The Big Freeze by Nicci
The Big Freeze - Nicci

Jim bustled into the loft, still shaking snow flakes from his hair. It was the worst winter in years, and the city was almost at a standstill. He'd been dreaming of sinking into a hot bath all the way home so was unprepared for the sight that met him as he entered the loft.

The place was aglow with candles, and in the middle of it all, stood Blair, wearing every piece of clothing he possessed and half of Jims.


"The heating crapped out Jim," Blair chittered, pacing the floor in an attempt to get warm. "We've got no hot water, either."

Jim slammed the door and sighed in frustration. "What’s with the candles, Chief? We still have electricity or the elevator wouldn't have worked."

Blair paced some more, clapping his hands together and blowing on them. "They were warning of possible outages on the local news so I took some precautions, plus I thought it might warm the place up. Jim, I think we need to book a room in a hotel or something. I can’t feel my feet anymore."

Jim shrugged. "Snow's nearly three feet deep, Sandburg. It took me over an hour to dig the truck out. I’m not going anywhere tonight." As he spoke, Jim moved through the loft, blowing out the candles until there were only two left. He picked one of those up and headed for the stairs.

"But Jim," Blair whined. "It's freezing. I'm freezing. My bed is freezing..."

"Which is why you'll be sharing with me."

Blair watched the candle-lit form ascend the stairs in dumb shock for a full minute before a shit eating grin spread across his face. Blowing out the last remaining candle, he took the stairs two at a time, shedding clothing as he went.

It was the coldest winter in years in the city of Cascade, but in Jim's big bed, the boys found a few ways to stay warm.

The end

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Notes: This was written for Patt because she was cold and I was cold and we decided this might help us warm up.