Mating Season by Patt

Mating Season - Patt

Jim didn’t know what was going on around the station, but everyone seemed to be humping or jumping somebody. It seemed to be in the air. Jim found it odd that he wasn’t getting jumped or humped. It wasn’t fair at all.

Rafe walked into the bullpen, with his arm around Brown at that very moment and Jim swore he saw a look of lust in Rafe’s eyes. He couldn’t see Henri’s, but he could see Rafe all right and he knew he was a man on a mission. What the fuck was going on? Rafe was a total ladies man.

Conner walked over to Jim and said, “Jimbo would you like to go out to dinner tonight?” And then she did the weirdest thing. She batted her eyelashes at him. Conner was flirting with him.

“No thank you, Conner. I have plans,” Jim replied.

“Okay, well I guess I’ll go ask Joel. He’s a good bloke, and will probably not turn me down,” Conner said as she walked off.

Jim shook his head and then laughed. He couldn’t help it. There was something in the air. I mean, Conner just batted her eyelashes at him. What could happen next?

Blair walked off of the elevator and Jim could tell he was pissed off.

“Jim, have you noticed anything weird going on lately?”

“Like what?” Jim answered.

“Like everyone but us seems to be getting laid. Do we have something written on our foreheads? I feel like a leper,” Blair confessed.

“Conner asked me out for tonight and batted her eyelashes at me,” Jim said trying not to laugh.

“Oh my god. What is going on? Conner has never shown an interest in you before has she?” Blair wondered.

“Not that I know of. She’s not my type anyway,” Jim replied.

“Who is your type? I haven’t seen you with anyone in ages. I might help if I knew who to look for,” Blair asked.

“None of your business, I can get my own dates, thank you very much,” Jim barked.

“Don’t look now, but Conner and Joel are kissing in the hallway,” Blair whispered.

Jim looked anyway and couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Rafe was making eyes at Brown just a little while ago,” Jim whispered back.

“My god, will it never end. No one has asked me out. No one has paid any attention to me at all. Is my hair a mess or something?” Blair inquired.

“Your hair looks fine, Chief. Stop worrying.”

The two men watched Rhonda walk by their desks without saying a word and knocked on Simon’s door. Simon let her in and then closed all of his blinds.

“Did you see that?” Blair asked.

“Of course I did, I’m the one that has the good sight,” Jim answered.

“Listen in and see what’s going on in there,” Blair ordered.

“Chief, I’m not listening to them. It’s none of our business.”

The door opened and out walked Rhonda with no lipstick on any longer. Both men looked at each other and tried not to laugh. But they both started snickering anyhow.

Rhonda stopped in front of Jim’s desk and said, “Jim did you get the message from Carolyn?”

“No, what was the message?” Jim questioned forgetting about her lipstick being gone.

“She’s going to be here at five to take you out to dinner. She won’t take no for an answer,” Rhonda said as she walked back to her desk.

“See, even you get two hits in one day. I just don’t understand why no one is noticing me,” Blair whined.

“Maybe it’s that whining that’s putting them off,” Jim joked.

“Ha ha. That was so funny I forgot to laugh,” Blair said.

“I guess I’m going out for dinner tonight,” Jim said casually.

“I hope you brought along a condom,” Blair whispered.

Jim blushed and said, “I don’t carry them around with me.”

“Well, you better hope she has one then. I can tell you right now, you’re going to get lucky,” Blair teased.

“Did you ever think that I don’t want to get lucky? Maybe I don’t feel like it tonight,” Jim said.

“Jim, if she offers it to you, you’re going to turn her down? She would be devastated. You can’t do that to Carolyn,” Blair advised.

Jim got up and walked to Simon’s door and knocked. “Come in.”

Jim walked in and there sat Simon with red lipstick all over his lips. Jim burst out laughing. He couldn’t stop. He finally sat down and tried to get control of himself.

Simon walked over and said, “Jim, what’s wrong?”

He looked up at Simon and started to laugh all over again. He finally looked at the floor and said, “Simon, can I take off now? Something is screwing with my senses.”

“Take the next two days off. Relax and enjoy yourself. I’ll talk to you when you come back,” Simon said helping Jim get to his feet.

Jim couldn’t look at his boss in the face because he knew he would start laughing again. “Before I forget, is Sandburg off too, or is he still on?”

“He’s still on. Just you get to go home. Now get out of here and relax,” Simon said patting Jim on the back as he walked out of the room.

Blair happened to look up at that moment and saw Simon’s lips and burst out laughing. But at least he went under his desk to do it. Simon knew that Sandburg was weird, but what was he doing under his desk? Simon didn’t want to know.

Jim got to his desk and said, “When Carolyn comes in, tell her I was sick. Simon sent me home, okay?”

“I think you’re nuts, but all right. I’ll give her your message,” Blair replied.

Jim got his jacket and walked to the elevator. When he got on, Officer Dalton was on the car with him and they both nodded at one another. Once the door shut, Dalton said, “Would you like to go out for dinner tonight?”

Jim just stared at him like he was insane. “No, I don’t want to go out with you. I don’t date other officers from the station.”

“Oh sorry, my bad. I thought you dated Sandburg for a while and it didn’t work out,” Dalton said smiling.

“No, I’ve never dated Sandburg,” Jim answered.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I asked him out for dinner,” Dalton said.

“I don’t give a rat's ass about who you ask out. Just get over on your side of the elevator,” Jim growled.

Dalton moved and blushed at the same time. The door opened and Jim almost flew out of it. He was two floors away from the parking garage, so he decided he would walk.

As he walked down, Detective Monica Adams was coming up the stairs. “Hey Jim, how are you doing?”

“I’m doing great, Monica, how are you?”

“I’d be doing better if you’d let me take you out for dinner tonight,” Monica asked sweetly.

Jim didn’t know what was going on, but it was driving him insane. “No, sure can’t. Actually I’m not feeling well, Simon sent me home early.”

“Oh that’s too bad. I could bring dinner to you,” Monica offered.

“No thank you, my partner is. Thanks, anyway. Talk to you later,” Jim said as he practically ran down the stairs to get away from her.

He entered the parking garage and an older officer named Bill Drake was standing there waiting for him to pass by. “Hey Ellison, how about dinner tonight?”

Now Jim knew that Drake was married and had children, what the hell was going on? “No thank you, Bill. Some other time.”

“Okay, maybe I’ll ask that young partner of yours,” Drake said.

“Whatever works for you. See you later,” Jim said as he almost jogged to his truck.

When he finally arrived at his truck, he leaned his head back and took a deep breath. What was going on? It was like everyone was in heat.

His cell phone went off and it was Blair so he answered, “What?”

“Nice answer, Jim. Guess who just asked me out?” Blair whispered.

“Officer Dalton?” Jim remarked.

“How do you know?”

“He asked for my blessing,” Jim said starting to laugh.

“Yeah, you might think it’s funny but I don’t want to date him. He looks like he’s 12 years old on a good day. Younger on a bad. Not me, no way,” Blair ranted.

“So tell him no,” Jim answered.

“I did tell him no. He was just so weird. Almost like he didn’t have control over anything he said or did. You don’t suppose anyone spiked the coffee or something like that do you?”

“I don’t think so Blair. We would be acting the same way then,” Jim reminded him, not remembering that he brought his coffee from home that day.

“Oh yeah, you’re right. Guess what? I walked into the men’s room and I think Rafe and Brown were in a stall together. I’m not teasing,” Blair whispered Sentinel soft.

“I’m not surprised. Rafe looked like he was going to jump Brown’s bones this morning. You’re right, it is weird. Try and get off as soon as you can,” Jim advised Blair.

“Oh shit, here comes Carolyn and it’s not even 5:00 yet. Fuck…”

“Stay calm and tell her I’m too sick for company. Thanks, Chief.”

Blair hung up the phone and was cussing his partner out.

Carolyn walked up to him and asked, “Where’s Jimmy?”

“His name is Jim, Carolyn. He’s a grown man. It’s Jim.”

“Okay, where is Jim?” Carolyn asked again.

“He went home sicker than a dog. So he’s not seeing anyone right now. Sorry about that,” Blair answered.

“Would you like to have dinner with me tonight, Sandburg?” Carolyn inquired.

“Why in the world would I have dinner with someone that calls me Sandburg?” Blair questioned.

“Jim calls you Sandburg and you eat together all the time,” she answered.

“You got me on that one, Carolyn. I still don’t want to date my partner’s ex-wife.”

“I could make it worth your while,” Carolyn said.

“Oh for gods sake. What is going on around here? Are you all crazy? I’m taking the day off. Stay away from the loft, Carolyn.”

Blair marched over to Simon’s door and opened it without knocking. All Blair could see was red lips and he almost laughed but he wanted to go home. “Sir, I’m feeling really badly, so if I could go home now, that would be good.”

“Sure, take the day off, we don’t have any calls right now anyway. I’m sure everyone else would gladly take up the slack,” Simon said sarcastically.

“Simon, you have lipstick on your lips.”

“Oh for crying out loud. Is that why Jim was laughing earlier?” Simon asked.

“No sir, we’re really sick. We thought it was flu, but weren’t sure. Now I’m sure,” Blair stated.

“Go ahead and take the next two days off like your partner. See if you can be normal when you get back,” Simon ordered.

“Yes, sir. That’s not a problem,” Blair said as he walked out of the office. He headed to the break room to get a cup of coffee to go. He hadn’t had any since he had arrived there that day and felt the need for speed. Caffeine was just what he needed.

When he got on the elevator, Carolyn jumped in as the door was about to shut. She went over to Blair and hugged him and then began kissing him like there was no tomorrow.

Blair pushed her off of him and said, “I’m sick, Carolyn. I’m going home and I’m going alone.”

“Fine, you used to be a lot of fun to be around, what happened to you?” Carolyn asked.

“I’m partnered to your ex-husband, that should explain it all,” Blair grumbled.

The door opened to the garage and Blair rushed out, careful not to slosh his coffee and jogged to his car. He didn’t want to be intercepted by anyone else.

Once in his car, he took a deep breath and thanked god that he was safe and on his way home. He started drinking his coffee as he drove. Funny, it almost taste like it has sweetener in it.


Jim heard Blair drive up and walked out to the balcony and smiled when he saw him get out of the car. Blair waved up at him and smiled back. Jim was glad that some things were remaining as they usually did.

Blair unlocked the door and walked into the loft, throwing his keys into the basket, not even caring if they made it or not.

“Hi honey, I’m home,” Blair called out.

Jim walked back inside the loft and laughed when he saw Blair. His hair was all mussed up like he had been in a brawl or something. Blair looked over at him and said, “What a day, you wouldn’t believe what happened to me, baby.”

Jim looked over at Blair and could see his pupils were dilated and asked, “Blair, have you had anything to eat or drink since you’ve been at the station?”

“How nice of you to worry about me, baby. I had a cup of coffee right before I left the station. It tasted sort of odd.”

Jim grabbed the coffee cup from Blair and smelled the contents. He could smell a sweet smell in it and knew that Blair didn’t use sweeteners or sugar. So something was in it that shouldn’t have been.

Blair ran his hand over Jim’s chest and then down lower to his groin. “Did you miss me today?”

“Blair, you’ve been drugged. We need to get you to a hospital,” Jim said pushing Blair away from his groin area.

“Kiss me and tell me you missed me,” Blair ordered.

Jim kissed Blair on the cheek and said, “I missed you like crazy. Now can we go to the emergency room?”

“I want a proper kiss, Jim. Come on, make me feel good,” Blair stood there with his lips parted waiting for Jim to kiss him. Jim saw no other choice but to give him a kiss that would work.

Jim began to kiss him and he could taste the sweet taste in Blair’s mouth. He tried not to French kiss too much. When he pulled away Blair pulled Jim’s hand down to his own cock and said, “Make me feel better, baby.”

“Blair, you’ve been drugged, we need to talk to someone about it,” Jim said trying to get away from Blair’s wandering hands.

Blair unzipped Jim’s jeans and slid his hand inside Jim’s boxers. Jim jumped and said, “Chief, can you hear me?”

Blair started stroking Jim’s cock and said, “Of course I can hear you, I’m right here.”

Jim was already starting to breathe harder and wanted nothing but Blair to finish what he had started, but he knew he couldn’t. Jim pulled Blair’s hand out of his pants and zipped himself up quickly.

“Jim, if you’re not in the mood, just tell me. You don’t have to be so fucking touchy about it,” Blair ranted.

Jim went over to the phone and called another station house. He talked to the Captain of Major Crimes there and found they were having no problems. He explained what was happening at Station 12 and wondered what he should do now and the Captain said, “I’ll take over from here. We’re going to have to call the water department and have the water tested, then we need the health department called to see if there is anything they can do and finally, we need each and every person in that station house to be seen by a doctor, which isn’t going to be easy. I’m getting on it right now.”

“I have one more person from the station house that drank the coffee and he’s here at my house, do I need to bring him in?” Jim asked.

The Captain said, “There is a new designer drug out called ‘heat’ and I’m afraid that’s what he might have ingested. But once it leaves the system, he’ll be fine. Give me your number and I’ll call you with updates on the rest of the station house. It’s best you stay where you are and not get in the way. Just keep your friend nearby and watch him for any odd signs.”

“Okay, so I don’t need to take him to Emergency?” Jim asked.

“No, wait for my call. Give me your number, Ellison,” the Captain asked again.

Jim gave him his number for the loft and for his cell phone number. When he hung up Blair was staring at him wearing a big smile and a hard cock sticking out of his underwear. Sometime while Jim was on the phone Blair had taken his jeans off and was stroking himself.

Blair went up and pushed his hands underneath Jim’s shirt and started rubbing Jim’s belly and nipples. Jim moaned with appreciation, but knew that this couldn’t happen now. Not in these conditions.

Jim pulled Blair’s hands away again and Blair took Jim’s hand and put it inside his boxers and began to stroke his cock with Jim’s hand.

Jim moaned again. How the fuck was he going to fight Blair off without any help?

Jim suddenly realized that maybe if Blair came, he would calm down. Jim pulled his hand out and pulled Blair up to his bedroom as quickly as he could. He shoved Blair onto his bed and practically jumped on top of him. Blair snickered and said, “I knew you wanted me.”

Jim started rubbing their cocks against each other until Blair moaned ‘Jim’ and came all over both of them. Jim followed right behind, whether he wanted to or not. Jim got the wipes out of his drawer in the nightstand and cleaned them both off and pulled Blair into his arms.

Jim figured that they would sleep off the rest of the drug that Blair had ingested. That’s what you get for thinking.

Blair snuggled up close to Jim and whispered, “I want to fuck you so bad, I can taste it.”

“Blair, I want to rest right now. We can talk about fucking later on, all right?” Jim asked.

Blair looked sad and moved away from Jim and asked, “You don’t love me anymore do you?”

“Blair, I adore you, but I want to wait for a few hours before we do anything else. Could you do that for me?” Jim pleaded.

“Can we at least kiss and grope?” Blair begged.

Jim couldn’t ‘not’ give Blair what he wanted. It was as simple as that. He did truly adore Blair and would do anything for him. So he took Blair into his arms and they began to kiss and sure enough, Blair began to grope.

Jim couldn’t believe how fast he got hard the second time around. Blair stroked his cock while they kissed and finally Jim decided to do the same to Blair. There is a special place in hell for people who take advantage of people under the drug called ‘heat’.

Blair was whimpering and moaning and getting close to coming again. Jim really hoped that this time would make him sleepy.

Both men were right on the edge when Blair reached around and slid a slick finger into Jim’s hole. Jim hollered, “Blair,” and came like he’d never come before in his life.

This seemed to thrill Blair and before long he was coming too. Jim laid back and tried to get his breathing under control when Blair sat up and bent over Jim and began to lick up his come off of his legs and stomach. Jim was not going to be outdone, so he pushed Blair back and licked him clean the same way.

Blair curled into Jim’s side and said, “Is it always this good for us?”

Jim smiled at him and answered, “It’s always this good.”

Before long Blair was sleeping and Jim didn’t know what to do. Should he get Blair dressed while he was sleeping? Should he just leave him naked under the covers? Or should Jim just leave and let Blair figure it all out when he woke up?

Jim knew he couldn’t leave Blair alone, because that just wouldn’t be right. Jim decided to pull the covers up over them and just sleep next to him and explain when he woke up freaking out.


It took two station houses to get Station 12 under control again. The designer drug, ‘heat’ had indeed been put into the water system, so they were all drugged. The doctors that were at the station were giving check-ups to everyone that was there. They were all starting to come off of the drug and finally the people that worked there were getting sent to the hospital for observation.


Blair woke up and knew he was in Jim’s bed. He looked over and saw Jim sleeping next to him and then looked under the covers and saw they were naked. Holy shit…What did I do now?

Jim started to wake up to a frenzied heartbeat next to his. “It’s okay, Chief. I’ll explain everything.”

“My god, I don’t even know where I want you to begin. Do you know that your ex-wife tried to attack me in the elevator at the station? She wanted me in the worst way. Then I drank some of the coffee and drove home and that’s all I remember. Was the coffee drugged?” Blair asked.

“Yes, the coffee was drugged with a new designer drug called ‘heat’. It makes you want to have sex with anyone, anything, anytime. So there is no reason to be upset, okay? Your eyes are back to normal now, so you’re not under the influence anymore. I didn’t know what to do, Chief. I’m sorry I didn’t do a very good job.”

“We’re both naked and in bed, I would say you did an excellent job of taking advantage of me,” Blair grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around him as he got out of the bed.

“Chief, it wasn’t like that,” Jim tried to explain.

“Oh really? How was it?” Blair asked standing at the foot of the bed, looking like he was close to tears.

“You’re right, I’m an asshole and if I were you, I’d never come near me again,” Jim pulled the sheet up over himself and turned on his side.

Blair stomped down the stairs and got into the shower as quickly as he could. Once he was done, he got dressed and left the loft. Jim continued to stay upstairs feeling sorry for himself. He might as well. No one else would when they heard what he did.


Blair went down to the station to talk to Simon and found out that everyone from station 12 had been taken to the hospital. They had all been drugged. Blair decided that he needed to go to the hospital and talk to Simon.


Jim got up and took a shower and then got dressed. He changed the sheets on his bed and threw them in the trash. He didn’t want any reminders of what he had done.

He was still feeling sorry for himself, but he was starting to realize that Blair had every right to hate him. This must be that special place in hell I thought of earlier.

Jim sat down by himself on the sofa and just waited for word on his friends, although once they heard what happened they probably wouldn’t be his friends any longer.


Blair got to the hospital and found out what room Simon was in. He walked in and saw Simon sleeping. But Simon woke up when he heard Blair walk in.

“Hey kid, what are you doing up and around?” Simon asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, if you had the drug, you must be exhausted. It’s so embarrassing what happened. I guess I slept with Rhonda. Sweet, nice, efficient Rhonda. I took advantage of her when she was in the same state. But the doctors are telling us all that none of us had control over it. We just didn’t know what was happening. It was from the water used to make the coffee.”

“I’m sorry, Simon. Is there anything I can do for you?” Blair inquired.

“Where is your partner? I was wondering how this affected his Sentinel senses. I hope he’s doing all right. Is he visiting someone else right now?” Simon asked.

“Simon, we were in bed naked together when I came to. He took advantage of me. I told him to stay away from me and I didn’t want to talk about it. What should I do now?” a sorrowful Blair asked.

“Blair, Jim would never take advantage of you. He would never outright hurt you in any way, shape or form. Now go home and talk to him. He probably feels like it was his fault,” Simon explained.

“Okay, I’ll go and talk to him right now. If we need your help I’ll call your room here. When do you get out anyhow?” Blair asked.

“In a few hours. Once it clears the system, you’re just like your old self again. So far, nothing has happened twice.”

“See you in the morning, Simon.” Blair called out over his shoulder.

“The station house is closed for three days. So you’ll be off for three days too. Take it easy and see if you and Jim can work it out. I’d hate to see you mess up your friendship and partnership,” Simon explained.

“See you in three days. If you need us for anything, just call,” Blair said as he walked out the door.

Do I need to forgive Jim for all of this?

Blair got down to his car and started the long drive home. On the way, he started remembering things. He remembered what happened at the station house, he remembered trying to get out of the station, getting the cup of coffee to drink on the way home, wanting to fuck Jim Ellison and that’s all Blair needed to remember. He knew now that Jim hadn’t taken advantage of him at all. He was the one that pushed Jim, even though Jim didn’t want to do it. Oh my god, what have I done?


Jim walked into Blair’s room and decided he had better start packing up Blair’s things before he came back. Jim took the first box and filled it with a bunch of books from the university. The next box was knickknacks from everywhere. Jim wrapped them all so nothing would get broken.

As he was packing Blair’s clothing, Blair walked in and watched Jim for a few moments.

“You don’t want me here any longer?” Blair asked forlornly.

“I didn’t figure you would want to stay with someone that did what I did to you,” Jim said.

“Jim, I’m starting to remember things and I know it wasn’t your idea,” Blair stated.

“Blair, I should have handcuffed you to the railing or something. Anything. But I didn’t try any of it. Instead I just listened to you because it was something I had dreamed about for ages.”

“Really? You’ve thought about me and you before?” Blair asked hopefully.

“Yeah, all the time,” Jim answered truthfully.

“Jim, I don’t know if we can get past this,” Blair commented sadly. He really was confused.

“Do you think you need to move?” Jim asked.

“You told me awhile back that this was my home. I don’t want to leave my home,” Blair confessed.

“I don’t want you to leave your home either, but I thought I might have screwed things up so bad that you’d never forgive me,” Jim declared.

“I think we just need to let things stay the way they are for a short time and then we can talk about things. Believe me, everyone at the station has to deal with horrible things they did or said. So let me unpack my things and we’ll go back to normal, if you can do that,” Blair suggested.

Jim gave Blair a small smile and said, “I’ll help you unpack.”

“No, I have it. Go relax,” Blair said taking the box from Jim.

Jim walked out of Blair’s room a very miserable man. He not only screwed up their friendship, but now he would never have a relationship with Blair.

He sat down in front of the television but didn’t actually turn it on. He just sat and thought about the sex between the two of them. He had wanted Blair to fuck him in the worst way, but now there was no chance of that. There was no chance of them ever being the same friends again either. Every time Jim looked at Blair he would remember what they had done and he was certain that Blair would feel the same way.

The phone rang and Jim answered, “Ellison.”

“Hi Jim, it’s Simon. I was just checking in with you to see if everything went all right with Sandburg.”

“No everything isn’t all right. I messed around with my partner and I wasn’t drugged,” Jim said miserably.

“Jim, he’ll forgive you,” Simon stated.

“No, it’s never going to be the same again, Simon.”

“Did you tell him that you enjoyed it?” Simon asked.

“I’m not going to bring it up ever again,” Jim admitted.

“Well, I have to apologize to Rhonda about 100 times to make up for what I did to her. My god, why didn’t you stop me?” Simon wondered.

“I thought you guys were an item. It never dawned on me that something happened to the water system. I didn’t want to interfere.”

“She’s so embarrassed as well as I am. I just hope that we can continue to work together after this,” Simon stated.

“Rhonda will get over it I’m sure. Just wait and see,” Jim assured Simon.

“But Blair won’t?” Simon inquired.

“All right, maybe Blair will get over it but I might not,” Jim answered.

“What do you mean you might not? Oh my god, you’re in love with him? Jim, what is going on?”

“Yes, I’m in love with him. But this is between the two of us, he’s not to know,” Jim said.

“Maybe that would help if he did know, Jim.”

“I’m not telling him. So just forget I mentioned it. I’ll talk to you later,” Jim said before he hung up the phone.

Blair came around the sofa and said, “You’re not telling me what?”

Jim jumped at the sudden presence of Blair in the room. His dials were all down and he was hearing like a normal person for a change.

“Nothing, that’s important.”

Blair sat down on the sofa next to Jim and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Blair, there is nothing wrong. It’s just going to take some time to get past all of this.”

“Oh my god, you’re angry with me for pushing myself on you. That’s why you were packing my things. You really do want me to leave,” Blair said dejectedly.

“No Chief, I don’t ever want you to move. Please just let it drop.”

“Tell me why you look so sad. And why are you out in the living room in front of the television without it even being turned on? You’re freaking me out, man.”

Jim turned to Blair and said, “Okay, I’m going to tell you and when you move out, please try to remember all of the good times we had. All right?”

Blair frowned and said, “Jim, I can’t believe I would leave just because you said something.”

“I love you,” Jim blurted out as quickly as he could.

“I love you, too,” Blair answered.

“No…I’m in love with you,” Jim replied apprehensively.

“You are? That’s way cool, man. I’m in love with you too and I thought I had ruined everything with you. Did you hear what I said?” Blair asked touching Jim’s face softly.

“You love me too?” Jim asked.

“Yeah, for about a year now, but I didn’t think you’d be interested. I have a thing for you,” Blair confessed.

Jim pulled Blair into his arms and said, “I have a thing for you too.”

Blair pulled Jim down to his lips and they kissed their first real kiss and it was heaven sent.

Blair pulled away and asked, “Where do we go from here?”

“I just talked to Simon and he told me that we have three days off, so we have three days to figure out where we go from here. I love you, Blair.”

“I love you, Jim.”

Then they just held on to each other and didn’t ever want to let go.

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thank you to Kelly for the quick and efficient beta. Thank you to Lisa for letting me put another story in. Thank you to Trixx for the plot bunny that made me laugh more than once. It didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned, but it had a mind of its own.