Be Careful by Patt

Be Careful - Patt

Blair went out to the balcony on Christmas morning and took in the sights. There was snow on the ground, it had snowed and rained and frozen during the night, leaving icicles hanging from the overhang on the balcony. It looked beautiful. He loved the look of winter, he just didn’t love being cold.

He reached up and grabbed one of the icicles and walked into the loft. He couldn’t wait to show Jim his treasure.

Jim was making coffee and wasn’t in the mood for anyone or anything until after he got some caffeine into him.

“Jim, look what I took down out on the balcony?” Blair said holding the icicle up for Jim to see.

“Don’t you know how dangerous those are?” Jim asked.

“Icicles?” Blair was somewhat confused.

“They can fall on you and stab you right in the head. They’re heavy enough to do damage. Didn’t your mom ever teach you that?”

“Geeze, Jim, way to suck the fun right out of winter for me. Now I’m going to go knock all of the icicles down from the overhang,” Blair said heading to the door.

“Be sure there is no one below when you do it. You could stab them in the head too,” Jim advised.

“God, I’m totally freaked out over this now. Come make sure that no one is around when I knock them down with the broom.” Blair got the broom and headed out to the balcony.

Jim followed and said, “There is no one around. I don’t think anyone is up yet, Chief.”

Blair hit the icicles very hard and knocked them all down and then swept them off the balcony to the pavement below. “Better?”

“You forgot one, Chief.”

“So I did. Okay, now is it better?” Blair asked.

“Perfect. Now we can sit out here and drink our coffee and not have to worry about an icicle falling on our heads,” Jim said.

“Ha ha ha. Like we’re going to sit out here and drink coffee.”

Jim smiled and said, “We could if we wanted to, because it’s safe now.”

“Man, I forgot to take the picture of them before I knocked them down. Damn it, anyhow.”

“Maybe we’ll get some next week,” Jim replied.

“We can hope,” Blair answered sounding totally defeated.

The end

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