Production Notes

I think you’ll all be happy with the size and content of this ezine. We worked hard to get it this size.

Thank you to Lisa for doing another ezine, even though you’ve been traveling and busy with real life. It never seems to slow you down.

Thank you to all of the great writers, artists and betas for making this another team effort.

Happy reading to all of you. Please let the writers know if you enjoyed their work. They love feedback.



It's been crazy... well, when hasn't it been crazy... but it's always a pleasure to get an ezine done and out to the people who appreciate it!

Many thanks to the writers, betas, artists and mostly to Patt for doing all the heavy lifting. Y'all just don't know everything she does, and I find it amazing how she keeps everything straight and moving forward. I hope you know how much you mean to me; you're MY sanity! :)