Coffee, the Elixir of Life by Debbie Stone

Coffee, the Elixir of Life - Debbie Stone

Ah, coffee was the elixir of life as Jim called it. Blair just knew he couldn't start his day without it. Coffee that is. Well, come to think of it "that too". Blair loved to start his day with Jim naked in bed with his right arm draped over his pillow above his head that usually was turned in Blair's direction. Blair chuckled and thought, even in sleep Jim kept a safe eye on him. Then his left arm would be resting over his abdomen that just rippled with those incredible muscles that Blair loved to just lie in bed and admire while Jim slept. It was a glorious Saturday so they didn't have to get up early today. Blair would normally be up and starting a pot of coffee to get them up and going but on the weekends Jim would prepare the elixir of life. However, Blair loved Saturdays because it was a great day to just admire a naked Jim. Blair never mentioned this little kink of his to Jim before because he wondered if it might make Jim think he was a little weird. Well, maybe he was a little weird but in a cute, Blair kind of way. So he never said a word about it to Jim.

Blair watched as the light played across Jim's face lighting the beautiful bone structure. Jim's facial bones were strong and very manly. The light stubble that grew overnight also caught his attention because it was always considerably less than what Blair woke up to each morning. Slowly Blair's eyes traveled down Jim's strong jaw line over the throat that he just loved to nip at from time to time. Ever so slowly Blair's eyes dropped to Jim's chest. What a glorious chest it was. Jim lacked the chest hair that Blair had in great abundance but the muscles that lie under that perfectly tanned skin was a sight to behold. Jim worked very hard to maintain strong muscle tone in his chest, arms and legs because of the criminals his job had him face daily. Jim wasn't a vain man in any way so he never thought that his muscles were anything special. He just kept himself in shape to keep ahead of the bad guys. However, Blair absolutely loved to feel, caress and massage those incredible muscles. His eyes roamed over his wash board abs that even Adonis himself would be envious of. The light from the windows showed off the peaks and valleys of each and every muscle of Jim's chest.

Blair felt himself licking his lips in anticipation of tasting those lovely peaks and valleys once Jim woke up for coffee. Thinking of peaks took Blair's blue eyes over to Jim's golden brown nipples surrounded by a few sparse chest hairs. Those warm peaks were soft to the touch but as soon as Blair placed his lips on them and sucked they would become hard, stiff and cause Jim to arch up in absolute joy. This memory made Blair close his eyes to gain control of himself because of his devious thoughts and the beauty of Jim's sexy body were causing him to become aroused and he wasn't done surfing Jim's body yet. Once he was able to catch his breath and gain some control again he opened his eyes to begin his continued exploration of Jim's body.

Next on his trip over the plains of Jim's exquisite physique was his lower abdomen. Unfortunately, it was covered by the top sheet on the bed so Blair would have to rectify that particular situation very carefully. Slowly he grabbed for the sheet and lifted it up and off Jim's lower half. Blair had to once again close his eyes for control as they came to gaze upon Jim's groin area. His penis was pointed toward his navel lying sweetly in the nest of pubic hair that graced his genitals. Jim was not a small man in any way and his genitals absolutely were one of his largest assets not to mention one of Blair's favorites.

When Blair gained control of his libido he opened his eyes and continued his pleasure trip. Jim's thighs were strong and lined with amazing muscle tissue. The contours of ligaments and tendons just danced in the morning light as Blair's eyes traveled down his incredible legs. This man, his man, had the legs of a champion stud race horse. Long, lean, muscled and absolutely gorgeous.

Blair did find himself stopping and frowning at one mark on Jim's body that he felt guilty about. The bullet that had struck Jim in the thigh when he was chasing Zeller. Blair always felt as if Jim hadn't been so distracted by the dissertation disaster that Jim would have been more careful when pursing Zeller and wouldn't have been shot. Those doubts would forever haunt Blair. Now, Blair was just very thankful that Jim was still here for him to love, worship and drink in the beauty of this man that he loved.

Getting back to the task at hand, Blair eagerly resumed his lustful viewing of the man lying next to him. How did he get so lucky to have this incredibly sexy man in his life. At that instant Blair realized that Jim was his elixir of life and needed him right now more than any pot of coffee. He slowly moved over to kiss Jim's lips when his eyes looked into the most beautiful blue eyes he'd ever seen in his life.

"Hey, Chief, enjoying the view?" Jim said with the biggest shit eating grin on his face.

"Crap, how long have you been awake?" Blair said as he quickly pulled away from Jim with a slightly embarrassed tone in his voice.

"Oh I don't know, I guess just since I spent the last few minutes admiring how beautiful you are when you sleep before you started leering after me while I slept." Jim began to laugh as Blair's face lit up with surprise and shock.

"You what? You were watching me while I was sleeping? Jim, that's sneaky, man and I so don't leer after you while you're sleeping. I was just, just, just watching that's all. I had to make sure you were, were, were, breathing, yeah breathing." Blair was fifty shades of red now that he'd been caught by Jim while enjoying his private little kink about Jim that wasn't so private any more.

"Get over here and kiss me you liar." Jim opened his arms up wide and puckered his lips welcoming Blair to join him on his side of the bed.

"You know Ellison you're a real dick you know that?" Blair said as he jumped onto Jim's chest planting a big wet doggy kiss on his cheek. Jim tried to prepare himself for the armful of flying Blair as he was hit in the chest with the most beautiful man he'd ever seen and said, "Yeah I am a dick and you love it don't you?"

"Yes, I do you jerk."

As Blair rested his head on Jim's muscled chest he said, "So you think I'm beautiful while I sleep too?

"Yeah, Chief I do. I love to look at your angelic face with your sexy stubble. Those lips of yours are the most luscious cherries I've ever had my lips on. You have the most incredibly long eyelashes I've ever seen. I can actually taste that Adams's apple of yours just by looking at it while you swallow in your sleep. Then I follow down that sexy neck of yours to the most incredibly sexy hairy chest I've ever had my eyes and hands on. As I follow along your chest hair I end up on that erotic nipple ring of yours and find that I have to close my eyes just to keep myself from coming. That is one piece of jewelry I'll never let you take off. Once I have my fill of those nipples I follow that fabulous line of chest hair down your belly to your incredible cock. Dam, for a short guy you sure as heck are packing some fine meat, buddy. At that point I was ready to just jump your bones and have my way with you but I didn't want to wake you up. At least not yet. So I put my libido on hold and let you rest and dozed off again myself I guess. So do you think I'm kind of weird for doing that?" Now Jim was doodling with his fingers across Blair's back and feeling kind of embarrassed for just admitting his private kink to Blair.

"Jim, I have to tell you something. Actually, that's exactly what I was doing to you. I love to watch you while you sleep. You are so damn sexy that I love to look at you sometimes without actually touching you. It's such a turn on. You're kind of like my cup of morning coffee. Jim, you're my elixir of life."

Jim lifted his head off the pillow to look down at Blair, "Sandburg that's one of the most loving and romantic things anyone has ever said to me." Jim tilted his head down to Blair's so their lips could meet for the most tender kiss they'd ever shared. "God, I love you so much, Blair. You are the elixir of my life. Who needs coffee.

The End.

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