Just A Piece of Fiction by Debbie Stone

Just A Piece of Fiction - Debbie Stone

A shiny object got his attention. He saw the sun reflect off it as he turned his head to see a former student standing next to him with a look of curiosity and a sick twisted smile on his face. It was Tim Maylor, a student Blair had flunked for manufacturing information to back up his mid term about an artifact. Everything in the mid term had been just a piece of fiction. Tim had been furious with Blair over the flunking grade because it led to his being suspended from Rainier’s football team during the playoffs and talent scouts for professional teams were there to look the team over for future major league players.

Tim had it in his head that he was a major league player, however, reality was that he was a mediocre player at best. So even though Tim filed a complaint against Blair to have the suspension overturned it was upheld which infuriated Tim even more. He had held a grudge against Blair and was looking for just the perfect opportunity to get back at him for ruining his life. Blair’s dissertation mess was that such opportunity.

Tim was blind with rage when he found out that Sandburg had admitted to writing a fiction about Sentinels based on the police officer he had been working with while writing his dissertation. Tim had become depressed and obsessed with revenge over what he had lost due to Blair accusing him of writing a piece of fiction. Then he himself had the nerve to write a piece of fiction and try to pass it off for his own dissertation. Mr. Sandburg was going to pay for what he did to him once and for all and his opportunity for revenge now presented itself.

Blair was cleaning out his office on that Friday afternoon. He had been fired from Rainier by Chancellor Edwards for being a fraud after his press conference admitting that he had written a piece of fiction for his dissertation and now he was coming clean about it. On Monday, Tim had stood in front of the television in the student lounge with his fist clenched as he watched Mr. Sandburg admit he was a fraud. The more Blair said the more Tim’s rage engulfed him. Today was the day that Mr. Sandburg was going to get what was coming to him. It was time to ruin his life as well. So with a smile Tim walked up to Blair with a carefully laid out plan to make him suffer as much as he had and then some.

Blair turned to face Tim but did not say a word.

“So Mr. Sandburg, what’s wrong? Did you get caught writing a little piece of fiction for your dissertation?” Tim spoke the words with malice and hate in his voice.

Blair attempted to look Tim in the face but dropped his eyes to look on the shinny object that had gotten his attention in the first place. Tim was carrying a six-inch hunting knife.

“Tim, you do not want to do this.” Blair said as he took a step back.

“Why? I don’t have anything to lose Mr. Sandburg. You took it all away from me. Several of the guys on the team were picked today to audition for the pros. I would have been one of them if you hadn’t flunked me. I think destroying your life like you did mine is only fair. Kind of like what the Bible says, eye for an eye. Don’t you think that’s fair Mr. Sandbag scum?” Tim’s eyes narrowed and his smile grew larger as he lunged forward with the knife.

Blair anticipated his move and dodged away from the knife’s deadly path.

“Tim, do not throw your life away like this. You can still finish your education and try out again for the pros.” Blair began to take slow steps back away from Tim while holding his hands out in a defensive posture.

“I can’t do that and you know it. It’s on my record. You told the world that I wrote a piece of fiction and now no one will ever believe me again. Then you actually had the balls to write your own piece of fiction. How could you ruin my life like that and then do it yourself and then think you didn’t have to pay for it like you made me pay? You are going to pay right now for destroying me.”

Tim took another swing at Blair with the knife this time hitting his target.

Blair attempted to jump back out of the way again. Unfortunately, Tim was quicker this time and slashed through his shirt making a ten-inch slice into the flesh of his chest. Bright red blood began to pour from the wound and it began to sting as the blood dripped down onto his belly.

Blair stumbled but kept on his feet as he tried to reason with Tim.

“Tim this is wrong man, you do not understand the circumstances of what this is all about. You are throwing your life away for nothing and killing me won’t make it better. You’ll only end up in jail for the rest of your life.” Blair began to feel dizzy and nauseous from the attack.

“You’re wrong Mr. Sandbag. Watching you die will be worth every second. Not to mention I’m going to kill myself after I’m done with you anyway so I really don’t have anything to lose, but you sure do.” Tim’s laugh became that of a maniac as he lunged once again at Blair this time hitting him directly in his left arm.

Blair saw the sick shine of the knife coming toward him once again and lifted his arm in defense as it jabbed into his forearm and stuck there. Blair screamed in agony as the knife hit bone and stopped. While Blair pulled away to try to avoid the crazed student Tim began yanking on the knife to pull it from his arm so he could strike him again.

Unfortunately, being a late Friday afternoon no one was around to hear Blair’s screams and Tim was unstoppable and continued to pull on the knife that was deeply embedded in Blair’s arm.

“Tim, stop! It’s not worth it. Don’t destroy your life over a piece of fiction.” Agony gripped Blair as he managed to pull away from Tim by kicking him in the groin. With the knife grossly attached, Blair began to run toward the security office. Blinding pain and fear kept him on his feet but he could feel the sense of tunneling as his consciousness began to fade. He had to keep going. If he stopped he was a dead man. Tim was crazy with rage and rolling on the ground cradling his groin.

“You’re going to fucking die now Sandbag. I’m going to cut you up into little pieces when I get my hands on you.” Tim leaped from the ground as his anger overcame the pain and he began to run at Blair with bloodshot eyes and spit dripping from his mouth.

Blair’s vision was narrowing and his heart was pounding hard. With the effort of running, a knife in his arm and the amount of blood lose from the ten-inch wound in his chest he was losing precious ground to the madman following him with blood lust in his eyes.

“Tim, don’t do this please. Stop this now,” Blair said as the energy drained from his body. He looked back over his shoulder to see Tim leaping off the ground in an arch and reaching out to grab him by the hair. With deadly accuracy, Tim grabbed a handful of Blair’s long curls and yanked hard snapping Blair’s head back and dropping him to the ground like a bird with a broken neck.

Tim climbed onto Blair’s blood soaked chest and looked down at him and said, “Screw you Mr. Sandburg. Time to die.”

Blair knew his life was over. He looked up into Tim’s hate filled eyes and waited for death to come.

With his final conscious thought Blair felt panic as Tim’s hands tightened around his neck stopping his flow of air. Death was here now but Blair could only think of Jim. Blair mouthed three simple words, “I’m sorry, Jim.” Darkness won.

Buzzing, buzzing, buzzing, that’s all he could hear. All he could hear was never-ending buzzing. What was going on? What is that light? Somebody please shut off the dam buzzer please? Oh wow, this place stinks. What is that smell? Where am I? Man, my head hurts, so does my chest, and what’s up with my left arm? I need to open my eyes and see what’s going on but they weigh a ton. What was I doing today? I can’t remember. Can I?

Blair shot up in bed like he had been hit by lightning, remembering. Shit, I’m being attacked. Tim’s killing me. I have to fight as his mind raced with these thoughts.

Blair began yelling, “Help, help, someone help me. Stop Tim, he’s killing me. Help, Jim, please help me.” All Blair could feel was all consuming panic and agonizing pain throughout his entire body but he still fought to keep Tim from killing him. He had to keep fighting. He had to tell Jim how sorry he was for all the trouble he had caused.

Strong arms grabbed Blair as he continued to fight against his attacker. Punching, kicking, pushing and punching again losing strength as the pain won its battle against him. Surrender was coming. He couldn’t fight anymore. Surrender was all he could do so he stopped struggling and waited for whatever came. His attacker was rocking him.

Jim flew from his chair as he was ripped from dozing when Blair sat straight up in his hospital bed and began screaming and hitting at the demon he thought was Tim. Jim quickly wrapped Blair in his arms in an attempt to prevent him from causing any more injury to himself and hung on for dear life. Jim spoke softly to Blair but Sandburg did not seem to hear his words.

“Chief, Chief calm down buddy it’s me. I’m right here. You’re safe, Blair. Please just relax or you’re going to hurt yourself more.” Jim began rocking Blair in his arms and the struggling began to abate and then ceased all together.

“That’s it Chief take it easy buddy. You’re with me now. Tim is gone and never going to hurt you again. You’re safe now.” Jim could feel his partner begin to relax into the rocking.

Rocking? Why was Tim rocking him? Wait! That’s not Tim’s voice it’s Jim’s. What is going on? Blair relaxed into the rocking and opened his eyes. All he could see was a man’s neck. Then when he looked up more he could see that he was in a hospital room. Pain gripped him once again as he lifted his head more to see who was holding him.

“Hey, easy, easy buddy. Just move slowly. You’re going to be hurting for a while.” Jim relaxed his tight hold to allow Blair to move and look up at him.

With pain filled eyes Blair looked up into Jim’s eyes and said, “How?”

A puzzled looked came over Jim’s face as he tried to comprehend Blair’s question. “How what?”

“How come I’m alive? I was dying. Tim had me on the ground choking me. I know I was passing out. How come I’m here?” Blair’s voice shook with emotion as he tried to comprehend why he was still alive.

Jim completely unwrapped Blair from his arms and placed a hand on each side of his face and looked into his blue, blood ruptured eyes and said, “I had to shoot him. I came over to see if you needed help moving some of the boxes from your office and I heard you yell for help and I heard your heart pounding. I could smell the blood and I knew you were in trouble. I came into the courtyard and saw him sitting on your chest choking you. I yelled for him to stop. I told him I was from the Cascade Police Department and he just looked over at me with a demented smile and then looked back and you and continued to choke you. I yelled one more time and then I shot him in the head. I did what I had to do, Chief. I had to do it.” Jim looked away at that instant thinking Blair would hate him forever even though he had to do it to save his life.

Blair reached up with his hands and placed them on the side of Jim’s face as he had just done to Blair and kissed him gently on the lips and said, “Thank you. Thank you for saving my life, again. Thank you for giving me the chance to say I’m sorry for what happened. Mostly, thank you for giving me the chance to tell you how much I love you.” Blair kissed him longer and more deeply then.

Jim’s heart was pounding. Not only because Blair was alive but, he wasn’t mad at him for what he had had to do to save the one person he loved more than life itself. His heart was also pounding because the soft lips he had dreamt about for years were now on his kissing him for all they were worth. The sensation was more than he’d ever thought it could be. Blair’s warm lips covered his and nipped at his then the kiss deepened. He then felt his lips opening to allow the sweetest tongue in the world to meet his. The touch was absolutely electric. A wonderful tingle touched his brain and he broke out into a big smile breaking the kiss.

Blair pulled away and said, “Hey, you laughing at me?”

“Absolutely.” Jim smiled and brought his lips back in contact with Blair’s for a quick touch.

“Good, then. Fine. I’m glad I made you happy you jerk.” Blair feigned insult.

“You make me very happy, Chief, very, very, happy. I love you so much Blair.” Jim said as he placed his forehead on Blair’s.

Blair closed his eyes and said, “God, Jim I love you so much too. I never thought I would get the chance to tell you that. Thank you for giving me that chance.”

“You’re very welcome, Chief. Thank you for loving me.” Jim raised his head and looked into Blair’s tired eyes. “You need to rest so lie back and close your eyes and sleep. You need to get your strength back so you can come home.

Blair lifted his eye in an evil twitch and said, “I’ll need my strength for other things too.”

“Sandburg you are a bad man, a very bad man.” Jim gently pushed Blair down onto the bed and tucked him in watching as Blair closed his eyes to drift off to sleep.

Blair opened his eyes one final instant and whispered sentinel soft, “Thank you, Jim for my life and your love.” Then his eyes drifted closed and sleep consumed him.

Jim watched his love slip into a peaceful sleep and then he whispered, “Thank you for loving me and living for me.”

The End

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Notes: Art was done by Debbie Stone.