A Full House by Thais

A Full House - Thais

“So Chief, since you asked everyone over for Christmas dinner, what are we having?”

“I can’t decide between turkey or ham. We like both of them and so does everyone else, so it’s all a matter of just making our minds up,” Blair said happily.

“Why don’t we have both?” Jim asked.

“What a great idea. You’ve got that convection oven in the hall closet that we could use to cook the ham, leaving the big oven for the turkey. How does that sound?” Blair inquired.

“Sounds perfect. Do we know what we’re serving along with turkey and ham?” Jim wondered.

“I’m making that delicious broccoli, rice and cheese casserole, Italian Green Beans, my cottage cheese and cherry salad and a few pies for dessert. Doesn’t that sound like enough for everyone?” Blair asked.

“I love that cottage cheese and cherry salad. Do we have to wait for Christmas?” Jim teased.

“Yes, you have to wait, Jim.”


“Oh I almost forgot, I’m making fresh cranberry sauce. I got a great recipe for it and I thought we could try it,” Blair said.

“That sounds really good, Chief. You’re really going all out this year, why is that?”

“I miss my mom. She can’t be here so I thought I would invite everyone over here instead. Conner had nowhere to go, neither did Rafe or Brown and Joel and his wife are missing their kids so I thought it would be nice to have our own family. Do you really mind?” Blair questioned.

“No…In fact, I think it’s very nice to have everyone over. I have one favor to ask though,” Jim added.

“Whatever you want Jim is fine with me,” Blair answered.

“Could we invite my dad? Steven is out of the country and he’s all alone,” Jim said.

“Already taken care of, Jim. I called him yesterday and he’s coming. So it looks like we’re going to have a full house.”

“Thank you, Chief. This is going to be a great Christmas for everyone. This is what I think Christmas should be about anyhow. It’s a perfect time of year for family.”

Blair smiled over at Jim and knew that Jim had never spoken truer words.

The end

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Notes: Thank you to Lisa for letting me hang out with all the rest of you.