Caught in the Act by Kate Roman

Caught in the Act - Kate Roman

"That's an order." Blair thought of Jim's face, stern and commanding, and nearly lost it right then. He gripped the base of his cock, trying to make it last, panting as quietly as he could. The bathroom walls were far too thin for safety.

The way Jim was on the job, so powerful, so determined, so sure... Blair swallowed a whimper and stroked himself hard, unable to wait another instant. The feeling rose in him, pleasure and need taking him higher, and he bit his tongue to still the cry he couldn't fight.

His cream spilled through his fingers, pulsing hot, and with shaking hands he grabbed for the toilet paper, cleaning himself as best he might. A glob slipped from his finger, onto the waistband of his pants, and he swore, frantically scrubbing at the fabric.

Outside, the washroom door creaked open, and footsteps crossed the floor. Blair froze.

"Chief? That you in there?"

Blair stopped breathing. Scenarios flashed through his mind--pretend he wasn't there, pretend to be ill, pretend to be dead, for god's sake, anything--but even as he thought of them, he realized their futility. Jim only had to dial his senses up one notch, and he would know. "Won't be long," Blair called instead, trying to fake cheerful indifference. "What's up?"

"Thought you might have drowned in there." Blair could hear the amusement in Jim's voice, and then a loud, pointed inhalation. Jim making sure Blair knew that he knew. "I didn't mean to interrupt."

Blair finished mopping at his pants and got himself dressed again, then opened the stall door. He knew he was flushed to the roots of his hair. The trick now, he figured, was to pretend indifference. He made his way to the washbasin, looking away from his partner.

Jim came up behind him and closed his arms around him. "You're so damn hot when you sulk, Sandburg."

"I'm not sulking!" Blair spun angrily. "I'm just--"

"Caught jacking off," Jim finished smugly, and slid his hand down to palm Blair's cock. "Y'know, if you'd only asked, I'd have come and joined you."

Blair leaned against him, his anger slipping away. There was something about Jim Ellison that he could never resist, no matter how mad the guy made him. But the one thing that Jim never seemed able to fathom was that Blair didn't want to have to ask. He wanted to be told.

But this time, Jim seemed to understand. He gripped Blair tighter, the look in his eyes hungry, predatory and determined. Blair caught his breath, and then Jim was pushing him back towards the row of stalls, back into the one he'd just vacated. Blair groaned.

Jim pushed the door closed behind them and snicked the lock. "So, Chief," he said conversationally. "I guess it's time I stopped waiting for you to ask, huh?" Blair caught his breath as Jim turned him around and pushed him down, until he was bent over the toilet, hands pressed against the tiles on the opposite wall. He panted with excitement as Jim's strong hands undid his belt and yanked his pants down, baring him again to the air.

Jim didn't even touch Blair's still-sensitive cock. He pushed one knee between Blair's, shoving his legs apart, then slid two fingers into Blair's mouth. "Get 'em good and wet, Chief," he murmured, low and throaty, right in Blair's ear.

Blair, shuddering with need, with the way Jim had somehow seemed to read his mind, sucked obediently. His ass ached with his want, his cock twitched, and he felt himself starting to harden again.

Jim's other hand slid down Blair's body and gave his cock a gentle squeeze. Jim snorted softly and released him, settling instead for entwining his fingers in Blair's pubic thatch. Blair swallowed a groan and pressed into the touch, as Jim withdrew his finger's from Blair's mouth.

"Love you, Blair," Jim murmured, as his wet fingers probed Blair's ready hole. Blair twitched and jumped, and then, at last, Jim's fingers were inside him, pressing home, finding the place Blair needed Jim most.

The end

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Notes: This was posted on Sentinel Thursday. Thank you to Patt for the artwork.