Away From the Danger by JustJeanette

Away from the Danger - JustJeanette
sung to Away in a Manger...

Away from the Danger
Blair Sandburg I'd send,
But he'll stay here beside me,
Cause he is my friend

Yet, trouble doth find him,
In the truck he'll not stay
For Blair Jacob Sandburg,
Has my back all the way

The perps they are running,
The crooks they all fear,
When Blair Jacob Sandburg
And his Sentinel are near

Be near me, Blair Sandburg,
I ask Thee to stay
Please Guide me forever
And love me I pray

So, now with Blair Sandburg
A shield in his hand
See, now, and forever,
We're protecting our land.

The end.

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Acknowledgements: Thank you to Patt for the cover art.