Hot Chocolate by Escargoat

Hot Chocolate - Escargoat

It had seemed like such a good idea at the time. Snuggling with Jim under a blanket with two cups of hot cocoa watching the flames flicker in the fireplace and the lights twinkle on the Christmas tree… It was supposed to be romantic. It was supposed to be a bit of downtime for them in the midst of the holiday stress that seemed to be piling on them.

Blair should have known that his plans rarely came out even remotely close to how he envisioned them.

There had been snuggling at first, but the instant that Jim had swallowed his first mouthful of hot chocolate, his eyes had dilated, and he’d started fidgeting. He’d made it halfway through his mug when all of a sudden he slammed it down on the coffee table and then proceeded to grab Blair’s out of his hands and treat it in a similar manner.

Before Blair had a chance to react to the strange behavior, Jim’s mouth was covering his with hot, needy kisses. Strange whimpering noises were coming from Jim’s throat as he tried to simultaneously remove both Blair’s shirt and his pants.

After a couple minutes of confused fumbling, he’d simply given up and rutted contentedly against Blair’s thigh until he reached climax, leaving his pants sticky and his partner confused and horny. Of course, being Jim, he wasn’t talking about it.

“I’m going to put coal in your stocking.” Blair warned his stonily silent partner.

“Sandburg,” Jim growled back in a tone that Blair assumed was supposed to be threatening, but in reality came across as quite pathetic.

“You’re embarrassed, I get that, but man I’d like to know what got you so hot and bothered all of a sudden. I mean, was it the pattern of the Christmas lights or something?”

“For the last time, multi-colored lights do not do it for me. That thing when we putting up the tree had nothing to do with lights.”

“That thing where you decided that you couldn’t wait until after I was done putting the lights on to jump me? The one that ended up with you having to go buy a pair of pruning shears in the middle of winter because you pushed the tree over and broke the branches in your haste to get some nookie, and you’re too anal to let the tree remain lopsided? That thing?”

Jim just glared at him in response.

“I’m just saying that there seems to be a common denominator here.” Blair pointed out.

“We hadn’t had sex for a week. I was desperate.” Jim protested.

“And just now? You were staring at the lights pretty hard before you decided to reenact a scene from your teenage years. And we just had sex last night, so you cannot convince me that it was just a case of hormones.”

Jim glared, shifted and finally heaved a sigh. “The cocoa, okay? It just sort of got me going.”

“The… Oh, oh sorry man,” Blair mumbled sheepishly.

“What?” Jim’s eyes narrowed in suspicion as he stared at Blair.

“I kind of thought I’d try out making Mexican hot chocolate instead of the regular stuff.”

“I know. I’m a sentinel, remember? I could taste that.”

“Well cinnamon and chocolate have certain attributes in the homeopathic world. Sexual attributes.”

“So, you’re coming on to me through your cooking?”

“No. I’m trying out new recipes. You just had a reaction.”

“Seducing your poor sentinel through food, that’s low, Sandburg.” Jim continued apparently not paying any attention to Blair’s statement of innocence.

Blair frowned for a second and was about to set his partner straight when he realized that he really didn’t need to. After all, why would he want Jim to be straight?

“Something funny?’ Jim asked when Blair snickered at his own pun.

“Nope. Nothing at all. Now come here, and I’ll tell you all about the sexual benefits of Yule logs. Specifically playing with mine,” Blair said with an exaggerated leer.

Jim just shook his head and gave his lover a kiss.

Plans, Blair decided, were overrated.

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thanks to Patt for the cover art.