Gone to the Dogs by ainm

Gone to the Dogs - ainm

Sequel to Going to the Dogs

“Let me guess – it's a reindeer!”

“Very funny, Jim, very funny. Now shut up.”

“Hey, I thought it was a good guess!”

“Not only does it not have four legs, it has no legs.”

“How about a dog, sitting down?”

“Jim – you and the dogs!”


“There what?”

“'There,' I got you to smile. You were looking way too serious for a guy playing in the snow.”

“Thanks, man. I just can't quite get this stupid thing how I want it.”

“Well, it's pretty intricate work at only a foot tall.”

“There's not enough snow for anything bigger.”

“Yeah... it's clever how you're making it right on the bench.”

“I'd have to be lying on the ground otherwise.”

“Look, would you like me to help you finish your... um...”

“Seriously, can you not tell what it is?”

“I'm having a sort of 'forest for the trees' problem – the sun reflecting off all the ice crystals distracts me from getting a good look at it as a whole.”

“Oh, huh, I should have thought of that. Anyway, it's a penguin.”

“Hmm... oh, right, I can see it. OK, come on, let's get going – I've walked around the park twice so I'm pretty warm, but you must be getting cold.”

“Yeah, I guess...”

“I think it's just about time that I take you home and help you... warm up.”

“But I'm not --”

“Yes, I think I need to get you straight into bed, get you warm... under the covers...”


“Or maybe a nice hot shower first – I'll need to supervise, of course...”


“I'll probably have to come in with you, just in case the cold has you unsteady on your feet...”


“Yes, it will probably be easiest if I just go ahead and wash you myself, make sure every part of you is good and warm...”

“OK, come on, Jim, we're burning daylight here, let's get moving! You put some more snow here on the back, and I'll work on his feet... Hurry up, it's cold, I'm getting all... shivery...”

“I'm at your command, Blair.”


“OK, here, is this how you want it?”

”I'll show you how I want it...”

“What was that?”

“Nothing, let's hurry, freezing, oh hell it looks fine let's go!”

“Gee, Blair, what's the rush?”

“Jeez, Jim, you are all kinds of a tease today, aren't you?”

“I like that growly sound you made.”

“If you don't get that ass moving, I'm going to do more than growl, do you hear me?!”

“Yes, Sir!”


The end.

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Acknowledgments: This was written for LJ’s Secret Santa List, 2010. Thanks to Patt for the artwork.