Melt in your Mouth by Patt

Melt in your Mouth - Patt

Jim walked into the loft and smelled something divine right away. He'd always loved the smell of mint and couldn’t wait to find out where the heavenly aroma was coming from.

Blair walked out of his room, “Hey Jim, I didn’t even hear you come in. How was your day?”

Jim grabbed hold of Blair’s arm leaning forward to sniff his guide's face.

“Jim, is something going on with you?” Blair asked almost laughing.

“That smell... is wonderful... minty. It doesn’t smell like just normal peppermints though. What is it?” Jim said.

“Look behind you and you’ll see a bowl full of them. Try one,” Blair suggested pushing Jim in the direction of the bowl.

There wasn't the bright sheen he was accustomed to and he could feel the rougher texture even through the cellophane wrapping. Jim unwrapped one of the matte stripped confections. “The smell is awesome," he replied. His mouth was watering though he hadn't even tasted the treat yet.

Blair sat down at the table and watched Jim pop one of the candies in his mouth. Then he watched as Jim’s expressions continually changing as the peppermint started to melt in his mouth. Jim looked totally blissed when he was done.

“Blair, those are the best mints I’ve ever tasted in my life. Where did you get them?” Jim wondered.

“I’m so glad you like them. I had to get more lights for the tree after some of the bulbs burned out. So, I stopped at Walgreens and there they were at the front of the store, just begging to be bought. They make the entire loft smell good don’t they?” Blair inquired.

“They sure do. It makes it seem more like Christmas for some reason,” Jim said.

“I don’t know about you, but peppermint always reminds me of Christmas time. Maybe that's the scent memory for you too. Were there peppermints always around for the holidays?” Blair guessed.

“Yeah, Chief but these are the best I’ve ever tasted. The way they melt in your mouth, makes you want to eat the entire bowl,” Jim teased.

“Well, I bought two bags, so there are plenty. The bags are huge,” Blair said hands moving to exaggerate his claim.

“I’ve got to have some more, that’s all there is to it,” Jim stated.

“Don’t eat too many, I made dinner,” Blair chastised.

“I’ll be good," Jim admonished with his most innocent look. "Thank you for giving my mouth such a nice treat. Let’s take some to work tomorrow for our desks,” Jim suggested.

“Okay," Blair agreed pleased to have made Jim so into the spirit of the season. " Now, go wash up for dinner,” Blair ordered with mock sternness.

“Yes, sir,” Jim answered laughing all the way to the bathroom to wash up. He couldn’t get over the mint smell in the house. For some reason he felt that it was going to make Christmas even nicer this year, more joyous and warm.

Jim walked out of the bathroom to see his guide finishing dinner, “Merry Christmas, Blair.”

“Merry Christmas to you too,” Blair replied wearing a big smile heart lightened by bringing a smile to his Sentinel.

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thank you to Trixx for the beta.