Revenge Is a Sweet Dish by Trixxanna

Revenge Is a Sweet Dish - Trixxanna

H was near to howling, bent over and clutching his sides. Anything that came of this was well worth it.

He was still paying the mile long bill after Jim and Blair left him to entertain the two troops of girl scouts all by his lonesome two weeks ago.

Jim was close to panicking trying to hold off little Brandon’s fast rising bellow of tears. Blair was trapped at the mercy of the Conan triplets and Mariana Jacobson who were tangling his brown curls into the frazzled and mangled interpretation of what a braid was supposed to be.

When he’d found out that the kid’s holiday party had still needed volunteers for the Santa and elf duties, he’d felt no guilt or qualm with penning Jim and Blair’s names to the roster. His own donation of treats was the proverbial and literal icing on the cake... well cookies. Revenge was traditionally served cold but this time he could honestly say it was best served covered in sugar and by the hands of a room full of kids.

The end.

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Acknowledgments: Thanks to Patt for the cover art.