The Window Glass by Debbie Stone

The Window Glass - Debbie Stone

Blair stood still as if frozen in time. He couldn’t help the faint trembling in his legs and his hands as he held his police issued nine-millimeter weapon in front of him poised for what might happen next. Sweat drizzled down his face as he held his position at the rear of the building as instructed by Jim. Blair had only recently become a full-fledged member of the Cascade Police Department and Jim’s official partner on the force. Before entering the academy Blair realized that becoming a police officer would be quite an adjustment to his life but he would do what ever he could to remain at Jim’s side as his guide. Blair had struggled many long days and nights with his intense aversion to guns and violence. He never wanted to carry a gun much less ever use it on another human being but Jim was in danger and those long days and nights came down to one instant in time, this instant in time.

As Blair had taken up his position as Jim’s back up he gazed through the glass window in the back door to see that Jim had been surprised by Bernie Haskins, the perp that they had been chasing and was now in a battle for his life. Jim was struggling with the 300-pound body builder for his gun and even though Jim was in excellent physical condition Haskins had just enough extra height and weight on him that Jim was about to be over taken by him. Jim made one last attempt to slam the man’s arm on a building stud but that proved to be a bad move. Apparently, Haskins was ready for Jim’s move and caught Jim’s arm and swung him around and in to a choke hold. This move left Jim gasping for air at the mercy of Haskins and blacking out fast because of the man’s tree trunk sized arms.

Blair had to move quickly and silently or Jim was going die. Blair’s mind raced with a sense of wrongness. “My God, I might have to kill this guy. I so do not want to do this. It’s just not who I am,” Blair thought to himself as a cold panic rose in the pit of his belly. He froze. He couldn’t move his feet, his arms or his body. Blair’s body was reacting to the stress of what was happening right before his eyes as he continued to look through the glass window of the door. Uncontrollable trembling was taking his body over. He closed his eyes for an instant and in that instant Blair wished that when he opened them again this would be over. Unfortunately, it was not over. Jim was now struggling less and less and his body was beginning to loose its fight. His partner, friend, sentinel and love of his life was dying right before his eyes as he stood frozen just looking through the glass window.

Without even one single thought to what was going to happen next Blair squeezed the trigger of his gun. A loud explosion of sound shocked him from his frozen state of mind. He dropped his gun and looked down as his body now shook more violently and his legs began to buckle. He could feel himself falling toward the glass window and then he reached out to grab the frame of the window and the shattered glass dug deep into the cold flesh of his fingers. The pain felt good to him actually because it didn’t allow him the opportunity to collapse onto the ground and escape what had just happened even though his mind desperately needed to do just that. Jim needed him. Instead he recovered his footing and raised his head to look through the now shattered glass window to see Haskins slumped onto the floor bleeding heavily from the bullet that had just pierced his brain. The bullet placed there by Detective Blair Sandburg.

Blair’s mind was racing from the adrenalin rush from pulling the trigger of his gun and he was no longer frozen in terror he was moving in terror. Jim was lying face down on the floor and that gave Blair all the motivation he needed to get moving so he could get to Jim and see if he was still alive. Blair reached his blood-covered hands through the window to release the lock on the door so he could get to Jim. Even as he ran through the door it seemed as if he were only crawling. He needed to move faster because Jim didn’t look to be breathing and Blair would never be able to forgive himself if his moment’s hesitation caused the death of Jim. Blair approached Jim and grasped his left arm flipping him onto his back as he dropped to his knees. Tears welled up in Blair’s eyes as he took in the blue tinged lips of the only man that he had ever loved and his sentinel.

“Jim! Oh God, Jim please be breathing!” Blair screamed.

Blair leaned over Jim’s mouth to hear if any air was coming from him at the same time he grabbed for the carotid artery in his neck to feel for that precious pulse. There it was, a heartbeat but something was still very wrong. No breath. No breath from Jim. Dam, Jim wasn’t breathing. Blair had to act fast so he opened Jim’s mouth, tilted his head back, pinched his nose closed and placed his lips over Jim’s and began rescue breathing. Blair’s mind was out of control. Panic, fear, memories, love and loss all rushed through his mind as he breathed precious life giving breaths into Jim. Would it be enough? Could he bring Jim back? Could he keep this up until help came? Did he wait to long to shoot? Could he live without Jim?

“No!” He screamed as he took another breath and breathed it into Jim.

“Don’t do this to me Jim,” with another breath of life from Blair to Jim.

“James Ellison, breath now do you hear me dam it!” As Blair was about to take another breath in Jim gasped for air.

“Yes, dear God, Jim breath. That’s it buddy just keep breathing,” Blair said next to Jim’s ear as he rested his temple against Jim’s. “Just breath, Jim I can’t do this without you. Please just hang in there help is coming.” Just that instant Blair realized that he had never had a chance to call for back up because of how quickly things had gone bad. Shit, he needed to get Jim to the hospital now so he quickly grabbed his cell phone and called for help.

“Sandburg,” a weak sounding voice caught Blair’s attention.

“Jim,” Blair responded as he reached out to slide his thumb over Jim’s lips that were now pinking up with the oxygen that now flowed through his veins.

“Jim, man, don’t move I just called for help. You’re going to be ok. Just keep taking slow easy breaths,” Blair brushed his fingers over Jim’s face with all of the love he could project into the caress as he could.

“Blair, what happened? Your hand is bleeding. Where is Haskins? Chief, are you all right?” Jim tried to lift his head to look around but Blair placed his right hand under Jim’s head to use as a cushion at the same time pushed Jim’s head down with his left hand and placed his forehead against Jim’s and said, “Just rest, Jim. Haskins has been dealt with. You’re safe, I’m safe, we’re all safe now ok? Just rest.” Then Blair placed a gentle kiss on Jim’s lips and felt him relax as he closed his eyes to do as his guide had said.

Blair closed his eyes as his mind drifted back to the bullet hole in Haskins head. No more hesitation now. He’d do it again in a heartbeat. Jim was alive that’s all that mattered.

The end

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