What a group of stories this time. We have so many chapters, so many different writers and so many things to keep us busy. As always I had a good time getting the first read of all of the stories. I loved them all. We’re barely finishing one and it’ll be time for another. The time goes by so quickly, I dislike that about life in general.

Thank you to all of the writers and the artists that helped with this ezine. And without a good beta, the writers would be nowhere. So thank you to them too.

Lisa, I can’t believe we’re in 2011 already and we’re still doing this. What’s wrong with us? Ha. I hope that readers are still enjoying the stories and the site. We can only hope. Thank you, Lisa for being my best friend in the world and accepting me like I am. (Full of mistakes and neurosis)

Happy New Year to everyone and may it be good to you all.

Best wishes and hugs,


Still doing it after 10 years, some people would say we're crazy. But then, we already knew that about ourselves. :)

When we started out, this was supposed to be a one shot deal, but then the ideas for new ezines came about, and more ideas, and more authors and more interest. We thoroughly enjoyed and were excited by all the stories that came our way. And even today, when a new ezine is in the works, we're excited by the prospect of each story that comes in. Thank you for all the years of stories and art and betas and support. This has truly been a team effort from day one.

I hope you enjoy this ezine as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


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