Production Notes

I can’t believe we’re already heading towards August. Where was June? And how about July? Could it please just stop?

Lisa and I have had our hands full with real life troubles this year, so it’s been a long and draining one. I hope all of you and your families are well. I only wish that for everyone.

This ezine is for Bianne Bobbitt, who passed away long before her time. She was younger than I. It’s so painful to lose members of the fandom. But she will always be remembered.

We have a lot of stories for this ezine. I hope you’ll enjoy all of them. It’s nice to see everyone that came out for it. Including our dear Lisa. Her story reminded me of why I still read Sentinel stories and want to continue reading them. She wrote it for my birthday. Now that is my idea of a birthday present.

I want to thank all of the authors, artists and betas for another job well done.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer.

Thank you for everything,



Finally closing up work on this ezine, possibly our last. We shall see. And just when I'm starting to write again. Figures.

I want to thank everybody who had a hand in this ezine... writers, artists and betas. It's really nice to see such a large number of stories after all these years.

I can't believe it was 10 years ago that I was "challenged" into writing (okay, finishing) my biker Jim story, and thus creating My Mongoose Ezines. We have had ups and downs, tears and happiness, loss and new beginnings. We have seen a lot of new authors join the fandom and older authors move on. We have made new friends and lost others. Time moves on and things change regardless of what we do.

We hope to finish out the year with another ezine but wanting things doesn't always make them happen. Patt and I have enjoyed creating this lasting tribute to Jim and Blair and the love we know they share.

If you have an interest in being part of MME and future ezines, please drop Patt ( or me ( an email and we'll keep you in the loop.

Thanks for all the support over the years.


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