Badgering by ainm

Badgering - Ainm

“A badger.”


“A badger.”


“A badger. I don't even know what a badger looks like!”

“Your loss!”



“Argh! Why would anyone want to make a snow badger, anyway?”

“Well, snow people are so overdone, and besides, it takes a lot of snow to make a good one.”

“So I assume this badger wasn't the size of a typical snowman?”

“A giant badger? No! That would be ridiculous.”

“Unlike a life-sized badger.”

“Oh, would you just stop badgering me?!”

“Oh my god, Sandburg, that was worse than the idea of a snow-badger in the first place!”

“So, Jim, what sort of snow-entity would you like to make today?”

“Stop trying to change the subject – I want to hear more about the badger.”


“Hey, you brought it up. Were you drunk?”

“What?! No, I wasn't drunk. It's dangerous to mess around in the snow when you are intoxicated, for one thing. And I can think up fabulous ideas without being under the influence of... anything...”

“So why?”

“Jim, I'm not sure what you are looking for here – there's no great snow-badger secret to find, it was just a bunch of kids from the university taking advantage of the snow to have some fun, liven up the campus a little.”

“Ah, so there was more than one!”

“Snow beings, yeah. Badgers, well no, a... flock? pod ? herd? of badgers would be bizarre.”

“Unlike a single badger.”

“Look, Jim, it's not conventional, I know, but why do you care? It was years ago, it didn't hurt anybody, it was cute, kind of like snow-topiaries, what's the big deal?”

“I... don't know.”

“Well, how 'bout you just set it aside until you figure it out, and let's make our snowman.”


“... Yeah?”

“Um, Blair?


“Um... do you think... um...”

“For crying out loud, what?”

“Well... do you think we could make a snow-badger?”

“Ah, Jim...”

The end

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Acknowledgments: This was written for Secret Santa 2010. Thank you to Patt for the artwork.