Through the Years by missfae

Through the Years - missfae

Warnings: Some mention of adult themes, AU and mpreg.

Blair was a day old when he received James not Jimmy, thank you very much. James lay beside him, watching him with a curious expression in his benign, black-button eyes.

“You’re not gonna name me Jimmy are you?” Blair gave the Black Panther the unfocused gaze of the extremely young. “’Cuz if you are, I’m gonna have to eat you.”

Blair’s fist batted out and bopped the stuffed animal on the nose.

“Ouch,” exclaimed James, as he rubbed his nose, “all you had to say was 'no.'”

Blair shut his eyes and went to sleep. ***

The next time Blair opened his eyes, he noticed a set of blue ones in a face that was nose to nose with him.

“He’s okay,” the person said. Blair glanced over at James, who shrugged.

“What can you expect? He’s a kid.” Blair stared; James shrugged. “They’re different from us, they have to be cool cuz they’re older.” Blair’s snort indicated that he was anything but a baby, which was silly, because he was a baby.

“You wanna hold him?” Someone that he identified as mom picked him up. “Sure.”

“Okay, but you have to sit in the chair.” Blair watched as the boy sat and held out his arms. His mom placed him in the other’s arms but kept her hands on him.

“What’s his name?”


“Blair.” He brought his face close to the baby and stared into his eyes.

Blair sneezed. ***

“Why are girls so icky?” Three-year-old Blair was trying to wipe the sticky kiss off his cheek that five-year -old Alex gave him. “They are strange creatures,” James replied.

The two of them sat side by side in the sandbox rebuilding the castle that Alex had stormed.

“Sure are,” concurred Blair, “and she ruined my castle.” He patted on more sand, reinforcing the battlements. “Girls just don’t have a clue of the important things in life.”

“They’re girls.” James said, as if that held all the answers. Blair nodded sagely. ***

“He creeps me out.” Lee looked back to see five-year-old Blair dragging that stupid panther by the tail as he followed them.

“Leave him alone,” replied ten-year-old Jim. “I think he’s kinda cute.”

“Cute…cute?” Blair frowned. “I’m not cute; I am the picture of a manly stud.”

“Sure you are.” James headed for the monkey bars.

“You babysit him. Isn’t that enough?” Lee, the other ten-year old, was scowling. “Why don’t you quit following us, you baby?”

“Lee!” Jim pushed him. “He’s not bothering us. What is your problem?”

“He’s a little punk.”

“He’s not a punk and if you say that again, I’ll no longer be your boyfriend.”

“Awww, come on Jimmy. Whose boy will you be?” The boy cast a withering look at Blair. “His?”

Jim glanced at Blair and then back to Lee. “Yes I will.” He marched in Blair’s direction.

Blair’s eyes went wide. “Did you hear that, James? I have a boyfriend.”

James snorted as he swung upside down. ***

“I saw Simon talking to Rafe the other day.” James was helping seven-year-old Blair drag his sled to the top of Big Rock Mountain. It was February and the foot of hard-packed snow made for good sledding.

“I think he wants him to be his sweetheart.” Blair was turning the sled around so that the front faced down the hill.

“I thought he was supposed to be going with Megan.” Blair climbed onto the sled.

“He is.” James climbed on behind him. “But I heard him say that he’s keeping his options open.”

“Oh.” They pushed off and went flying down the hill. “Why is romance so complicated?” ***

“Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day.” Blair waved the newspaper wrapped box at Bob.

“Who’s that for?” Bob was looking over the package.

“Jim, of course.”

“Do you think he’ll like it?”

Blair looked incredulous. “What’s not to like about freshly-dug worms?” ***

Blair sat mesmerized as Jim dropped and leaped across the field. The 13 year old outsmarted all his opponents on the football field. To his eight-year-old mind, this was almost as good as tying Sam’s braids to the back of her chair in class. Suddenly, Jim turned and smiled right at him. He leaned over and whispered to James.

“I’m going to marry him someday.” ***

“Why can’t Jim stay with me tonight?” Blair whined.

“Stop whining.” James said, swallowing a sardine.

“I’m not whining.” Blair stuck out his lower lip.

His mom finally located the earrings she’d been digging for. “I never said you were whining.” She looked at herself in the mirror. “Besides, you like Cecile Edwards.”

“She’s old and smells like mothballs.” James sniggered as Naomi sighed.

“She’s not that old, and she packs her clothes in cedar wood.”

Blair frowned as James snagged another sardine from the can. “Why can’t Jim come over?”

Naomi pulled her dress out of the closet. “He’s at a friend’s junior prom.”

Blair felt his blood run cold. “Not with…”

“I think his name is Lee, such a nice young man…” ***

The spaceship Second Prize wound its way through the meteor shower.

“Captain,” said the black suited first mate, “we’ll be approaching the target in approximately 4.276 seconds.”

“Ready the Death Ray-.” ordered the fearless captain.

The brown gelatinous mass looked and moved like a slug. “MMrrrghhh.” It growled.


The beams punched holes in the creature, but it seemed to shake it off.

“Fire, again!”

The beams punched into the creature as it advanced towards them.

“Captain, the ray seems to be ineffective.”


“Mr. James, what is that?”

“A second creature, captain.”

“Time to retreat!”

“Blair you get back here.” Cecile chased the boy down the street.

“I’m gonna kill him,” Lee sputtered, as he tried to brush the red-dyed water off his white tuxedo. “I tell you Jimmy, he’s dead… and his little panther, too.”

Jim was too busy laughing to reply. ***

“Dread Pirate Blair you have been found guilty of your crimes-,” intoned Magistrate James.

“I’m innocent, innocent I tell you.” Blair struggled within the grasp of the burley pirate executioner.

“-and by degree of all our pirate’s laws, you must now walk the plank.”

“You’ll never take me alive.” The Dread Pirate Blair kicked the executioner who released him to rub his shin. As he raced away, he yelled, “Ya-argh… you’ll never force me into the briny deep.”

“Naomi I’m telling you, I’m gonna put that kid up for adoption!” Buddy bellowed after the naked, muddy eight-year-old streaking through the house. ***

“Is she going to be alright?” Eleven-year-old Blair watched as his dad held the icepack to his mom’s forehead.

“I don’t know.” James was getting a drink of water. “I thought you could ask her about things like that…she seems pretty open-minded. But I guess all moms are the same.”

“I guess.” Blair scratched his head. “But why would asking her what a ‘schlong’ is make her faint?”


“Introducing, The Incredible Stretcho Man! He moves, he grooves, he can grow to astounding heights. Look at his muscles. Have you ever seen a better specimen of pure manliness?”

“Cool it, Blair.” Twelve-year-old Alex walked past him. “You only grew a couple of inches.”

Blair looked after her and then put the megaphone back to his mouth. “Oh yeah, you’re just jealous because I’m going to be a giant among men.”


The starship Second Prize preceded through space at warp speed one.

“Observe the moon,” intoned the voice of Mr. James, “it is a wondrous creation.”

“Mr. James….”

“The landscape is a plethora of pits and craters.”

“Mr. James…”

“Even without close inspection, it is easy to see the white topped mountains-”

Blair snatched the magnifying glass from James and stomped away.

“Wait!” hollered the panther. “We haven’t even gotten to the dark side…”


Thirteen-year-old Blair was looking to make a fast break towards the basket.

“Mom said that this is the most wonderful time of my life.”

James harrumphed as he guarded his end of the court.

“The body is going through a wonderful change and soon I’ll be a man.”

James swatted at the ball, but Blair pulled it back. “Being a man means that you’ll have to get a job.”

“I know.” Blair looked for an open shot. “Maybe I’ll be a house husband.”

“I don’t think so.” James stole the ball.

“Why not?”

James took the shot and made the basket. “You won’t look good in high heels and an apron.”



The squeaky wheel was driving the brave pioneers crazy.

“Let’s throw it away,” said one.

“We can’t,” said another, “how will we get across the plains.”

“We could bust it up and make another.” The third man picked up his hammer.

“Good… great idea.” The three men advanced on the wheel that turned into a foghorn. The bellow from its open end blew them away.

“That was great!” James regarded the other choir members as they held their ears.

“Yeah!” Fourteen-year-old Blair grinned. “Isn’t it amazing the way my voice is breaking?” ***

Fifteen-year-old Blair affected a look of boredom as he leaned against the picnic table of his lunch area.

“When you gonna give Jim the gift?” James was lying on the table, enjoying the sun.

Blair wrinkled his nose. “I don’t know. Suppose he acts like I’m giving him a ring or something? You know that I have to spread my wings and fly.”

“Uh-huh.” Blair stretched. “You gotta be careful. All guys wanna do is tie you down.”

Blair nodded and moved a hand in front of himself to indicate his body. “All of this is too good for just one boy.”

James gave him a high-five.

“Hey, Blair. I need you.”

Blair pushed off the table and sprinted in the direction of the voice. James ran alongside him.

“What are you doing?”

“You heard him… he needs me.”

“I thought you were too much for one boy?”

Blair gave him a lop-sided grin. “That’s not a boy-that’s Jim.”


The dashing young man grinned at himself in the mirror. He shot the sleeves of his dark tailored suit and he turned back and forth, observing himself from all angles. Tossing back the shock of hair that covered his eye, the boy affected picking up a Martini made from only the best vodka. No bartender in his right mind would dare add vermouth.

“Just call me Bond... Blair Bond.”

Snarling, James shot up from the bed and stomped out of the room. “Oh, for cripes sake, it’s just the prom.”


“Wow! Those are some pretty hot moves!”

“Thanks. My dad thought that I needed to learn to dance because it would put some muscle on me. He says that I’m just too skinny.”

A chuckle. “Yeah, my folks thought that I was too bulky.”

He leaned in and whispered, “Not too bulky; there’s just more to love.”

He enjoyed the blush that blossomed on twenty-three-year-old Jim’s cheeks.


The nineteen-year-old lone survivor of the shipwreck dragged himself upon the sandy shore.

“Land,” he panted. “Land.”

He felt, more than heard, the footsteps that approached him on the sand. His weary body began to strum with new vitality, for there, before his weary eyes, stood the most beautiful native boy that he had ever seen.

The brown nipples on the bronze chest seem to twitch with each breath. The wrap covering his hips, gave scant protections to the covered treasures beneath. As he continued to stare, the other boy opened his mouth to speak.

“Come on Blair; working the kiddy pool isn’t that bad.”


The shade of the apple tree was the witness to the two reclining underneath.

“That one looks like a cow.”

“Yeah, I can see that. That one looks like a ship.”

“A ship…you think so?”

“Uh-huh, that one looks like a flower.”

“Look, there’s a panther.”


“Hey, what happened to that panther you used to have? What was his name?”


“Yeah, James. I miss him.”

“Don’t you think that I’m too old to carry around a stuffed panther?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I thought that he was kinda cool.”

“Finally, someone who appreciates the greatness that is…me,” James said from his perch in the tree as he bonked Blair on the head with his apple core.


Blair pulled out the small velvet box. “What do you think?”

Simon scratched the side of his nose. “Don’t you think twenty is too young?”

“Yeah,” Rafe chimed in. “Especially if you plan on spending the rest of your life with him.”

Blair cocked his head to the side, looking at his friends. “Haven’t the three of you been together since, like, kindergarten?”

Megan glanced in the box. “We’re different.”

“Different?” Blair shut the box.

“Sure,” said Simon. “Everyone knows that we’re a force of nature that even the heavens dare not divide.”

Blair put the box back into his pocket. “Thus spake Sun Tzu.”


“Will you?”

“I will.”

“You had me at hello.”

“You had me when you squirted Lee with the red ink.”


Blair paced to one end of the room, stopped, turned and paced back to the other side.

“You’re going to wear a hole in the carpet.”

“But what if I mess up? I mean… I’m just 24. Maybe I’m too young… maybe I’m not good enough, you know how I am-”

“You’re different-”

“You mean strange-”

“No! I mean unique.” Blair started to protest but was stopped by a raised hand. “You’re smart, funny; creative and you have a ton of love to give.”

“Thanks, dad.”

“I love you, Blair.” ***

"In the kingdom of Cascadia, a dashing young prince was born. Even though he appeared innocent, he was strong, daring and knew what he wanted- the other charming, handsome prince. Although, the evil vizier, Leelian, tried to keep them apart, the prince blasted him into a far out galaxy with his powerful death ray.

"Afterward, he grabbed his beautiful prince, galloped off into the sunset, arrived at the castle and waltzed to the cheers of their thousands of adoring subjects. The End."

Blair was silent, resting his head near the bulge in Jim’s stomach.

Jim smoothed his hair back from his forehead. “You know the baby can hear you. If you keep mixing your stories, he or she is going to be confused.”

Blair grinned. “Think of it as being well-rounded.”

Jim laughed as Blair kissed the bulge. ***

“Mr. Sandburg?”

Blair jumped up and raced towards the doctor. “How are they?”

The doctor turned towards the nurse who appeared carrying a blue-wrapped bundle. “Congratulations, you have a healthy son.”

Blair’s smile lit the tiny waiting room as he took his son. “Hey, little guy…I’m your other dad.” He kissed the tiny, red cheek and then looked up at the doctor. “How is my husband?” The doctor looked down at his hands. Blair’s parents came to stand on either side of their son, who paled. “Doctor, please.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Sandburg.” He ran his hand through his hair. “Jim ruptured an artery near his bearer sac…”

Naomi snatched the baby from Blair as the world went dark…


Blair, hair wild and tangled around his head, glanced down into the crib. “I can’t do this. I’m sorry, Adam, but I just can’t do this…” Blair’s voice ended in a sob as he buried his face in his hands.

“Yes, you can.” Blair turned. “You’re smart, funny; creative and you have a ton of love to give.”

Blair threw himself into the open arms. “James…” He squeezed the tiger in a tight hug. “You came back.”

James rubbed the man’s back. “I never left; you just forgot that I was here.”


He was sitting in the chair next to the silent figure on the bed. After a minute, he reached over and took the still hand.

“I know you feel comfortable there in the dark. It’s like being cocooned in a warm blanket- no pain, no fear- but you can’t give up. You’re only 33, and there are too many people, who love you-who depend on you. I remember watching you grow up. You were always so full of life, so full of laughter, of love. We can’t lose you.”

The beeping of the machines gave their tonal reply.

“When you carried that football, it was like the winds swaying in the willows- the perfect balance of nature. One day, we all hope to see you play again.” He paused, raised the hand to his lips and kissed it. “I’ll be back tomorrow.” As he laid the hand back onto the bed, the fingers tightened on his own.


The head rolled on the pillow and bumped into a soft object. Blue eyes, glazed over, confused, tried to focus but could only see a black blur.

“J-James?” The tiger grinned as he squeezed the man’s hand. “R…real?”

“As life and twice as ugly.”

Jim’s lips twitched and his eyes closed. “Stay….”

James stretched out beside him “Never left…never left.”


Jim sat in the hospital room’s rocking chair smiling and gazing down at the baby in his arms. Blair tip-toed over and positioned the toy panther so that it was snuggled in with the baby. The creature was tattered, battered and worn, but the black eyes were just as benign as they ever were.

Sleepy blue eyes, regarded the cat..

When Adam yawned, James grinned. ““You’re not gonna rename me Jim are you? “Cuz if you are, I’m gonna have to eat you.” Adam’s hand flopped out and bopped him on the nose. “Ow!”

Blair and Jim chuckled.

“Like father, like son.” James said and enfolded the three of them in a hug.

The End

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Notes: It took me awhile to figure out the reason my writing has come to a halt. I was writing too many dark stories. Now for me, this is usually a good thing, because I love dark fiction; however, trying to write it with the darkness that was becoming my real life…

So I decided just to sit back and take it easy. One day, while in the book store, I picked up a Calvin and Hobbs book. Now, for those of you who aren’t aware of these two, Calvin is an eight-year-old boy and Hobbs is his stuffed tiger/imaginary friend. They go on many adventures. (If you’ve never read this comic, I think you should go online and read it.) It was such a great comic that it made me see that I needed something simpler in my writing.

Please don’t think that the dialogue is too mature for such a young child. I can’t begin to tell you some of the conversations I’ve had with my nieces when they were 2 and 3 years old. At one of my doctor’s visits, he turned to me and said, “I can’t believe she’s only 3. In my story, Jim is five years older than Blair.

Thank you Kelly for being a wonderful beta. Thank you to Tinnean who is the greatest mentor ever. Thanks sis, who I bug with all my ideas.