The Many Holiday Greetings of The Sentinel 4

WARNING - SLASH material (M/M sexual relationships) abound.

Proceed at your own RISK

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Love Me Ginger - Trixxanna

Blair is in a holiday downer when he receives a care package from a long time friend. Can cookies bring you true love? 25K

Ellison, the Reluctant Sentinel - JustJeanette

Christmas filk to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 2K

Thanksgiving Past - Kerensa

On Thanksgiving Day, Blair has a dream. He and Jim are back in the time of the Pilgrims. Several friends make appearances as well. Is it just a dream or an earlier life? 80K

Good Humor - Patt

Who would think that dessert could be the beginning of a fantastic new way of life? 8K

Unexpected - ainm

More startling than the unanticipated December time off is what Blair wants to do with it. 9K

Trimmed in Tinsel - Chrys

Jim can't stand Christmas music. Blair, on the other hand... 13K

The Snow Globe - Debbie Stone

Blair has found the perfect Christmas gift for Jim and he also has a secret to tell him if he lives long enough to do it. Jim is furious with Blair about the loft and he too is hiding a secret that he may never get to tell Blair. Has time run out? 32K

A Day in Holiday Hell - Trixxanna

If you can survive the trials of hell, you might get a taste of Heaven. 35K

I Saw Three Perps - JustJeanette

Christmas Filk to the tune of I Saw Three Ships. 2K

Tricked or Treated - Kerensa

On Halloween night, the men and women of Major Crimes are in danger. A plan to kill them all keeps the detectives on their feet. The plans to keep them alive are given a little, unexpected, and surprising, helping hand by some unusual friends.60K

Waddle It Be? - Patt

Blair gets Jim a Christmas present that makes Jim think twice about where his life will go from there. 21K

In Search of a Peaceful Heart - Alyjude and Jyllean

Holidays and parents. Why isn't it easier? Sometimes you need a little help from the love of your life. 34K

Hot Chocolate - Escargoat

Plans? Who needs stinking plans? 4K

Sweet Replete - Trixxanna

Conner is a devil with candy canes. 2K

The First Sentinel - JustJeanette

Christmas filk to the tune of The First Noel. 2K

Once Upon A Sentinel Clear - Kerensa

Blair and Jim reminisce and remember the very first Christmas in the loft. Blair and Jim were just becoming friends and Blair was new in Major Crimes. What kind of Christmas was it? 39K

I Hate Christmas - Patt

Jim's having a problem with one holiday tradition. 6K

Never Let Go - Chrys

Things change on Christmas morning. 6K

A Full House - Thais

What does Christmas mean to the boys? 3K

Joy to Blair and Jim - Landis McQuade

After being separated for more than a year Jim and Blair find their way back together. 18K

Once Upon a Christmas... - banbury

Strange dreams began to bring back memories for Steven, Jim and Blair. 45K

Revenge is a Sweet Dish - Trixxanna

H plays a trick on Jim and Blair and gets his revenge. 2K

Away From the Danger - JustJeanette

Christmas Filk to the tune of Away in a Manger. 2K

Naughty or Nice - Kerensa

Who is naughty or nice at the station? 15K

Melt in your Mouth - Patt

What does Jim smell as soon as he walks in the loft? Will Blair share? 4K

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