Going to the Dogs by ainm

Going to the Dogs - ainm



“Totally dogs.”

“Where's your Christmas spirit?”

“Mine's right here – where's yours? Who makes gingerbread dogs?”

“They're reindeer and you know it!”

“What about these ears?”

“They're antlers, you... you Scrooge!”

“I think you need to cut back on the caffeine, Chief.”

“I haven't even had any coffee!”

“Ah, that might explain it...”

“Jim! Listen to me, they are reindeer!”

“You seem to be protesting overmuch, Sandburg – tell me the real story.”

“What real story? Why don't you believe this story? I mean, the true story...”

“Elevated heart rate starting almost immediately, sweat starting to break out the second time I said 'dogs'...”

“Damn it, that's not fair!”

“You taught me to use them. Now spill.”


“What was that?”

“You're right, OK? I didn't want the same old boring gingerbread men, but I couldn't find a reindeer cookie cutter, so I... repurposed one. Stop smirking!”

“Why did you think I wouldn't notice?”

“Well, I reshaped them! Sort of... And I don't see what the big deal is anyway! Are your Sentinel sensibilities offended or something?! You need to learn to --”

“-- Blair.”


“I bet they're delicious.”


“I'd love to try one – they smell great.”

“Well, um... thanks.”

“Mmm, good gingerbread reindeer there, Chief.”

“Thanks, Jim – I'm glad you liked them in the end, regardless of their shape.”



The end.

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Acknowledgments: This was written for the Secret Santa list on LJ, for 2010. Thanks to Patt for artwork.