I Wonder by Patt

I Wonder - Patt

Blair was shopping for some new underwear for himself and figured he would pick some up for Jim at the same time. What the hell, he probably doesn’t buy underwear often enough anyway.

Blair was looking at all of the different types of underwear on the mannequins when he spotted a very nice look. They were called boxer briefs and he was positive that Jim would look great in them. Why are you wondering how he’ll look in underwear?

Then Blair wondered how he would look in them. He knew he had a nice package and boxer’s didn’t do much to show it off. I wonder if Jim has ever wondered about my package. I wonder if I’m going brain dead and that’s why I’m thinking these things.

Blair picked out three packages for each in different colors. He bought different brands so they wouldn’t get them confused in the laundry. Yes, Blair was right on top of things. Now pick out some socks for him so it doesn’t look strange to be just buying him underwear So Blair did just that. When he was done, he had t-shirts, socks and underwear. Both men would have to clean out their drawers at home to make room for all of the things he had picked up.

He arrived home carrying all of the bags and Jim said, “Shop much, Chief?”

“They had a sale on all of these things and I figured you could use some too, so I hope you don’t mind me buying for you.”

“It depends, what did you buy me?” Jim smiled as he looked in the bags. “Underwear? What sort of underwear is this?”

“It’s something fairly new, I think, they’re called boxer briefs and they looked comfortable.” Blair explained as he started taking all of Jim’s things out of the bag and handing them to him.

“Sandburg, since when do you buy my underwear?” Jim was still in shock about the boxer briefs.

“Since I hit a sale and figured you don’t buy you new ones as often as you should either. I know I wear mine until they are threadbare. If you don’t like them, we can take them back.” Blair offered nicely.

“We? I didn’t buy them, if I don’t like them, you’re taking them back.” Jim said as he started up the stairs.

“Try a pair on and see if they feel as good as the ad says they do.” Blair suggested.

“I still think it’s really weird that you picked up underwear for me, Chief. But I’ll try a pair on and see what I think.” Jim undid the package and took one out and held it up to look at it. They were very odd looking, that was for sure.

Downstairs, Blair was wishing he was upstairs watching Jim try on his new underwear and knew he would never see him in them. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Upstairs, Jim was wondering if there wasn’t something behind Blair buying him underwear. And different underwear than he usually wore. Jim wondered if Blair had a thing for the tough cop. Jim smiled at the thought and tried the underwear on. He looked in the mirror and said, “Damn, but they do look nice and feel good too.”

“Did you say something, Jim? I couldn’t hear you.” Blair called out.

Jim walked down the stairs in his new underwear, wearing no shirt either, just his boxer briefs. Blair’s jaw fell open and he just stood there staring.

Jim smiled even more now, because he knew that Blair had a thing for him. Now he could make a move. “So, what do you think, Sandburg?”

“Uhhhh… I think they look really good, Jim.” Blair was unable to say anymore without totally embarrassing himself.

“Try a pair of yours on and let me see what yours look like.” Jim ordered.

“Nah, that’s all right. I know I won’t look as good as you do.” An insecure Blair, was a very sweet Blair in the eyes of his Sentinel.

“Oh don’t be silly, go and try a pair on and let me see.” Jim opened up a package and took a pair out and handed them to Blair. “You’ll find out you might like them.”

Blair whispered, “That’s what I’m afraid of.” Blair went into his room and started stripping his clothing off. When he got down to his old boxers, he tried to stall because he was hard and it would be very noticeable to Jim wearing those boxer briefs. Another great idea that came up and bit you in the ass, Sandburg.

“Come on, Chief, I want to see how they look.” Jim once again gave the order and Blair complied.

Blair walked out of the room, blushing because he was still half hard and there was nowhere to hide it in these briefs.

Jim stared at Blair and said, “You look very good in them, Sandburg. I think you made a good choice. We should wear only these from now on, don’t you think?”

“Oh yeah, that would be perfect.” Blair said sarcastically. “Can I go get dressed now?”

“How do you really think I look in these, Chief? They don’t make me look fat do they?” Jim ran his hand across his tight ass and rubbed the front of his briefs and smiled at Blair.

Blair couldn’t help it; he was now all the way hard, instead of half-hard. He was standing here looking at Jim in his underwear, with a boner.

Jim stared at Blair’s underwear again and said, “They make you look really big.”

Blair stared back at Jim, as if he were insane and realized that Jim was flirting with him. “Well, I thought we could both use a little advertising. We’ve been a little slow in the dating circle.”

Jim walked up closer to Blair and said, “I think my briefs want to date yours.”

“Oh yeah?”

“All of those years of college and that’s the best you can come up with?” Jim smiled.

“Well, as you can see, all of the blood went south, I’m not thinking about anything except for your underwear right now.” Blair answered quickly.

“My underwear or what’s inside my underwear?” Jim asked.

“Inside… Without a doubt, I want to check that out, big time. Excuse the pun.” Blair was moving a little closer to Jim this time, hoping Jim would kiss him.

Jim leaned down and licked Blair’s lips, making the young man moan with need and desperation.

“So, are we going to go upstairs and take off this new underwear, or just stand here all night admiring each other?” Jim asked point blank.

“I vote for upstairs, I don’t know about you. And for your information, no one else gets to buy you underwear ever again.” Blair was heading up the stairs as quickly as he could get there.

“Sounds good to me Chief. I was just wondering about the very same thing. Great minds and all of that.” Jim had to rush to keep up with Blair and knew that this was going to be fun. They had danced around each other for two years; it was about time to do something in this direction.

“I can’t believe I’m upstairs in your bed, and all of this because I was wondering how you would look in that underwear. Now I don’t have to wonder ever again. You look terrific by the way.” Blair stripped his off and got on the bed.

Jim took his off and slid next to his new lover. “Never wonder again, Blair. Just ask.”

And Blair did just that.

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thank you Mary, for the beta and the push to write a little story.