How About Me? by Patt

How About Me? - Patt

Conner walked over to Jim Ellison’s desk and stood quietly waiting while he was talking on the phone. He looked up at her while still talking and smiled. He had no idea that his life was about to change. Jim finally finished his call and said, “What can I do for you, Conner?”

“I wondered if you would like to have lunch with me. I have something to discuss with you.” Conner smiled the entire time.

“Sure… Blair is in court, so I could use a lunch break. Where should we go?” Jim asked, not knowing what was going to be discussed.

“I’ll tell Simon that we’re going to lunch and I’ll drive. I’ve got a special place in mind.” Conner walked over and knocked on Simon’s door and walked in to tell him.

Jim watched her and thought for a moment that she might be asking him out on a date, but then he realized that she wouldn’t do that. They weren’t that close. Maybe she and Sandburg, but not the two of them. And for some reason, this pissed Jim off to no end. He would have to think about that later.

Conner walked up to Ellison and said, “Ready?”

“Sure, but I think I should drive.” Jim wanted to get back in control.

“Sure, if you want to drive that bad, then who am I to argue?”

“Thank you, Conner. I hate being a passenger.” The two of them walked down the stairs to the parking garage and got into Jim’s truck. He even held the door open for her before he went over to his side. She smiled and shut the door. Yes, Jim was certain there was no chemistry there. He was safe with this being just a lunch date.

Jim started the truck up and turned to Conner and asked, “So where to?”

“It’s called Simoni’s on Grant, do you know where it is?”

“Yeah, we love that place.”

“We?” Conner asked honestly.

“Sandburg and I. We go there from time to time to unwind.”

“I didn’t realize that you took him there.” Conner looked puzzled.

“Conner, why would it make a difference if I took him there or not?”

“Well, it just reminds me of a date sort of place.” Conner knew she wasn’t doing this right. She had things to tell him, but this wasn’t how she was going to tell him.

“Wait a minute… You don’t think this is a date, do you?” Jim asked blushing.

Conner slugged his arm and said, “Not hardly, Ellison. You’re not my type.”

“Well, you just said it reminded you of a place for couples.” Jim was trying to understand.

“Well, we are a couple. We aren’t dating, but we’re a couple and people would look at us that way. Where they might look at you and Sandy differently. Do you see what I mean?”

“No, I don’t have a fucking clue as to what you’re talking about. Are you saying that the restaurant would frown on me bringing Sandburg in for dinner?” Jim was honestly confused.

“No, no, no. See, I knew you wouldn’t understand. Let’s wait until we get to the restaurant and then we’ll talk. What do you think about the Bell woman perhaps killing her husband?”

As Jim drove to the restaurant, he thought about the Bell woman. “I think she could have done it, but there is no proof. Just a gut feeling. I think he was abusing her for years and she couldn’t take it anymore. What do you think?”

“I agree 100 percent. I think she did it, but I think we’re going to play hell proving it. And honestly, do you blame her?” Conner was hoping that Jim would agree with her.

“Conner, I know you feel something towards the woman, but she can’t just kill her husband because he was mean to her and her children. Life isn’t like that.” Jim explained how he felt about it.

They drove into the parking lot at Simoni’s and Jim turned to her and said, “No more shop talk. Let’s just have a nice lunch and remind me to get something for Sandburg to go.”

“Sure, Jimbo.”

“And please don’t call me Jimbo, or I’ll leave now.” Jim hated that name. She wasn’t the only person who used it these days and it drove him nuts.

“Sorry, Jim. Let’s go in and see if we can get a booth.”

They both walked in and Conner told the manager that there were two for a booth and they seated them immediately. Jim and Conner both smiled because they were hungry.

The waiter came over to the table and asked what he could get them to drink and Jim said, “Dr. Pepper for me and Diet Coke for the lady.”

The waiter smiled and walked away. Conner stared at Jim strangely and asked, “How did you know I drink Diet Coke?”

“You buy them at the station every single day, Conner, it’s not a big secret or anything. Everyone knows you drink it.” Jim laughed and started to relax a little bit.

The waiter then brought their drinks and asked if they were ready to order. Conner said she knew what she wanted and Jim told him what he wanted to have and they sat back and relaxed waiting for their lunch.

“So Jim, how would you like to do me a huge favor?” Conner began.

“Depends on what you need.” Jim answered truthfully.

“My brother is in town and I want you to take him out on the town.”

“Conner, why aren’t you taking him out on the town, I’m sure he would be much more comfortable with you.” Jim wondered if he was in the Twilight Zone.

“Well, I thought it would be a lot more fun since he is gay and he would be more comfortable with you, than me.”

Jim choked on his Dr. Pepper and when he finally could take a good breath he said, “What are you talking about, Conner? I’m not gay.”

“Jim, it’s really okay. I don’t mind and he’s a really nice looking guy. I think the two of you would hit it off.”

Jim wanted to jump up out of the booth and make a run for the truck, but he had to find out why in the world she thought he was gay.

“Conner, I’m not gay. I don’t date guys. I’m sorry I can’t help you with your brother, but I don’t want to date a guy.”

“You’re so full of shit, Ellison. I watch you watching Sandy every time he moves away from his desk and when he bends over. You eyes are glued to his ass the entire time. So don’t tell me you aren’t gay.” Conner finished her little speech and crossed her arms across her chest.

Jim was caught and he knew it. He thought he had been careful, but evidentially not. “All right, I am gay, but I’m not openly gay. No one knows, but some of my college friends. It’s been a number of years since I’ve been with a guy. I only date women now, so I guess that makes me bi.”

“That makes you stupid is what it makes you. Bi, my ass. You want Sandy and you know it. You’re just too chicken shit to ask him out, aren’t you?” Conner was getting irritated at Jim and Jim was getting irritated right back.

“Blair is a babe magnet and I don’t want to upset the friendship.”

“Ask him out, I bet he says yes. He watches your ass too.” Conner smiled over at Jim.

The waiter brought their orders and Jim said, “Could I have a meatball sandwich with extra cheese to go?”

The waiter replied, “Yes sir. I’ll get it ready as soon as you’re almost done with your lunch.”

“Thank you.” Jim took a bite of his lunch and couldn’t believe how hungry he was. He’d been afraid that he wouldn’t be able to eat with the discussion that they were having, but he surprised himself.

“Jim, how about if you take my brother out and just see if you still enjoy a male date.”

“For Christ’s sake, Conner, I’m not taking your brother out on a date. I’m not taking anyone out on a date. As far as Sandburg checking me out, I think that’s a figment of your imagination. A case of wishful thinking on your part.”

“You make fun all you want, but Sandy is interested, he just needs a push because you intimidate him. Lord only knows why you’re even still friends. Ask him out and see what he says.” Conner almost ordered.

“I’m not going to ask him out, I don’t want to fuck up the relationship we already have.” Jim explained again.

“You are such a chicken shit.” Conner took another bite of her lunch and could hardly chew she was so angry. Jim Ellison was blind and stupid and she was going to show Jim the way things really were.

“Well, I might be, but he’ll still be my friend tomorrow and that’s what’s most important to me.”

“I’ll ask Sandy if he would like to take Kevin out. He’s really nice and I think Sandy would do it. Just for me.”

“Conner, don’t ask Blair. He’s straight and he might do it for all of the wrong reasons. He likes you as a friend and might feel compelled to do that favor for you. That’s just plain wrong.” Jim was almost finished with his lunch, now if he could just get Conner to shut up about this, it could settle without making him sick to his stomach.

“You think that Sandy would take my brother out, just because I asked him. Not because he’s damn good looking and fun to be with?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I think.” Jim sat back and waited for her reaction.

“You’re so blind, Ellison. He’s so head over heels in love with you it isn’t even funny and you two just dance around it. I’ve never seen two people do it as much as you two do. And he would take him out because he likes men.”

“Where in the hell are you getting your information? He doesn’t like men…”

“I’m telling you, he’s been dating men off and on for about six months now. I’ve seen him with a couple of them.”

“You’re just making this up so that I’ll take your brother out.” Jim was a little confused now.

“I swear to you, I didn’t make this up. He’s wild about you, but probably afraid to ask you out. I don’t know why.” Conner said very sarcastically.

“I’m not taking your brother out and that’s that.” Jim put his foot down and hoped he had better control over her than he did with Sandburg.

“Okay, don’t say I didn’t ask you first. I’m going to ask Sandy to do it.”

“Please don’t ask him. It will embarrass him and yourself, not to mention your brother.” Jim wasn’t above pleading with Conner and wasn’t afraid to threaten her.

“You had your chance, Jim. Now it will be in Sandy’s hands and I happen to know that my brother will love him to pieces.”

“Conner, I’m asking you to please not do this.”

“Are you afraid that he won’t want you?” Conner just asked outright.

“Yeah, you could say that. I’m a lot older than he is, I’m losing my hair, I have no personality to speak of and I’m just not that fun.” Jim said sadly.

“But, are you good in bed?” She wiggled her eyebrows making Jim laugh.

“I’ve never had any complaints, but I would never ask him out because I don’t want to ruin the friendship deal.”

“There you go with the friendship deal again. You can still be friends and be lovers, you know? In fact you can be best friends and lovers. It could work if you two would cooperate.” Conner hoped Jim was listening this time.

“Conner, I don’t think it’s the time in our lives to ask him out yet, maybe in a few months.” Jim was backpedaling.

“Fine, then I’ll ask him to take Kevin out.” Conner was pissed.

“I asked you nicely not to ask him.” Jim reminded her.

“And like I care?” She was not a happy camper. She had high hopes that she would sweet talk Jim into asking Sandy out, but Jim was just too stubborn.

“You’re being a bitch, Conner and I don’t appreciate it.”

“Tough cookies…” Conner got up and said, “You pay for lunch, I’ll get a cab back to the station. You’re an idiot and I don’t ride with idiots.”

“Conner, come on, sit down and we’ll talk a little more.” Jim grabbed her wrist and tried to pull her down, but she was having none of it.

She pulled away from him completely and said, “I’ll see you at the station.” And just like that she was gone. Jim looked around the restaurant and saw that everyone was watching him. Blushing, he signaled for the waiter to bring the bill.

When the waiter brought the bill, he gave Jim Blair’s sandwich too. Jim had forgotten all about it in the argument that had taken place. Jim paid the bill and left the restaurant, embarrassed because everyone was watching him.


Driving back to the station, Jim had some time to think about what was discussed that afternoon. Did he want to date Sandburg? Or was he just infatuated with him? Blair was his best friend, they did almost everything together and he sure didn’t want to mess that up. Did he find Blair attractive? Hell yes, everyone did. His personality was like no one else, bubbly and hyper making you insane one moment and happy the next. But did he want to sleep with Blair? He could picture it. Hell, he pictured it all the time while he was in the shower in the mornings. He hadn’t had a real date in months because he was dating his hand. Every morning like clockwork he thought of a naked Blair while Jim was taking a shower. He could envision him talking like crazy, making Jim come every single time. Blair’s voice seemed to have that effect on his dick. Okay, he was fucked. Blair hadn’t shown any interest in him, so why should he ask him out now? He shouldn’t, that’s why not. Conner was making all of that crap up to make him insane and it was working.

As Jim walked into the bullpen, he handed Blair his sandwich and said, “I knew you would be hungry.”

“Thanks, man. You’re always so thoughtful. I was starving and just thinking about getting a twinkie from the machine. That’s how hungry I was.” Both men laughed as Blair started to eat his lunch.

“Man, this is a good meatball sandwich. Thank you again.”

“No problem, I was there with Conner.”

Blair got a hurt look on his face and asked, “You took Conner to lunch?”

“She asked me, Chief. And believe me, it wasn’t that much fun. We argued the entire time.”

This made Blair smile and he said, “I wish I would have been there.”

“You’re lucky you weren’t. She’s a pistol today, let me tell you. Stay clear of her.” Jim warned.

“Maybe it’s that time of the month.” Blair guessed.

“Chief, I don’t want to think about what time of the month it is for anyone.”

“Okay… Boy, you didn’t have a good lunch, did you?”

“Lunch was good, the conversation was flat.” Jim said quickly.

“It’s because I wasn’t there to liven it up. Next time, wait for me. Okay?”

“Deal… How was court?” Jim finally asked.

At that moment Conner came into the bullpen and said, “Sandy, can I talk to you alone?”

Jim couldn’t believe she was actually going to ask him to ask her brother out while in the bullpen. That was low even for her.

“Sure. I’ll be right back, Jim.” Blair followed Conner into one of the interrogation rooms and shut the door.

Jim never wanted to listen to a conversation as much as he did right then, but he knew that wouldn’t be right, so instead he started typing up his reports so he could get out of there at five.

About a half-hour later, Blair sat back at his desk and said, “Well, that was interesting. I’ve agreed to take Conner’s brother out tonight for a night on the town. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“Why doesn’t she?” Jim inquired.

“Because he wants to hit some of the nightclubs that she would never go to and I told her I wouldn’t mind. It might turn out to be an interesting evening.” Blair was thinking aloud.

Jim was ready to explode. Blair thought it would be fun? Did he know that Kevin was gay? Jim thought he would try and ask.

“Why didn’t she ask Rhonda to take him out? She’s single and loves to go to the clubs.”

“Conner said she needed someone thoughtful because he’s gay and just needed to see some of the clubs in town. I really didn’t mind and I could care less if he’s gay or not.”

“But Chief, what will people say if they see you there with him?”

“I could care less, Jim. Since when do you care what people think anyhow?” Blair was getting a little irritated at his partner. Maybe he was a little homophobic and Blair had never realized it before. That wouldn’t be good considering Blair was bi.

Jim did more of the backpedaling and answered, “I don’t care either, I just wondered how you felt about it.”

“I’m glad I’m off tomorrow, so I can stay out late tonight. And before you get all crazy, if I have too much to drink, I’ll be taking a cab home.”

“Why don’t I drive you over to the first club and drop you off and you can call me when you’re done?”

“Jim, that would be a little weird for Kevin, I’m sure.”

“Whatever…” Jim went back to typing his paperwork.

Blair went to work on his and they didn’t talk about the subject again.


Blair came walking out of the bathroom, at the loft all spiffed up and ready to go out with Kevin. “Kevin is going to drive. He doesn’t drink, so we won’t have to call a cab. Don’t wait up for us.”

“I didn’t plan on it, Chief.” Jim said irritably.

“You always wait up, but we’re going to be dancing the night away, so we might be really late. You better not be up when I get home.” Blair was giving him the evil eye.

“Yes, Mom, I’ll go to bed at a decent hour.” Jim teased.

Blair walked into his bedroom to get one last look at the finished product and grabbed his jacket.

There was a knock at the door and Jim answered. A gorgeous guy stood there and said, “I’m Kevin, I was looking for Blair Sandburg.”

“Come in, he’s almost ready.” Jim said trying not to stare at this gorgeous guy.

Blair walked out of the room, wearing a leather jacket and said, “Hi Kevin, I’m Blair.”

“It’s nice to finally meet you. Megan has told me all about you.” Kevin was smiling with appreciation in his eyes. Jim wasn’t happy with that look.

“Well, hopefully she didn’t tell you everything about me, because that would make this evening pretty boring.” Blair said laughing.

“Are you ready? I want to get somewhere and start dancing. I love to dance, do you?” Kevin asked as they started out the door.

As Blair shut it, Jim heard, “I love to dance. Can’t wait to get started too. Oh wait a minute. I’m so rude sometimes.” Blair opened the door back up and said, “Night, Jim.”

“Be safe, Blair.” Jim said as calmly as he could.

“Thanks.” Blair shut the door and he and Kevin laughed and talked all the way down the stairs. Jim knew this because he listened and could tell they were hitting it off. Maybe Conner had been right. Maybe Blair did like men. Could he have been so blind as to not notice this? Some detective you are, Ellison.

This could have been you out dancing with him, if you would have had the nerve to ask him out. Conner was right, you are a chicken shit. If he wouldn’t have been interested, he could have just said no. They wouldn’t have been less then best friends over that. Why didn’t you ask him out?


“Come on Blair, let’s dance again.” Kevin tried pulling Blair up out of his chair.

“I’m not as young as you are, so give me a chance to rest up and then we’ll begin again. It is fun, isn’t it?” Blair asked.

“It’s fantastic. I’m so glad you agreed to go out with me, Blair. I really like you.” Kevin leaned in and gave Blair a soft kiss.

Blair pulled back and said, “This isn’t that kind of date, Kevin. I thought Megan would have told you that.”

“What kind of date is it?” Kevin asked smiling.

“It’s just two friends going out on the town.” Blair answered.

Kevin pulled Blair up into his arms and said, “Then that’s what we’ll be, two good friends out on the town. Now let’s dance.”

The entire time they were dancing all Blair could think about was Jim. He wondered if Jim had any feelings for him, or if it was just one sided. He was afraid to ask him because he didn’t want to mess up a good thing with their friendship. Besides, he was having a very good time with Kevin. He just didn’t want to be a cock tease. They weren’t sleeping together and that was that.

The two men danced slow and fast all night long. The last club closed at 3:30 in the morning, so they left and Kevin began to drive Blair home. “Would you like to stop somewhere for coffee?”

“Kevin, I’m a little confused right now and I don’t want to be more than friends. Do you understand?” Blair hoped Kevin wouldn’t get upset.

“I didn’t ask you to sleep with me; I asked if you wanted to have some coffee. The offer is still open for a friend.”

“In that case, I would like some coffee; I could use some to help me stay awake. I’m older than I look.” Blair laughed at his own joke and so did Kevin.


Jim was pacing the living room at 3:30. Where were they? The clubs were all closed by that time and Blair should have been home hours ago. Jim’s mind was working over time and it wasn’t good things.

What if Blair liked Kevin a lot and they decided to stop somewhere and fool around? What if Blair decided that he wanted to be with a man, and was happy to fuck anyone that wasn’t you? Maybe you should have made that move and asked him out on a date, it would have been better than wondering all night long.

Jim continued to pace and talk to himself until 4:30 in the morning when he heard Kevin drive up. He rushed up the stairs to his bedroom and got in bed. He didn’t want to get caught waiting for Blair, after Blair had asked him not to.

When the door opened he heard both men talking quietly.

“I had a really nice time tonight, Kevin. Thanks for driving us safely.” Blair whispered.

Kevin stared very seriously at Blair and finally said, “Would you like to go out tomorrow night? I would love to have you join me for dinner.”

“Yeah, that would be nice. I know a great Italian place, if you want to go there.” Blair suggested.

“My sister told me about Simoni’s, so Simoni’s it will be. How about 7:00 tomorrow night?”

“That would be great, I’ll be ready. Thanks for the nice night.” Blair said even quieter.

Whispering Kevin said, “I had a great time. Can’t wait till tomorrow night. Thank you for showing me how fun life can be.”

“See you tomorrow night.” Blair opened the door and Kevin leaned down and softly kissed Blair again.

“Night, Blair.”

“Night, Kevin.” And then he shut the door, still licking the taste of coffee from his lips. The kiss had been nice, just not exactly what he was hoping for, but he could be hoping for that for the rest of his life.

Blair went into the bathroom and took a long hot shower. While he was in there he thought of he and Jim dancing at the clubs and Jim kissing him, making him hard as a rock. He soaped up his body and especially his cock until it was nice and slick. Blair pumped his cock until he came and Blair didn’t dare say Jim’s name out loud. Jim would just die. Well, that was interesting.

Jim heard Blair downstairs getting his rocks off after the date with Kevin and his hopes were ruined. So much for asking him out, you moron.

Jim knew he didn’t have to get up early and was glad of that, since he had been up all night. A heartbroken man lay in bed, tossing and turning for the remainder of the morning, until sleep finally took him.


Blair awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs and instantly got a smile on his face. If this is the way life had to be with Jim, then he would make do. He liked having Jim around and he knew that Jim liked having him around too. They were best friends for life and that would just have to do. Blair got up and brushed his teeth and relieved himself before going into the kitchen.

“Morning, Jim.”

A grumpy Jim answered, “Morning.”

“Something wrong, Jim?”

“Nothing, I’m just bored. How would you like to go see a movie tonight?” Jim realized he was being a shit, but couldn’t stop himself.

“Oh man, I would love to usually, but I have a dinner date with Kevin. He asked me this morning. I already told him I’d go. I know, why don’t you ask Conner to go with you?”

“I’d rather eat glass, Chief.” Jim put Blair’s dish of food in front of him and walked away.

“Why are you saying that? She’s nice and you get along with her at work, am I right?” Blair questioned.

“Yeah, I like her fine, but only at work. I don’t want to hang out with her when I’m off work.”

“Okay, then maybe tomorrow night we could hit a movie.” Blair offered.

Jim started cleaning up the mess he made and said, “Whatever.”

Blair frowned and was trying to figure out what was wrong with Jim when the phone rang. He got up and answered it.


“Hey Blair, do you want to go and see a movie today before dinner?” Kevin asked.

“Sure, that would be fine. What time?”

“How about 3:00?” Kevin asked.

“I’ll be ready at 3:00.” Blair said a few more things and then hung up the phone. Jim was still busy cleaning the kitchen and the older man turned and said, “How about if we take in a movie today instead of tomorrow?”

Blair frowned again and said, “Jim, I just accepted a movie date with Kevin. That was him on the phone. We’re going to see a movie at 3:00. Shit, I better get hopping, it’s already 11:30. Time sure flies when you’re having fun, eh?”

“I guess so.” Jim was back to his grumpy self and finished up the dishes. Usually Blair dried, but Blair was off getting ready for his date already.

I wonder what he would think if I just walked in there and planted a kiss on his lips and didn’t let him up for air? I’ll tell you what he’d think, he’d think you were insane, jealous and an idiot.


Jim was reading a book when the knock on the door came. He opened it and found a very happy Kevin standing there. “Hi, Jim. I’m here to pick Blair up. We’re going to see a movie.”

“Come on in. I’ll tell Blair you’re here. What movie are you going to see?” Jim asked trying to be nice.

“It’s a choice of three and I want Blair to choose. I think he’ll like the same one that I do, we have the same tastes.” Kevin walked over and sat down and Jim wanted to slug him so badly, it wasn’t even funny. How could this nice man want ‘His’ Blair? This couldn’t be happening.

Jim knocked on Blair’s door and said, “Chief, Kevin is here.”

Blair opened the door right away and said, “Cool. I’ll talk to you tonight, Jim. Actually, don’t wait up just in case we make it a late night again.”

“Whatever.” Jim said as he walked away, leaving a confused Blair in his wake.

Blair was beginning to think that this whole gay issue was bothering Jim more than he liked to admit to. They would have to talk about it one of these days. Just not right now.

“Hey, Kevin, I’m ready to go.” Blair said wearing a huge smile on his face.

The two men began talking immediately and they walked out of the loft again forgetting that Jim was even there. The door opened once again and Blair said, “Sorry, Jim. I didn’t mean to be rude. Have a good day and evening. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Be safe, Blair.” Jim called out as Blair shut the door. And he had meant that in more ways than one. What if tonight was the night that Kevin asked Blair to sleep with him? Would Blair say yes? Would Blair sleep overnight somewhere and not call home? These are things that Jim had on his mind as he tried to think of something he could do.


At 7:00 the phone rang and Jim answered, “Ellison.”

“Hi Jimbo, how are you doing?” Conner asked perkily.

“What do you want, Conner?”

“I was wondering if you had plans for dinner. I was going to take you out to Wonderburger.”

Jim thought a minute and then said, “Yeah, let’s meet at Wonderburger and we’ll have a nice chat.”

Somehow Conner knew that it might not be a nice chat, but she was prepared for him. “Okay, I”ll meet you there in ten minutes. Shake a foot.”

“It’s shake a leg, Conner. I’ll see you in ten minutes.”

“Foot, leg, who cares. I’m starving.” She laughed as she hung up.

Jim decided that he wasn’t going to take his bad mood out on Conner. She was just trying to be nice to him since he was home all alone. And why was he alone? Because she had to stick her fucking nose into their business. Everything was fine before Conner had her say. Maybe he didn’t have to be that nice tonight.


“This is a very romantic restaurant, isn’t it?” Kevin asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve only been here with Jim twice.”

“You brought Jim here?”

“Yeah, we love the food here. He brought Megan here the other day for lunch. We all like this place.” Blair explained.

“It reminds me of a couples restaurant, so that’s why I was surprised about you and Jim coming here. We both know, he’s not couple material.”

“You got that right.” Blair smiled.

“Blair, I hope this isn’t going to ruin the evening, but I have a hotel room booked for later.”

“I have to think about that, okay? Let’s just eat our dinner and talk for now. I’m having a wonderful time.” Blair wanted him to understand.

“Sounds good to me.” And they did just that. They talked and talked and talked. The night was flying by.


“I never thought I would see the day where I beat you to the Wonderburger.” Conner teased.

“Fuck you, Conner.”

“What’s your problem?” she asked coyly.

“I’ll tell you what my problem is; your brother is my problem. Blair likes him. He likes him a lot.”

“Everyone likes Kevin, Jim. Stop worrying.”

“Maybe so, but everyone doesn’t kiss Kevin goodnight after getting home at the crack of dawn.” Jim was very upset and Conner knew it.

“Let’s get our food and we’ll sit and talk about this.”

They ordered their food and waited for it to come up. The found a booth far away from everyone else and sat down in it.

Conner figured that they could eat and talk at the same time. “So what bothers you the most, Jim?”

“It bothers me that Blair let him kiss him goodnight. Blair’s straight. Why did he do that?” Jim asked.

“I told you Blair wasn’t just straight. Why didn’t you believe me?” Conner really wanted to know.

“Honestly, I thought you made it up and wanted me to make a move so that he would turn me down and I would be embarrassed. I really didn’t believe it. What kind of detective am I, that I didn’t notice that Blair liked men? And I could have asked him out ages ago, but now it’s too late.”

“Why is it too late, Jim?”

“Because I can tell they’re going to sleep together tonight and it would never be the same after that.”

“Well, I happen to know that Kevin plans a night at the hotel, so maybe you better think about what you want to do.” Conner was open to suggestions. “What ‘do’ you want to do?”

“I want to fuck him, love him and have him in every single way. But it’s too late now. I can’t screw up his chance with Kevin.” Jim admitted.

Megan smiled and said, “He’s leaving in two days, so this would be a one time thing.”

“That even makes it worse. He would always wonder if he should have done more with Kevin and so on. I’m fucked.” Jim Ellison wasn’t even hungry anymore.

“Jim, why don’t you stop him?”

“Kevin?” Jim asked.

“No, you doofus, Sandy. We could go over there and you could just tell him how you feel.” Conner said calmly.

“Conner, he’s on a date with another man. You can’t just go over there, take him in your arms and kiss him and tell him you love him.”

“Why not? Kevin doesn’t want him forever, he wants him tonight. I’d rather have Sandy with someone that wants him forever. What do you say?”

“I say we better hurry up before they get to the hotel.” Jim stood up and Conner followed him out.

Once in the parking lot, she said, “I’ll follow you over. I’m going to stall him somehow so they don’t go to the hotel yet.”

“Thank you, Conner. You’re doing a really good thing here.” Jim smiled and went running for his truck. Conner knew she was going to have a hard time keeping up with him on the way over because she had to make the phone call.


Blair and Kevin were eating dinner and Kevin’s phone went off. “Hello?”

“Kevin, it’s Meggie, will you wait at the restaurant for me? I wanted to see Blair really quick.”

“Sure, we’ll wait until you get here. See you soon.” Kevin hung up and said, “Megan wants to see you for something, so we’re going to wait here for her.”

“Okay. Well that gives us plenty of time for one of the luscious desserts, how does that sound?” Blair asked smiling.

“I was hoping you would be dessert.” Kevin said coyly.

“Well, about that, I have to say no. I have feelings for Jim, so until I get them resolved, I don’t want to do anything foolish.”

“You’re going to turn down a night of love for someone that doesn’t even know you’re alive?” Kevin couldn’t believe Blair was turning him down.

“I’m sorry, Kevin, but my heart belongs to Jim. And it just wouldn’t be right sleeping with someone else.”

“Then I guess we’ll order dessert and wait for my sister to get here. Then I’ll take you back to the loft.” Kevin was really taking this quite well, but honestly he was hoping to still get Blair in the car and kiss him until he changed his mind.


Jim’s phone rang and he answered, “Ellison.”

“Jim, how far until we get there? This is a different way and I’m lost.”

“Don’t worry, Conner, we’ll be there in two minutes, just don’t lose me.” Jim laughed and closed the phone.

What was he going to say to Blair? How could he start the conversation up without totally embarrassing both of them at the restaurant. It didn’t seem like there was any way to do it without embarrassment on both of their parts, so Jim was just going to have to wing it.

He pulled into the parking lot exactly two minutes from when he had talked to Conner and laughed to himself about it. God, you’re good.


“I see my sister is coming through the door, Blair, and she isn’t alone. She brought Jim.”

“Jim? Why would she have brought Jim to the restaurant?” Blair wondered aloud.

“I have no idea, I think it’s rude.” Kevin said, hoping that Blair would see it as such.

Blair watched Jim walk up to the table and just stand there looking at him. Finally Conner pinched Jim’s arm and got him on the right track again.

Jim pulled Blair out of his chair and into Jim’s personal space and put his lips over Blair’s. Neither man came up for air until they couldn’t stand it anymore. They both heard clapping and hollering from the other patrons and didn’t even care.

Jim pulled away from Blair and whispered into his ear, “I love you and I want you more than you’ll ever know. Please don’t go with Kevin tonight. Stay with me instead. I promise to make it worth your while.”

Blair kissed Jim once more and whispered back, “Okay.”

“Okay, you’ll go with me?” Jim asked stupidly.

“Yeah…” Blair smiled and knew this was the happiest day of his life.

“Can we leave now?” Jim asked shyly.

“We sure can. Let me tell Kevin goodbye.” Jim still had Blair’s hand in his and didn’t let go as Blair went over to explain what had happened to Kevin. “Kevin, I’m really sorry, but the love of my life just asked me to be his and I have to leave now. Thank you for dinner and the dancing; I had a really nice time. Have a good trip back home too. Goodnight.” And just like that Blair took Jim’s hand even stronger into his and they were walking out the door. They heard clapping and Conner’s whooping voice calling out, “Way to go, boys,” on their way out.

“Are you sure, Chief?” Jim asked, being the negative person that he was.

“Yup, I’m sure. I want no one else but you. And you’ll want no one else but me, right?”

“Right… I love you, Blair.”

“And I love you, Jim. Now let’s get home so we can have some fun.”

Honestly Jim didn’t even remember driving from point A to point B, but before he knew it, they were in front of the loft and Blair was saying, “Come on, man, I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

Jim didn’t have to be told twice, as he jumped out of the truck and caught up with Blair very quickly. Both men laughed as they raced up the stairs, not even seeing if the elevator was working. They both knew this was going to be fun.

And Jim had to think, that this could have been handled by just asking Blair, “How about me?”

Once in the loft, Blair said, “Let me get cleaned up, man, and I’ll meet you upstairs.”

Jim smiled and said, “I’ll be waiting.” Jim took off at a run to get his bedroom ready for company. No, this wasn’t company, this was family. Blair was now his family and would have to put up with a mess if there was one. There wasn’t. There never was, but Jim lost his mind for a quick moment.

Jim got undressed and put his robe on. He left his boxers on because he was having a shy moment, but then decided that this was Blair, he would want to see him naked, not with boxers. He had already seen him many times with boxers on. Hell, he had even seen Jim naked before and he still seemed to want Jim. So this was good news. Jim hoped that Blair would hurry up before he had a slight nervous breakdown. He never remembered being this nervous about anyone.

Blair came walking up the stairs wearing his robe and Jim could tell he was naked underneath it. Jim smiled, Blair smiled and they both took their robes off. Jim pulled the covers down and got into bed and said, “Join me?”

“You bet, big man.” Blair went right for Jim’s lips and began the kissing again. Jim was running his hand over Blair’s lovely backside and decided to find something to play with while they were kissing. He took hold of Blair’s cock and began to pump it as they kissed and Blair was breathing harder and harder. Suddenly Blair pulled away from Jim and said, “Wait… I would like to last longer than five minutes if you don’t mind.”

Jim growled and laid Blair on his back on the bed and got in between his legs. He rubbed and kissed his way up until he got to Blair’s beautiful cock, and it ‘was’ beautiful. Jim stroked it a few times and then put his mouth over it and sucked him in. Blair made a strangled sound and then moaned. Jim knew that he was good at this and planned on making Blair believe it too. Jim slid his finger into his mouth with the cock and got it nice and slippery. He then pulled it out and found Blair’s hot hole and slid a finger into it. He pushed up until he felt Blair’s prostate and rubbed on it while he sucked Blair’s cock and Blair came without any warning at all. Yes, Ellison you still have it. Jim was indeed a very happy man, about to become even happier.

“Blair, may I make love to you?”

“Man, I thought that’s what you were doing.”

“May I fuck you?”

“Yes, you may. Fuck me, James.”

And Jim showed Blair how good he was at fucking too. Before long Jim came, calling out Blair’s name and in time, pulled his cock out and cleaned them up.

“Now comes my favorite part.” Jim said sweetly.

“And what part would that be, Jim?”

“Where we tell each other that we love one another and then fall asleep together, only to wake up in the morning to do this all over again.”

“I love you, Jim.”

“I love you, Blair.”

They curled up together and Jim pulled the cover over them and before long they were both fast asleep. Both men had dreams of what would happen in the morning, and they would be exactly right.

This is how life should have been all along and both men planned on making up for lost time.

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thank you to Mary and to Kelly for the beta.