They had been through so much and Jim knew right then that Blair was going to pull through. It was as if the embrace of those two figures gave him the final proof that in the end it would all work out and they would be safe from the storm within each other’s love.

At that moment, the doctor came out of the room that Blair had been occupying for so long. Jim could see by the look in the doctor’s eyes that the man that he loved was going to recover.

“Detective Ellison and Captain Banks, I’m Dr. Ryerson. I’m pretty sure Mr. Sandburg is going to pull through this. He’s lost a lot of blood because he was trapped so long in the car but we’ve given him a couple pints of blood and he seems to be stronger now. His recovery is going to take a while because of the broken bones but at least there weren’t any internal injuries. He does have a very bad concussion that we will be keeping an eye on and checking for any brain swelling. I will say he’s very lucky to be alive.”

“When can I go in and see him? I’m going to go and sit with him.” Jim said not asking.

“We’re moving him to his room now so you can follow along if you’d like?” Dr Ryerson said recognizing Jim’s insistence.

“Absolutely.” Jim stated.

“Jim, I’m going to go to the station and check in. I’ll be back later to check on you two. You need to get some rest too. When the kid goes home you’re going to need all the rest you can get. He’s going to be a handful. Thank God.” Simon said as the look of relief washed over him.

“Thanks for staying with me Simon, I really appreciate it. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d lost him.” Jim said as putting his head down in embarrassment.

Simon grabbed Jim’s arm and pushed him toward Blair’s room, “Go on, and take care of the kid. Tell him I said hi and get well fast.”

With a smile on his face, Jim said, “Thanks, Simon I will.”

Jim turned and headed quickly toward Blair’s gurney that was being brought out into the hall now. Jim was surprised to see that Blair was still unconscious but the doctor had said that he did have a bad concussion. He’d feel better when Blair woke up and started complaining about being stuck in the hospital.

While walking down the hallway toward Blair’s room, Jim noticed how fragile Blair looked. He’d almost lost him and now he was going to make absolutely sure that he let him know how much he loved Blair. Jim thought a couple times that he caught the flutter of Blair’s eyes as they made the many turns in the hall while walking toward his room and he hoped that meant that he’d regain consciousness soon. Jim longed to look into Blair’s blue eyes and kiss him one more time.

They arrived at the room and Jim waited patiently in the hall while the nurses settled him into his bed. Once they had taken his vitals Jim came into the room and sat next to the bed.

Jim sat in awe of this wonderful man. This was the man he’d come to love over the many years since they’d met in this very hospital. He had no idea then how much this long-haired, neo hippy, witch doctor punk would come to mean to him and how much he’d enrich his life. Jim now knew the answer to that and took out the little snow globe and placed it on the table next to Blair’s bed. He wanted that to be the first thing Blair saw when he woke up. He wanted Blair to know that Jim was there and would be there always for him.

Jim shook the globe and watched as the snow within the glass floated gently down over the two creatures.

“That’s us, Chief, together forever, no matter what the storm or how big. I love you, Blair and Merry Christmas buddy.” Those were the last words Jim spoke as he closed his eyes and drifted off into a blissful sleep keeping vigil over the man that he loved more than anything.

Happy New Year Jim and Blair.

The end

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