Hide In Plain Sight by Debbie Stone

Hide In Plain Sight - Debbie Stone

Jim Ellison was wiped out beyond words and pissed as hell. He had just finished working a grueling 16 hour shift and on his way back from an interview with a potential witness to the latest crime in Cascade his beloved “Sweetheart” blew her water pump leaving Jim sitting by the road, waiting for a tow truck. His trusty sidekick was tied up all day with academy arms testing so Jim knew he was left to fend for himself as far as a ride. Fortunately, Simon heard about “Sweetheart’s” misfortune and came to Jim’s rescue.

Jim and Simon enjoyed a relaxing dinner at a local restaurant courtesy of Simon in payment for Jim’s pulling a double shift when Joel called in sick with the flu not to mention it gave these two friends some time to just sit back and enjoy some time together as friends. Simon talked about Darryl’s newest girlfriend and how Darryl said that this was “the one” for sure this time and Jim talked about Blair’s progress at the academy that seemed to be going fairly well. Although Blair rarely discussed his time spent there with Jim. Now that Blair had to leave Jim on his own so to speak he wanted Jim to keep his mind on the job of controlling his senses and to concentrate on the job and not worry or concern himself with Blair’s academy life.

Simon dropped Jim off at the loft about 7:00 P.M. There were no signs of Blair’s Volvo or his heartbeat in the loft so Jim figured that he’d gone out on a date after a long day at the academy to get laid.

Shaking his head as he climbed the stairs to the third floor loft Jim said out loud to himself, “Sandburg, you are such as horn dog. Only you can get laid on a work night and stay out late. Ah to be young again.” As an afterthought Jim said, “I only wish it were me you were laying.” Sadness filled his heart as he thought of Blair in someone else’s arms.

Jim placed his key into the loft door lock and turned the key taking a deep sigh of sadness as he realized how much he hated coming home to a dark and Sandburg less loft. It just was not home unless Blair was there with him. Between his exhaustion and his longing for his friend pushing that door closed seemed to weigh a ton tonight. All Jim could think of now was lock the door, take a shower and pass out.

Once his tasks were completed Jim ascended the stairs to his awaiting cold and lonely bed. He put his earplugs in and placed the mask over his eyes and turned out the light. As he drifted off to sleep he couldn’t help to think of Blair’s beautiful face and his incredible blue eyes. How he wished Blair were there with him to keep him warm. Envy flared and his last thoughts were about the lucky girl who Blair was keeping warm tonight. She had better appreciate him. Darkness descended.

Awareness was returning to Jim. Not through sight or sound but through smell. He could smell something wonderful and it had him surfacing back into the realm of consciousness. Cinnamon and something else his mind pondered while coming awake. Jim laid in bed not moving and concentrating on the smell of whatever was causing him to awaken. It was a wonderful scent and so arousing. Slowly Jim removed his mask, and his eyesight was greeted by a warm and golden glow that filled the entire loft. Candles, that’s what he could smell. He decided that he needed to hear what was making a rhythmic beat surge through his bed. Carefully, he removed the earplugs to the soft sounds of tribal music. With the fog lifting from his brain he knew only one person could be the culprit of such pleasure and that was Blair.

Jim slowly rolled onto his side and peered over the side of the railing down into the living room. There was the most incredibly beautiful creature he’d ever seen, one Blair Sandburg. Jim’s body began to react to the sights and sounds around him and he decided to just lay and watch the spectacle that was taking place below him. Jim decided he was going to just stay in the loft bed and hide in plain sight and watch.

Blair had returned home and didn’t have a clue that Jim was already there. He’d had a very stressful day at the academy and needed to relax and purge himself of the negative energy that surrounded him so he carefully lit candles around the loft and started some soft tribal music that he knew would sooth his battered soul.

The academy had been a difficult transition for Blair but just knowing that he was going to be Jim’s permanent partner was worth it. Firearms training scared the hell out of him not because he was bad at it and not because he hated the violence of such a weapon, no way. What really scared the hell out of him was the fact that he was so dam good at it. He had made some of the highest scores ever and was told today that he was an excellent marksman. That is what scared the shit out of him. How could he be so good at something he absolutely hated? He had to hide these feelings from Jim because they both wanted to be official partners at work. He also had other feelings about Jim he needed to hide so he just wanted to come home to the loft tonight and utilize his skills for peace and life to help him rationalize the fact that he was so good at something that could cause so much violence and death and to try work through his love for Jim on a more personal level. He needed to get back in touch with the earth and his soul so candles and music were a great start.

He found himself closing his eyes and swaying to the music. The beat of the drums filled his battered soul and warmed his lonely heart. He could feel his hair swaying back and forth over his shoulders. Hair was always a sensuous entity to Blair and he loved the way it’s swaying made him feel. He also thought of how wonderful it would feel to slowly slide it over the very hard body of Jim Ellison. Those thoughts he kept to himself because he knew that was a forbidden want and never would be realized but fantasizing about it was a great way to relax.

Back and forth over his shoulders his hair would slide. He then dropped his head back bearing his neck as he hugged his arms around his waist thinking about how wonderful it would be to have the arms of Jim around him now and having this strong man nibble and suck his throat in a bid of passion and love. Blair’s body was loosening up and he could feel peace filling his soul. He knew he would meditate later but right now he needed to move and this was a perfect way to move.

Thoughts of Jim swaying there with him engulfed him causing his body to warm so he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it from his shoulders letting it drift onto the floor. The remaining tee shirt was the next victim to fall to the floor as Blair stripped away the covers of his chest and heart. His hair now caressed the very flesh that slowly broke out in a sweat from the passion that stirred in his heart. He actually twirled and his hair fanned out in a circle as he spun and was absorbed further into the music.

Jim was absolutely transfixed by the spectacle that was Blair. Sandburg had started to sway to the music and had begun to disrobe as the music filled the room. Jim didn’t move a muscle as he watched this beautiful man fill all his senses with a wonderfully sensual experience. How delightful it was to hide in plain sight as Blair shared his essence with his world. Jim’s body began to sing as Blair’s body and how he wanted to join him in a dance of love. However, Jim knew Blair needed these few moments to recharge his soul so Jim would continue to hide in the loft above and watch as Blair flowed around the room below.

The music carried away all the stresses of the day. Blair reached above his head in a stretch that caused his back to crack but in a good way. The soft hair that caressed his chest stirred in the breeze as he danced with his hands above his head and the coolness of movement caused a chill to hit the nipple ring that pierced his left nipple making it harden with arousal. How he wished Jim was there to suckle his nipples and lightly run his strong hands over his chest. The fantasy of that caused Blair’s penis to swell in excitement. The motion of dance was causing the fabric of his jeans to rub over his throbbing flesh so the constriction of the jeans would have to go.

With still swaying hips Blair carefully unzipped his tight jeans wiggled and pushed them down to his ankles where he stepped free of them. The boxers were left in place but were becoming saturated with sweat while he continued to dance and sway to the tribal drums. His heart matched the beat as his arousal continued to grow. He was soaring with a wonderful sense of freedom. His body was releasing its stress and it was thoroughly enjoying being free of most of its clothing. Nakedness was a wonderful pleasure for the body so Blair then slowly slipped off his boxers revealing the hardened flesh that made him all man. Totally free now, Blair’s spirit lifted and his dance became more frantic which allowed his passion to encircle him with warmth. He fantasized about making love to Jim as he caressed his own body with his touch. He ran his hands lightly over his chest hair and pinched a nipple and then crossed over to the other nipple to pull gently on the nipple ring. A jolt of sheer pleasure shot into his groin and he moaned as his hand continued lower to smooth over his abdomen and hips. His moaning was growing louder as his hands approached his pubic hair. How wonderful the human body could feel when touched and caressed. He longed for Jim’s touch and the fantasy continued.

Once the pubic area had been pleasantly massaged he slid his hands around to his buttocks and began to massage them still swaying to the music. As he reached the desired area he dropped his head forward and the curls dripped onto his chest as his chin fell onto it. He still swayed back and forth to the beat of the drums.

Jim was struggling as he watched Blair become the hottest thing he’d ever dreamed of. His body glistened with sweat and the light reflected off the highlights of the hair on his head as well of the curls of hair on his chest. He watched as Blair’s hands slid over his chest and caressed his nipples. A pulse of fire slammed into his groin when Blair reached and lightly tugged on his nipple ring causing him to moan. This man was absolutely beautiful and Jim didn’t know how much longer he could hide his desire for him.

Jim’s senses were raging while he smelled Blair’s arousal, his sweat and the delicious scent of his hair. His eyes were closely following those incredibly strong square hands as they glided over the hair-lined terrain of Blair’s body. Jim watched intensely as those hands gently lowered to the pubic hair just above his engorged penis and he nearly came in his bed as Blair reached back to grab the rounded globes of his ass. He was completely overwhelmed when Blair dropped his head onto his chest and moaned once again as he swayed to the music while touching him self. Jim could not hide up in the loft bed any longer. Especially when the next whispered word hit his brain.

“Jim.” Blair whispered as he reached for the center of his most private place. Followed by a moan of passion and then Blair brought his head up and dropped it back once again onto his shoulders with his head tipped toward the ceiling, curls of hair falling down his back, eyes closed and his lips parted. Nothing else mattered than the fantasy of having Jim touching him now. With his eyes closed he could visualize Jim touching him in the most intimate way and loving every moment of it releasing him from all the stress he’d experienced at the academy that day.

“Jim, make love to me,” Blair said softly to the music still driving his body into the rhythm.

Jim quietly descended the stairs from his bedroom but never took his eyes of the beauty before him. Blair was to deep in the music and pleasure of his body to hear Jim’s approach. Jim licked his lips and once at the bottom of the stairs stopped to let his heart catch up with his brain. One long legged step at a time Jim stalked over to Blair as quietly as a cat. He knew that when he reached out to Blair he would probably give him a heart attack but that was a risk he had to take. He needed to touch and taste Blair to complete the sensory feast before him.

When he heard the words, “Jim, make love to me.” He reached out and placed his hand over Blair’s heart.

Blair leapt back and screamed as was expected. However, the horror that filled his face scared Jim to death. Not only was Blair startled by the touch but also, he was mortified that he was standing there naked and aroused in front of Jim. Blair started to turn away when Jim grabbed him and pulled him to his chest and said, “Yes, Blair I would love to make love to you. I’ve loved you for a long time and have wanted you forever.”

Blair stood totally still and Jim watched as the facial expressions on Blair’s face went from shame to shock to joy to lust. That’s when Jim made his move. He placed his lips over Blair’s and pressed gently. Blair responded to Jim’s need and eagerly parted his lips to allow Jim in for a sizzling kiss. It was explosive and powerful and absolutely manly. They both jockeyed for position and dominance finally coming to a truce when they just shared their mouths and tongues for pleasure.

Once their first kiss was broken they just stood holding each other not know exactly what to say.

“Jim, I didn’t think you were home.” Blair said bashfully as he dropped his head with the curls covering his face in shame.

“Chief, I kind of got that feeling,” Jim chuckled lightly as he took Blair’s face by the chin and lifted his head to look into his eyes.

“I don’t know what to say. I am so embarrassed. You must hate me for doing this.” A single tear formed but didn’t fall from Blair’s sea blue eyes.

“Nothing to say, Blair. Your beautiful body said it all. It sung to me and I heard it. I’m just sorry it took me so long to hear you.” Jim said kissing Blair on the nose.

“I can’t believe you feel the same way. I’ve loved you for so long but I’ve been hiding it from you. I had no clue that you felt this way. Jim we wasted so much time.” Blair reached up to touch Jim’s lips.

Jim’s eyes smiled as his lips did and said, “Sandburg we’re here now and that’s all that matters. Can I kiss you again?”

“Absolutely, man kiss away.” Blair anxiously latched on to Jim’s lips and his heart soared with love.

Jim began to explore the warm body pressed against his. Blair was hard as a rock and Jim was right there with him just as hard. Jim was in his boxers that he quickly dropped to the floor never loosing contact with Blair’s lips. While the kiss deepened Jim began to dance to the beat of the music with Blair in his arms. They both swayed and kissed and caressed each other’s body. The heat of passion was growing in epic proportions and needed to be pleasured. Jim hiked Blair up having him wrap his legs around Jim’s waist. The affect was electric as groin met groin. Side by side their cocks slipped against each other to the beat of the music. They could feel the beat as it thrummed to the rhythm of their lovemaking.

Jim’s muscles strained under the weight of Blair but that only seemed to heighten the sexual pleasure. Jim kept his hands under Blair’s buttocks to support his thrusts and to separate his cheeks for more stimulated pleasure. Blair arched over and over as he pressed his penis into Jim’s. For Jim, he was drowning in the most pleasant stimulation he’d ever experienced. This was also a feast for the eyes and one he would never forget. Jim caressed and massaged Blair’s globes and then he placed a finger up against Blair’s center and pushed gently inside. The result was explosive as Blair bucked and bucked. Just when Jim couldn’t hold out any longer against the scintillating pleasure within his own cock he and Blair’s climax ripped from them at the exact same instant. The orgasm was spine tingling and teeth rattling for both of them and Jim nearly shuttered Blair onto the floor while he rocked through his orgasm. Blair was frozen in place as his orgasm poured from him in mind numbing shots. Nothing had ever felt this good.

Blair’s legs slipped from around Jim’s waist and they both slid to the floor into an embrace and cuddle. Their bodies could no longer stay standing. Jim’s legs and arms ached but his soul no longer had anything to hide. Blair was completely at peace.

Blair sat up suddenly and said, “Jim, where’s your truck? I didn’t think you were home so that’s why I wanted to come up here and clear my head.”

“I’d say you did a bang up job of clearing you head there, Chief.” Jim laughed out loud.

Blair blushed and started to laugh with Jim, “Yeah, I guess I did and I cleared yours too.”

Still laughing Jim said, “Yup, you sure did.”

They gave one another a tightened hug and Jim began to explain about what had happened to “Sweetheart.”

Jim then turned to Blair and asked, “So why where you in such a need of clearing your head? Is something going on at the academy, Chief? Please you know I want to help you cope with everything that’s going on with you. I love you and what affects you, buddy affects me so spill.”

Blair worried his lower lip for a second and then said, “Jim I’m actually doing pretty good at the academy its just that maybe I’m doing a little too good.”

“Ok, how is that a bad thing?” Jim cuddled Blair closer.

Blair sunk into the warmth of Jim’s chest and proceeded to tell him how good he was at using a weapon and how much it bothered him. When he came home tonight thinking he was alone he just wanted to distress and get centered again. As it turned out things worked out better then he thought for both of them.

“Chief, I know how much you hate guns and I pray that you will never have to use one but I’m also very glad that you are going to be my permanent partner and that is the most important thing of all to me and I hope to you too. If you can come to terms with the gun issue and just let it become part of the package of being with me it will be just like it has always been. Hey just think now you’ll get a paycheck too.” Jim nervously chuckled into Blair’s hair.

“I will always want to be your partner on the job and now here at home. Does that sound ok to you?” Blair looked up into Jim’s eyes with a soft smile and shining blue eyes.

Jim took a breath at the sight of his partner looking into his eyes and said, “Blair, having you in my life as my partner and now as the love of my life is exactly ok with me. Forever, Chief.”

“Forever Jim.” Blair leaned up and kissed Jim with as much love as he felt in his heart. Neither of them would ever have to hide anything from one another again.

The end.

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