I Hate Christmas by Patt

I Hate Christmas - Patt

Jim grumbled around the bullpen all day long, a true grinch and grouch. Blair finally caught up with him after he'd nearly bitten Brown's head off. He approached the unhappy Sentinel and asked quietly, “What’s wrong?”

Jim whispered between an aggressively petulant pout, “I hate Christmas.”

Blair started laughing and asked, “Since when?”

“Since I got Conner’s name for the gift exchange. What am I supposed to buy for twenty dollars for Conner?” he asked in what others would call a growl but Blair clearly heard as a frustrated whine.

“She’s simple to buy for, stop worrying about it. I’ll help you,” Blair commented.

“We’re supposed to think up the ideas on our own,” Jim reminded him with an actual pout forming.

“Are you going to tell them?” Blair asked, almost laughing again.

“That’s true, they would never know would they?” Jim inquired.

“We’ll discuss it at home tonight,” Blair said as he walked off to start on some of Jim’s paperwork.

Jim stopped grumbling and everyone went back to being in a good mood again.

Conner walked up to Blair and said, “Sandy, I got Jim’s name and don’t have a clue as to what to get him.”

“Hey, we’re supposed to be thinking up these things on our own,” Blair reminded.

“Please, Sandy. I don’t have any ideas at all,” Conner pleaded.

“Jim loves chocolate. I don’t let him have it very often, but he would love a nice selection of chocolates,” Blair suggested.

“Thank you, Sandy, you’re a life saver.”

She walked back to her desk and Jim walked up and said, “You didn’t tell her I had her name, did you?”

Blair looked up at him and smiled, putting his obfuscating skills into use once again. “No, I didn’t say anything about you getting her name.”

“Oh good, there's enough pressure on me without her knowing ahead of time,” Jim said as he sat down to start working on some of his paperwork.

Blair just shook his head in amusement and went back to work on the file he'd started earlier.


At the loft, Jim walked up to Blair and said, “I’ve been thinking all day long about what to get her and I can’t think of a thing. Now, can you give me some suggestions, please?”

“You know how she has that little table over by her desk? Well, it’s perfect for a tiny coffee machine. You know, one of those that makes two cups. You could get her special ground coffee beans in different flavors to make her day. She would love it and it would come in under twenty bucks,” Blair said.

“I don’t know how you do it. You always know the perfect thing to get for everyone. I bet you didn’t have to ask anyone for your Secret Santa gift,” Jim guessed.

“That’s because I knew what to get him,” Blair admitted.

“Who did you get?” Jim asked.

“None of your business,” Blair said.

“I could have helped you decide on something,” Jim teased.

“Mine is bought and wrapped already. So stop trying to find out who it is,” Blair joked back.

Jim finally gave up and watched the news.


Christmas Eve

Simon stood in the middle of the bullpen and called out names as he picked up each present. Once they were all handed out everyone was supposed to open their gift and try and figure out who it was from.

Jim opened his gift and couldn’t believe how lucky he was. It was a very expensive box of chocolates and he was going to get to eat these because they were a present. He smiled and held it up to show Blair.

Conner went next and opened up hers. She was so stunned. She couldn’t believe how great it was going to be to have her own coffee machine from now on. She kept bouncing around in her seat as she looked through the different choices of blends and figured which one she'd brew first.

Simon opened up his gift and found fancy ground coffee beans in different flavors. His smile lit up the room. Everyone knew he would be using his gift immediately.

Everyone took a turn opening their present until it was finally Blair’s turn. He carefully opened up his shiny box, his eyes growing big eye with his thrill by what was inside, a pen and pencil set. He was so excited about it but Jim thought it was a crappy present and wanted to yell at whoever gave it to him.

Once the little luncheon was over and everyone got back to work, Jim sat next to Blair and inquired, “You really liked the pen and pencil set?”

“I love the pen and pencil set. It’s not only a really nice set, but it’s engraved. I really, really love them,” Blair replied happily.

“Can I see them?” Jim asked.

“Sure,” Blair said as he handed over the set to Jim.

Jim looked at them and smiled. Now he knew why they meant so much to Blair. They each said ‘To one who leads’ and were really nice. He understood that sometimes a gift that seems small and unimportant to others could mean the world to the special person receiving it.

“Merry Christmas, Chief.”

“Merry Christmas, Jim.”

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thank you to Trixx for the beta.