More... by Patt

More... - Patt


Sequel to Friends or More. Less crossover and more The Closer fic.


Provenza was playing tonsil hockey with Flynn on his sofa again and he was feeling very good about it. Flynn was one mighty fine kisser. Provenza felt like he was going to burst and finally pulled away from Flynn.

“Let me make some popcorn to eat while we watch the game,” Provenza stood up and got a little light headed. It’s true what they say about all of the blood rushing to your cock.

“You must be joking. Louie, I want more. Remember how you said we’d be friends and more. Well, it’s time for more,” Flynn stated as he pulled Provenza back down to the sofa. “I don’t even know how you can think with all the blood in one place like that.”

“It was difficult, but I’m taking this slow, Andy. I told you that much at the beginning,” Provenza remarked.

“Fuck slow. I want you, don’t you want me?” Flynn begged.

“Yes, I fucking want you, but not on these terms. On my terms. We’re going slow and I mean it. Now if you don’t mind, I’m making popcorn,” Provenza said as he got up once again.

Flynn just sat there, speechless for a few moments. If he didn’t know better, he’d say that Louie was scared. But he knew him too well for that, and he wasn’t scared, just taking his time, damn it. It was beginning to bug Flynn something fierce.

As soon as they started to watch the game and eat popcorn, Flynn was going to bring it up again when someone knocked at the front door. Provenza got up and looked out the peep hole and whispered, “It’s Julio.”

“Sanchez is here? Did you ask him over too?” Flynn asked straightening up his clothing and sitting across from the sofa where Provenza sat.

“Of course, I didn’t ask him over, you nut,” Provenza commented as he opened the door and smiled at Julio Sanchez.

“Julio, what brings you here?” Provenza said as he opened the door for Sanchez to come in.

Sanchez saw Flynn sitting there eating popcorn and said, “Is it all right that I’m here to watch the game with you? I didn’t even think to call and ask. I’m sorry. Am I interrupting something?”

“Of course you’re not interrupting anything. We’re just watching the game. Flynn there is hogging the popcorn,” Provenza teased, making Sanchez relax a little bit.

“Do you mind if I watch with you guys?” Sanchez asked.

Flynn smiled and said, “Come on in, the popcorn is fresh.”

Sanchez smiled and sat down on the sofa next to Provenza and took a handful of popcorn from Flynn when he handed the bowl over. “Who is ahead?”

“No fair, you’re late, you have to catch up the old fashioned way,” Provenza joked. Seriously he didn’t know who was winning because he and Flynn had been necking.

“As long as you don’t tell me the Raiders are losing,” Sanchez commented and smiled as he watched the game. The score was showing at the top and he said, “I thought the Raiders were winning?”

“You asked us not to tell you,” Flynn kidded.

Sanchez burst out laughing and said, “That I did. Damn we need to root for our team.”

“Root, root, root,” Flynn teased some more.

“You’re in a good mood today, Flynn. Is it because you’re off?” Sanchez asked.

“Yup…It’s the pits when you have to work during an important game,” Flynn agreed.

“They’re all important to me,” Provenza added cheerfully.

“You’re both happy to be off, I can see that. I am too. With any luck, we won’t get any calls from Chief Johnson,” Sanchez remarked. “You know what we should do?”

“What?” Provenza asked, knowing damn well it wasn’t what he wanted to do.

“We should call Tao over to watch with us. What do you say?” Sanchez inquired.

“The more the merrier, I say. Call him and ask him if he wants to come over. We’ll order pizza later on,” Provenza said smiling, even though he felt like throwing Julio out the front door.

Sanchez picked up his cell phone and called Lt. Tao and asked him if he wanted to join them for the game. He talked a few moments and then closed his cell. “He and Marie are busy.”

“Well, at least we asked,” Flynn said.

“That’s true,” Sanchez agreed.

They watched the game, hollering at all of the right times and booing when they needed to. Flynn was so disgusted, he wanted to scream. But he knew there wasn’t anything he could do about it. And with their luck, Chief Johnson would call at the end of the game with a case.

The Raiders pulled ahead at last towards the end of the game and the guys were chest bumping each other happily when Julio’s cell phone went off.

“Hello Chief, Johnson. Yes. Yes. Yes. I’ve got it. We’ll be there in about twenty minutes. I’m at Lt. Provenza’s and Flynn is here too. We were watching the game. I’ll see you in a while.” Sanchez closed his cell and said, “At least she waited until the end of the game.”

“Another murder?” Provenza asked.

“Hit and run. Yes, murder,” Sanchez said. “It’s on the corner of Hollywood and 152nd street.”

“That’s going to take us an hour to get there,” Flynn grumbled.

“Nah, follow me,” Sanchez said.

“I’ll ride with Provenza,” Flynn said.

“Why don’t you take your own car, Flynn? By the time we get done it’s going to be late. Then you can just head home,” Provenza stated.

“Provenza is right, Flynn,” Sanchez said in agreement.

They all left separately, following Sanchez on his motorcycle.


Flynn was pissed off the entire drive over to the murder scene. Damn that Sanchez. Why did he have to pop over today? Flynn really thought he might have been able to get something more from Louie for a change. Something more than making out on the sofa. He wanted Provenza to make love to him. He wasn’t going to be happy until he got what he wanted.

He drove up and parked behind Provenza and Sanchez. It had only taken them 20 minutes the way that Sanchez had directed them.

They all walked up to Chief Johnson and Provenza said, “What do we have, Chief?”

She informed them all of what they were looking at and what they were looking for. Lt. Tao had already put out the APB for the suspect vehicle. Thankfully there was a witness. He was drugged up, but he had written down a license plate number. He was aware enough for that.

Sgt. Gabriel walked up to them and said, “Good afternoon Provenza, Flynn and Sanchez. Nice of you to finally join the party.”

They all glared at Gabriel and walked off to do their own things.

An hour later, Lt. Tao said, “They found the vehicle and the driver. He was higher then a kite. He doesn’t even know he killed someone. He said this is a mistake. He didn’t kill anyone. The police said there is no dent or any indication of a hit and run on the vehicle, so our witness might be wrong.”

“Damn it,” Chief Johnson said loudly. “Lt. Provenza, please question the witness once more and see if he doesn’t say something different this time.”

Provenza went and asked questions as he was told and found out that the witness was just pissed off at the driver of that car. He really didn’t see anything. So they had to all start over again, asking for witnesses and seeing if anyone saw anything. It was a waste of their time that the man had lied to get back at someone else for something that had nothing to do with the hit and run.

“Let’s look alive people, we need to find some witnesses. Let’s make sure this time,” Chief Johnson said.

Everyone got down to business and before long they had a new description from a sixteen year old boy that was riding his bike. He didn’t say anything originally because he was scared. But now he was talking. He gave the description to Chief Johnson and Sgt. Gabriel. Chief Johnson said, “We need to take you downtown to get your statement.”

“Man, I need to get home,” the sixteen year old named Robbie Thompson said.

“We’ll take you home as soon as we’re done at the station house,” Gabriel informed him.

“Can someone call my mom so she doesn’t worry?” Robbie asked.

Chief Johnson looked over at Flynn and said, “There’s a job for you, Lt. Flynn. Find out his number and give his mom a call.”

Flynn opened up his notebook and took down the kid’s name, address and phone number and went to his car to make the call. When he got back, he said, “Chief, she’s fine with us taking him down there but said to let her know if he’s going to be too late. She worries.”

“Oh for goodness sake,” Chief Johnson said losing some of her cool.

Provenza headed down to the station to start filing paperwork and Lt. Tao was right behind him.

Flynn asked, “Chief, do you need me at the station?”

“No. For crying out loud, we’ve already wasted enough man hours as it is. Chief Pope is going to have a fit.”

Flynn knew that he could go home, but he wasn’t that wild about being alone right then, so he decided to go down to the station house anyhow. He wouldn’t sign in, so it was for free. That way he could at least see Provenza from time to time as the night wore on.

Sanchez said, “Do you want to go and have a beer?”

“No thank you,” Flynn answered.

“Oh hell, I forgot you don’t drink. Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Sanchez said as he got on his motorcycle and left the scene.

Commander Taylor was still on the case, since it happened in his district. He was going to stick with it, until they found out whom it was that did this.

Everyone sat in the control room and watched Chief Johnson and Sgt. Gabriel ask questions. Robbie Thompson seemed like a reliable witness. Lt. Tao was checking the information out right then and Chief Johnson was hoping for some news.

Lt. Tao walked into the control room and said, “Buzz, tell Chief Johnson that we found him. He was exactly as the kid described and we got the car too. He’s already admitted to doing it.”

Buzz told Chief Johnson. Chief Johnson was so relieved; she couldn’t believe this was almost over. “Well, your information was valid. We picked up the driver and he has admitted to doing it. So we’ll have a uniform cop take you home. Your mother can stop worrying.”

“Thank you, Chief Johnson. I was glad I could help. At first I was afraid, but then I knew I had to tell you,” Robbie said.

“Sgt. Gabriel, could you take him downstairs so that he can have a ride home?” Chief Johnson asked but wasn’t really asking, she was ordering.

“Yes ma’am. Come on Robbie, we’ll head downstairs right now,” Sgt. Gabriel said.

The two of them left the room and Brenda cleaned up her mess and followed suit. She found everyone in the control room and said, “Y’all can go home now. I’ll take it from here.”

Flynn caught up with Provenza and whispered, “Mind if I come over tonight?”

“I’m tired. We’ll talk later and then make a date for this week,” Provenza said.

Flynn found himself confused. Was Louie putting him off? Or was he just going slow, like he said he wanted to? Flynn was going to find out this week, damn it. He was going to get fucked if it killed him.


At the station, Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson was getting things closed and was happy about it. Now she just needed to figure out what was wrong with Lt. Flynn. He was off somehow. She liked to think that she knew her people much better then anyone did and she wanted to find out what was wrong and try and fix it. She liked her unit running smoothly. It wouldn’t be running smoothly if Flynn was somehow off kilter.


At home, Provenza took a long hot shower and slid into bed, exhausted for some reason. He was getting older and he could feel the difference in age creeping up on him. This is one of the reasons he was putting sex off with Flynn. Flynn was much younger and what if he couldn’t satisfy him. What if Flynn didn’t like his body? What if Flynn didn’t like his cock? God forbid, but it could happen. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to stall Flynn forever, but for now, this was going to have to do. Going slow never hurt anyone. Provenza looked down at his semi-hard cock and said, “Down boy. Not tonight.” He was saving himself for Flynn.


Flynn got into his shower and fisted his cock, hard and fast until he came all over himself. He thought about Louie sucking it and it made him come faster then he had ever done before. Something was going on with Provenza and Flynn was going to find out what it was if it killed him. He put clean boxers on and walked into his room and slid into bed. He fell asleep with wonderful dreams of he and Louie making sweet love.


The next morning Provenza was having a Danish with coffee when his phone rang. He answered, “Provenza.”

“Hello Provenza, this is Jim Ellison from Cascade, Washington. Do you remember us?”

“Of course I remember you, Ellison. I’m not senile yet. I might be old, but not senile,” Provenza joked.

“Blair and I are coming to Los Angeles, next week, for a week for a seminar and I wondered if you and Flynn would like to have dinner with us a couple of times,” Jim commented.

“That’s a good idea, Ellison. We would like to see you,” Provenza answered.

“Good, we’ll keep all our nights open for meeting with you two. Maybe we’ll be able to eat with you guys more then once. Blair is really looking forward to this trip,” Jim said.

“Flynn will be happy to see you too. Not that I don’t want to see you, but Flynn is much more into people then I am,” Provenza said.

“I totally understand, since I’m the same way. We’ll see you in a week. We’ll be staying at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in L.A. It’s on Avenue of the Stars. Do you know where that is?” Jim asked.

“Sure do. I’ll make a note of it and we’ll make plans with you next week. Thanks for calling, Ellison,” Provenza commented.

Jim smiled as he said, “We’ll see you in a week. We have Flynn’s number too, if you’re not able to answer.”

“Sounds good to me. You called my home phone, you do have my cell number, right?” Provenza asked.

“We do and we’ll see you soon,” Jim said before he hung up the phone.

Provenza hung up his phone and wondered if Ellison ever felt insecure about being older then Sandburg. He might have to break down and ask him. What are you talking about? You’re not talking to anyone about this, you moron.

Provenza went in got showered, shaved and dressed for the day. He was hoping that he was going to have a good day. He sure as hell didn’t need any pressure from Flynn this fine day and hoped that they would get a case and it would keep them very busy.


Flynn got up, took a shower and shaved and then walked around naked until he felt like getting ready for work. He looked forward to the day that he could do that with Louie. If he had his way, it would be tonight. Flynn wasn’t going to let another day go by without getting some sex.


Chief Johnson was in her office and wondered how she would ask Flynn what was wrong. She didn’t want to single him out in any way, but at the same time, she wanted to be there for him if he needed someone to talk to. Flynn walked in and sat down at his desk at that moment and no one else was there.

She went to the doorway and said, “Lt. Flynn, I would like to see you for a moment.”

Shit, I should have slept in today.

Flynn walked into her office and shut the door. Somehow he knew it was going to be one of those days.

“Lt. Flynn, as you know I try and get to know all of my officers really well and I think that I can say I know you pretty well. So when I noticed that something is wrong, I feel like I need to say something. So is there anything I can help with?” Chief Johnson asked.

Flynn was shocked that she noticed something was wrong, but at the same time, he didn’t like it that Chief Johnson knew something was up. Didn’t he have any privacy? “Chief, it’s really nice of you, but I just have a couple things on my mind. I’ll get them sorted out in a day or two. Don’t worry. I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? I could talk to you about anything,” Chief Johnson said.

“I’m sure you could, but I’m doing just fine, ma’am,” Flynn answered.

“Okay then. Go back to work and I’ll try not to worry about you. If you change your mind, you know where I am,” she said.

“Thank you,” Flynn replied and walked out to the bullpen and sat down. It was going to be a long assed day, he could already tell.


Provenza walked into the bullpen and walked up to Flynn’s desk. He smiled and said, “Guess who called me this morning?”

“Wife number three?” Flynn teased.

“Very funny. No, it was Jim Ellison from Cascade. They’re going to be here next week, for a conference and wanted to know if we would like to have dinner with them a couple of times. I told them sure,” Provenza explained.

“That sounds great. I can’t believe you’re so open to it. If I remember correctly you weren’t that wild about them,” Flynn mentioned.

“What are you talking about? I had a good time with them,” Provenza challenged.

“Whatever,” Flynn replied.

“So anyhow, keep next week open for dinner a few nights,” Provenza said before he sat down at his desk.

Flynn watched Provenza sit down and smiled. The entire time Chief Johnson was watching from her office and said to no one but herself, “Oh my god. He’s got a thing for Provenza.”

She didn’t know what to do or say about that. Provenza was a fool hardy women’s man and Flynn would only be hurt even thinking about him. Should I warn him about failure or let him find out himself?

Everyone else started showing up about then and that was the last thing Brenda thought about Flynn and Provenza. She was too busy, trying to close another case that was driving her nuts.

“Lt. Tao, did you get those phone records that I asked for?” Chief Johnson asked.

“I sure did Chief and you’re going to find it very interesting. Twelve of the numbers all belonged to our suspect that we can’t seem to tie to this. He said he didn’t know her. He must have thought we were stupid and wouldn’t look at her phone records, I would guess.”

Chief Johnson put her glasses on and leaned over Lt. Tao and looked at the records. “Let’s go ask him about them, shall we?”

“I would love to,” Lt. Tao agreed.

The two of them walked out of the room and everyone else decided to watch from the control room with Buzz. This might get interesting.

The guards brought up the suspect, Mark Martin, from the holding cell and sat him in the room to wait for Chief Johnson and Lt. Tao.

They walked into the room and Chief Johnson said, “We just got a copy of Barb’s phone records. Do you know who called her twelve times?”

You could see him thinking this over and he finally said, shoulders slumped, “Fine, I did it. She was a bitch and I did it.”

“But you have an alibi. Who is lying?” Chief Johnson asked.

“I left and didn’t tell anyone, so no one is lying but me,” Martin said.

“Why don’t I believe you then?” Chief Johnson asked.

“I have no idea. I killed the bitch. It was me,” Martin shouted.

“Lt. Tao, please stay with the suspect, I’ll be right back,” Chief Johnson said.

Chief Johnson walked into the control room and said, “Who does Martin live with?”

“His girlfriend and his teen son, Charles,” Flynn answered looking at his notes.

“Let’s bring the teen down. I might like him for this. Mr. Martin was too quick to admit to something he didn’t even do. He doesn’t even know how she was murdered. I’m going to tell him that we’re bringing the son down.”

She walked back out to the hallway and to the interrogation room and walked in and sat down. “I’m sorry, Mr. Martin, but I had to ask my officers to pick up your son.”

Martin freaked out. “Why would you ask him to come down? He doesn’t know anything about what happened.”

“Well, we’re just covering all of our bases. We need to find out who made all of those calls to the deceased,” Chief Johnson said.

“I made them. She was my lover. We were having an affair,” Martin spat out.

Lt. Tao raised his eyebrows and looked at Chief Johnson. Martin must have been covering for his son.

“How old is your son, Mr. Martin?” Chief Johnson asked.

“He’s a kid, he doesn’t know anything,” Martin answered.

“How old is he?” Lt. Tao asked this time.

“He just turned sixteen. He’s a child. He’s not guilty of anything,” Martin said sadly.

“Mr. Martin, you know that you can’t cover for him, right? We’ll find out that he did it and he’ll be charged with the murder. Why are you trying to take the fall?” Chief Johnson asked, really wanting to know.

“I was never there for him while he was growing up. His mother left two years ago and it was just him and me. He fell in love with her and she didn’t love him. He didn’t understand until she said she was going to leave. Then he understood that she was just like his mother. He didn’t mean it. It was an accident. When he hit her, she fell and hit her head on the coffee table and she never woke up again. He was angry and hurt. Barb was a bitch. I don’t want him tried as an adult,” Martin pleaded.

“Sir, we have no control over that. The D.A. will be talking to you about that. I wish you luck,” Chief Johnson said.

Chief Johnson and Lt. Tao gathered up all of their papers and files and walked out of the room.


In the control room, Provenza said, “And that’s how it’s done, ladies and gentlemen.”

“We never even looked at the teenager,” Sanchez said.

“Tell me about it,” Flynn agreed.

“She closed another case, so she’ll be in a good mood today. Let’s hope that nothing comes up to ruin it,” Provenza stated.

“Provenza, I’m getting a soda, do you want one?” Flynn asked out of the blue.

“Why Sanchez and I would love to have one, wouldn’t we, Julio?” Provenza asked.

Sanchez laughed and said, “Yeah, a coke would be good about now. I need some caffeine to keep me going.”

Flynn realized what he had done and he said, “Buzz, would you like something too?”

“Sure, a coke for me would be good too, thank you,” Buzz answered.

Flynn thought he had covered it up quite well until they got in the hall and Sanchez said, “If you have a thing for Provenza, I would suggest you try not to be open about it at the station. He wouldn’t want anyone to know.”

Flynn blushed and said, “You’re absolutely right. It doesn’t belong here.”

Sanchez pounded Flynn on the back and said, “Good luck.”

Flynn just sighed as he went to the coke machine to get everyone their drinks. Now Sanchez knew. Before long that meant, Tao would know. Provenza wouldn’t like this. No he wouldn’t like it at all.


Flynn stayed busy all day with paperwork that needed to be caught up. Once he was done, he walked down to the parking lot and saw Provenza waiting for him.

“Are you going to have a fit about what I did today?” Flynn asked.

“Actually I was going to ask you if you wanted to come over to my house for dinner,” Provenza said nicely, making Flynn leery of him.

“Sure, I’ll be over in about an hour,” Flynn said. He knew he had some shopping to do for last minute items that they were going to need that night. He wasn’t giving Provenza any room to get out of it tonight. Flynn was going to get fucked and that’s all there was to it.


When he arrived at Provenza’s house, he was carrying an overnight bag. He wasn’t taking any chances. This was going to be the night, even if he had to beg.

He rang the doorbell and Provenza invited him in, still smiling, which was a good sign. Flynn thought things were looking up.

He walked in and waited for Provenza to shut the door and walked into the living room. There sat Lt. Tao, Detective Sanchez and Sgt. Gabriel.

“This here is an intervention. We hope we stopped things before they get out of hand,” Gabriel said.

“What are you talking about?” Flynn asked stupidly, when in all actuality he really didn’t know.

Lt. Tao said, “Flynn, it doesn’t work with two people in the squad room having a romance. We saw what happened with Daniels and Gabriel. It just won’t work. So it’s best to stop it before it starts. Is everyone in agreement?”

Lt. Provenza said, “Do I have a say in this? I happen to want a romance with Andy. So you can all leave right now and leave us alone.”

Flynn smiled at Provenza for sticking up for him and was more in love then he ever was.

“You’ll be sorry,” Gabriel said.

“Then, it’s us that has to be sorry. It’s no one’s fucking business what we do in our off time. Now will you please all get out of here? We had a dinner planned,” Provenza ordered.

Everyone left mumbling something about what a mistake it was and Provenza shut and locked the front door.

“Now, what’s in the bag?” Provenza asked.

“I brought my sleepover stuff and some sex supplies. I was hoping that we’d both get lucky tonight,” Flynn said softly.

“I have to talk to you first,” Provenza said.

“Okay, I’m listening,” Flynn replied.

“Sit, it’s going to take awhile. Dinner will be done soon, so we can eat and continue to talk. First of all, I haven’t been putting sex off because I don’t want it, Andy. I’ve been putting it off because I’m scared. I’m scared that I’m too old for you. I have a hard time keeping up with you as it is. Then throw sex in there and it’s a whole new ball of wax. I’m afraid you won’t like how I look when I’m naked. I’m afraid you won’t like my pecker. I’m afraid I’ll just be too damn grouchy for you. I’m just basically afraid. That’s what’s been stopping me,” Provenza said and finally took a breath.

“You’re not the only one afraid. I’m afraid you won’t like the looks of me when I’m naked either. I don’t even want to mention my cock. It’s never been the highlight of anyone I dated. But I have one thing to say and that is I love the way you kiss me. When you hold me, I feel loved. I love feeling that way, so don’t say you’re afraid anymore. I already know I’m going to love having you naked and I’m going to love your pecker, as you call it. Do you think we could start with a shower after dinner and go from there?” Flynn asked.

“All right, now I’m curious. Let me see your cock, as you call it? Us old folk call them peckers,” Provenza said.

Flynn stood up blushing. “I can’t do it like this. We have to be in the bedroom for this.”

Provenza grabbed Flynn’s hand and pulled him into the bedroom. He slowly undressed Andy until he was standing there naked. Flynn wondered when that had happened. Then Provenza took his clothing off and Flynn was very impressed.

“Louie, you have nothing to worry about. Your pecker is very nice indeed,” Flynn said.

“Yeah?” Provenza asked.

“Oh yeah. Really nice pecker. Can I taste it?” Flynn asked getting down on his knees.

“We’re too damn old to be doing all of this standing up. Let’s get on the bed,” Provenza suggested and pushed Flynn over to the bed.

“It’s just going to be me and you, right?” Flynn asked.

“Oh yeah, you don’t have to worry about anyone else, Andy,” Provenza said as Flynn took Provenza’s nice pecker into his warm inviting mouth. He sucked nicely and before long Provenza was moaning with need and said, “I’m going to come.”

Andy didn’t pull away, so Louie figured out that he was fine with being where he was. He thrust deep and hard into Andy’s mouth and came with a shout. He relaxed and tried to get his breathing back to normal when the phone rang.

Provenza looked at the number and said, “Shit…” He picked up the phone and said, “Hello?”

“Lt. Provenza, this is Chief Johnson. I need you and Lt. Flynn on a murder scene right now. I’ll be there shortly. It’s at 52nd and Pinecliff. You’ll see all of the police cars and know you’re at the right place. See you in a little while.”

Just like that she had hung up and Provenza gave a sad look at Flynn and said, “Duty calls. Rain check?”

“That’s fine. We’ll get done quickly and then get back here. Turn dinner off before we leave so your house doesn’t burn down. I like this house,” Flynn said.

Provenza smiled at that, because eventually he would have liked to have had Flynn move in with him. But it was too soon to think about that now.

“Could I just say really fast that you’re born to suck cock? I usually last a little bit longer then that. Let me have a kiss at least,” Provenza said pulling Flynn in for a deep and much needed kiss.

They kissed for awhile and then both men got dressed smiling at each other the entire time.


When they arrived at the scene, Chief Johnson was already there. “It’s nice that you two could show up,” she said.

“Hey, we had a longer drive then you did,” Flynn said.

“Lt. Tao needs some help, Lt. Flynn. Will you do that please?” Chief Johnson asked nicely.

“I sure will. Glad to be of service,” Flynn said and walked off.

Provenza just stood there staring after Flynn and Brenda knew what she had missed. Oh my god, they’re sleeping together. Like I need this right now. Please don’t mention anything to me.

“Provenza, could you help Sgt. Gabriel, please?” She asked hoping he wouldn’t say a word.

“I sure will. Glad to do it,” Provenza said before he left her side.

“Oh for heaven’s sake,” Brenda said to herself, more then anyone else.

She was just going to ignore all of this and hope it went away in the next few hours. She wasn’t ready for another office romance. As long as they didn’t tell her about it, she didn’t care.

They all worked the scene and got everything done that Chief Johnson wanted done. She sent Provenza and Flynn home, because she didn’t want to deal with them at the office. The rest of them went with her to the station.


When Provenza and Flynn arrived at the house, Flynn was raring to go. “Let’s have dinner much, much later.”

“I can live with that,” Provenza agreed.

They walked into the bedroom and stripped and Flynn remembered his bag of goodies for the evening. He brought out lube and condoms and wipes for when they were done. He thought of everything.

They lay on the bed and began to make out like crazy. Before long Provenza got Flynn stretched out and then pulled Flynn’s legs around his waist and started to enter Flynn’s tight, hot, hole.

“My God, you’re tight,” Provenza said happily.

“It’s been a long while,” Flynn answered just as happily.

Provenza started thrusting in and out and making Flynn breath heavier and heavier. Before long Flynn said, “Louie, I’m ready. Fuck me harder.”

Provenza began thrusting deeper and deeper and before long they were both coming, calling out each other’s names.

Finally, Provenza started slipping from his new nesting place and got the wipes and cleaned both of them up with them. They lay side by side on the bed, kissing each other not sure of what was going to happen next. Provenza said, “I love you, Andy.”

“I’m glad. I love you, too, Louie,” Flynn answered sexily.

“Not bad for two older men, eh?” Provenza asked.

“Old is a state of mind. You aren’t old, Louie. But you’re really good,” Flynn said before he kissed him once more.

“Thank you for making my night. I was worried about everything and as you can tell, there was nothing to worry about,” Provenza replied.


They ate dinner talking about Ellison and Sandburg coming to LA. They realized they were both excited as a couple to have their first couple over to the house.

Then they talked about how they felt about being out to everyone at the station house. Provenza really didn’t care. He was too old to worry about what they thought. But Flynn was somewhat worried that they might lose some of their friends.

“I bet you anything, Sanchez shows up this weekend to watch the game on the big screen tv,” Provenza said.

“I would be happy to have him show up. That would mean he accepted us. That would make my day,” Flynn confessed.

“Andy, we don’t need anyone to accept us. As long as we love each other, it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks,” Provenza stated.

“I’m going to stop worrying from here on in. It’s none of their business anyhow. I love you, Louie.”

“And I love you, Andy. Let’s clean up the kitchen and go to bed. I find going to bed sounds fun right now,” Provenza said smiling.

They knew that there would be hurtles to overcome now and then, but they could do it together. They were ready for whatever came their way.

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thank you to Melodie for asking for The Closer fan fic and to Kelly for the beta.