Sweet Replete by Trixxanna

Sweet Replete - Trixxanna

Whoever had invited that holiday confection had to have been a sadist! The sounds alone were driving his dick to drill a hole through the confines of his pants. Add to that, the sight of the thick red and white rod sliding between sugar and spit shined plush lips. That blissful look on the man’s face as he slowly devoured the peppermint pole. What he’d give to replace the dissolving candy twisting in and out of that mouth with his dick. The brown eyed innocent hollowed his cheeks, slurping! actually slurping! as he sucked the dissolving sugar.

“Are you ok, Simon?” Connor asked, stopping her report at hearing him groan.

Pulling the phallic shaped treat out of his mouth with an obscene pop, Brian turned concerned eyes onto him, licking the sugary saliva from his lips.

Clearing his throat, the Major Crimes Captain nodded and tried to turn his attention back to Connor’s explanation of how she had not been the cause of the four car pile up that afternoon.

“Yeah, just write it up and get back to me, later,” he barked, sending them out of his office and telling them to close his door.

“See Rafe, I told you we’d be fine,” she smiled, heading to her desk.

“I guess. Thanks again for the candy cane,” Rafe said, heading to his own desk and not noticing the devilish grin over Connor’s face. She’d learned more than one way to raise a flag to distract from her own bloomers.

She stopped off at her desk to pick up another holiday candy treat. Now to tell Jimbo I nicked his truck.

“Happy Holiday’s Sandy.” She grinned, moving to her next assistant.

The End.

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Acknowledgments: Thanks to Patt for the holiday artwork.