The Vampire Dissertation by Landis McQuade

The Vampire Dissertation - Landis McQuade

ext. Cascade. night

Camera pans along the bay, racing towards the downtown skyline view of the convention center, up and over the skyscrapers, picks up people walking along the pedestrian path in the park, continues across the boat bedecked water and stops at the marketplace.

ext. Cascade market. night

Naomi is hanging a closed sign in the window of her bookstore, The Book Brew, as a group of young men, Daniel, Adam, and Ben enter. Upon seeing them, Naomi is apprehensive but stands her ground and refuses to let them push past her. Daniel is not happy that the store is closed.

Daniel: It’s a little early to be closing isn’t it?

Naomi: You can come back in the morning, Mr. Jackson.

Adam: Fact for future reference, he can’t.

Ben: Dr. Jackson isn’t an early riser.

Naomi: Tomorrow night then.

Daniel: Maybe you could make an exception since the book I'm interested in is for Blair.

Naomi tenses. There is a sense of violence waiting to erupt. Naomi takes her bag and turns the lights off. Daniel’s eyes give off a mild luminescence. Ben and Adam surround her while Daniel retrieves the book he wants.

Daniel: This won’t take long.

Adam and Ben close ranks while Daniel goes to the back of the store. The front door bursts open and Jim enters, surveying the dark store quickly before acknowledging Ben and Adam.

Jim: I believe the lady said she was closing.

Ben: Then you would be wrong.

Adam: Daniel, stop beetling around, I need a beer.

Jim: Ma’am, is there a problem?

Ben: Although the situation would appear to suggest…

Adam: Bloody shut up already. (to Jim) Look, we’ll be out of here in a minute, there’s really no need to get your knickers in a knot.

Jim opens his Jacket to reveal the gun resting in his shoulder holster.

Jim: I wasn’t talking to you. Ma’am?

Naomi: Ma’am? Do I look like a grandma to you?

Jim: No.

Naomi: Okay, good. It’s a combination of yoga and meditation. No, there’s no problem- yet.

Daniel comes back carrying a book. He observes the situation and grins.

Daniel: Sorry, Naomi, it wasn’t our intention to trouble you. (to Jim) You can stop flashing your gun now, we’re leaving.

Daniel bends as if to kiss Naomi on the cheek. She backs closer to Jim. Daniel’s smile grows wider and he nods to Jim, then exits.

Jim: Are you all right?

Naomi: I'm fine. Thank you. If you’ll excuse me I really need to be on my way.

She is worried and nervous and hurries Jim out of the store. Jim grabs her arm before she can leave.

Jim: Wait. I'm a cop. I'll be working in Major Crimes. Call and ask for Detective Ellison if they hassle you again.

Naomi: That won’t be necessary.

She locks the door while Jim uses his senses to search for the men. He comes up empty. When he turns back to Naomi she is gone.

ext. the loft. night

Jim pulls the Expedition into his parking space. He gets out and carries his groceries up to the loft.

int. loft. night

He enters the loft and turns on the lights, revealing a cold and spartan environment. He sets the bags on the island and walks over to the windows and looks out at the city.

Jim: Not back twenty-four hours and I'm already facing off with scumbags. What is it with this city?

int. night. Naomi’s house

Naomi is meditating in candlelight. Her concentration is broken when the phone rings. She lets the machine pick up.

Blair: (o.s.) Naomi, you there? Okay, guess not. I was calling to see if you wanted to have dinner with me tomorrow night. My class has been cancelled. I'll just stop by the store around six, okay? See you then. Bye.

Naomi: Oh, Blair, what I am I going to do to help you?

ext. university campus. night

Two girls cross a deserted parking lot and approach the only car in it. It is eerily quiet. There is a rush of air and one of the girls looks up and starts screaming. Frenzied whispering voices are heard but no words can be understood. The girls are plucked off the ground. Fast roaming shots of flying over the city, noises of wind rushing by.

ext. park. night

The girls bodies appear to be gently laid out by unseen hands. Whisper soft laughs penetrate the still air, what sound like female voices saying thank you. Camera pulls back to reveal puncture wounds on their necks.

int. Jack and Daniel’s house. night

Jack is seated at the table playing chess with himself while Daniel’s on the couch reading the book he got at the bookstore. He starts flipping through the pages very quickly and throws the book against the wall. Jack comes over, places his hands on Daniel’s shoulders and kisses the top of his head.)

Jack: Bedtime.

Daniel pats on of Jack’s hands.

Daniel: I'll be back in a few minutes.

Jack exits and Daniel retrieves the book and places it on the coffee table, looking at it for a few seconds before turning off the lamp.

night dissolves to morning

int. police department. day

Jim enters the building, walks toward the elevators, and pushes the up button. as he’s waiting for the elevator car he notices that all the walls are covered with pictures of missing persons. The doors open and Jim steps out of the elevator.

int. major crimes. day

Jim, standing in front of the closed elevator, takes stock of his surroundings and heads to Simon’s office. He knocks on the door. Simon calls for him to come in. Jim enters.

int. Simon’s office. day

Simon is behind the desk. He rises and greets Jim with a handshake.

Simon: Ellison. just in time. I need you over at the university asap. There were two murders last night.

Jim: Shouldn’t homicide handle that?

Simon sticks a cigar in his mouth and chuckles. Jim is clearly not amused.

Simon: Homicide’s got its hands full.

Jim: Don’t I have some paperwork to fill out?

Simon shoves a folder at him.

Simon: You can do that later. The pension lady, (Simon shakes his head sadly) Vera’s swamped with her paperwork, so it can wait awhile. No rush. Get a move on.

Jim turns around to leave. Simon has swiveled in his chair and is fixing himself a cup of coffee. Jim’s hand is on the door when Simon’s cursing causes him to turn around. Simon has spilled coffee on himself and is simultaneously writing something on a sticky note and trying to mop up the spill.

Simon: Here. (gives Jim a slip of paper) You’ll want to get in touch with this guy. Vampirism is his specialty.

Jim: Vampirism?

Simon: Exsanguination. Both girls had puncture marks on their necks.

Jim: You’re kidding, right?

Simon: No.

int. Blair’s office. day

He is in his office listening to German music and singing along. Outside his office, Jim pauses in front of the door and shakes his head in disbelief. He knocks but Blair doesn’t hear him. He enters the office and watches with disgust and fascination as Blair dances with his back to Jim. Blair eventually turns around and sees Jim watching. He lowers the volume a little bit.

Blair: Vampir. German rock opera. You’d like it. Seventies, right? Well, it’s right up your alley then. Hanging in the basement listening to Meatloaf, getting stoned, seeking the source.

Jim: Who are you? I'm looking for a Professor (looks at sheet of paper Simon gave him) Sandburg. Know where I can find him?

Blair: That depends.

Jim: On what?

Blair: On whether you’re gonna lose the attitude.

Jim grabs Blair’s collar and shoves him against the wall.

Jim: Look, you pixie, opera punk, you cooperate or I'm going to have to search those desk drawers for illegal substances.

Blair: Man, you need to chill out. You’re gonna get an ulcer or hypertension or something.

Jim lets go of Blair. Blair clears away the cluttered chair and motions for Jim to sit. Then he goes behind his desk and sits down. He holds out a hand for Jim to shake. Jim snubs the offer.

Blair: I'm not a professor, working on it, but it’s not a done deal for at least another two years.

Jim: You’re Sandburg?

Blair: You have a problem with that?

Jim: I was expecting someone a little older. More refined. Stuffy. I don’t know, glasses or something.

Blair reaches into his pocket, pulls out his glasses and puts them on. Jim is not amused.

Blair: Yeah, I get that a lot. So what can I do for you, Mr.?

Jim: Ellison. Detective Ellison. I've been told you’re an expert on vampires.

Blair: I'm writing my thesis on the modern vampire family values, well, it’s more complicated than that, but that’s basically it. I'm studying their heritage, culture, group structure, that sort of thing.

Jim: Whoa, back up a minute, Chief. You’re telling me you actually believe in vampires?

Blair: Yeah, and if you’re planning on living a long life in Cascade, man, then you’d better start too.

Jim: Vampires don’t exist.

Blair: Then why are you here?

Jim: I'm here because my boss told me to come.

It finally sinks in with Blair that Jim is there because there’s been a murder.

Blair: The thing about modern vampires is that most go out of their way to procure blood without killing. Killing’s messy. It involves finding a victim that society won’t miss. Then they have to dispose of the body. Fairly lengthy process when it would be so much easier to knock off a blood bank, don’t you think? Plus, Hollywood has it so wrong.

Jim: How so?

Blair: You know, the whole Bram Stoker folklore. Dracula. Bloodlust. The hunger. Understandable that he wanted to get a little racy, considering the times and all, but man, he got it all wrong.

Jim: So, then, who would murder two young women and try to make it look like a vampire killing? Since you’re the expert?

Blair looks him in the eye, disturbed yet distracted. He picks up his backpack and starts shoving books and paper in it.

Blair: They must have been agitated.

Jim: Who?

Blair: Look, man, I have to go.

Blair makes for the door. Jim grabs his arm and holds him in place.

Jim: You’re not going anywhere. I'm not finished with you yet.

Blair breaks free and rushes out of the office.

int. Daniel’s lair. day

Daniel is sucking on a neck. Hands come down and push him away.

Daniel: (protesting) Jack.

Hands guide Daniel’s head to an inner thigh where Daniel begins sucking on the femoral artery. Moaning is heard from the owner of the thigh. camera pans up to see Jack’s eyes shut tight from the exquisite pleasure Daniel’s inflicting.

Jack: Daniel!

Jack arches off the bed but Daniel holds him down so he’s not levitating. Daniel strokes the length of Jack’s inner thigh before lying on top of Jack. He leans in for a kiss. His lips are bloody. They kiss deeply and passionately. Daniel loops his fingers around Jack’s dog tags.

Daniel: You can suck my neck. No one will care if I have a hickie. Not that we can get hickies, of course, but it’s nice to delve into fantasy…

Jack sinks his teeth into Daniel’s artery and drinks. They rock together in prolonged orgasmic bliss.

Jack: It’s been two hundred years.

Daniel: I know.

Jack: And it’s still not old.

Daniel: Nope. You’re still obsessed with explosives. Get raging hard ons for bombs.

Jack: Yep. You’re still you too. The sex gets better though.

Daniel: That’s because we’ve had lots and lots of practice.

Jack extracts himself from the embrace, gets out of bed and puts on his bdus.

Jack: Want to tell me what last night was all about?

Daniel wraps a sheet around himself and heads out to the kitchen to start making coffee.

Jack: Daniel? That wasn’t smart.

(Daniel comes back carrying two cups of coffee. He hands one to Jack)

Daniel: Yeah, well not all of us get paid to vent our frustrations on the job.

Jack: It’s never too late to change careers.

Daniel: Not in this lifetime.

Jack: That’s what? Another thirty years tops, with hair dye and what not? Then, Daniel, you can be all you can be.

Daniel: (snorts) It won’t happen again.

Jack: (tousles Daniel’s hair) I know. So, may I ask what caused the frustration?

Daniel inhales a whiff of coffee and then sets it on the bedside table. He starts getting dressed.

Daniel: Blair should’ve turned by now. It’s been five years.

Jack: Scientific conundrum, okay, but I know you and that’s not enough.

Daniel: I don’t know what it is. Stop worrying. I'll be fine.

Jack straps a gun to his ankle.

Jack: See? That’s it. That’s what I'm talking about. I'll be fine. The three most dangerous words in the English language.

Daniel starts to say something but Jack holds up a hand in protest.

Jack: No, the effect would not be different if you said it in Quechua or Farsi or Lithuanian.

Jack puts on his coat and takes a bottle of pills from the nightstand. He opens it and pops two capsules in his mouth, shakes two out in his hand and holds them out for Daniel to take.

Daniel: You’re going to be late colonel.

Daniel pulls Jack in for a kiss.

Jack: Don’t think I don’t know evasion when I see it.

Jack leaves. Daniel powers up his computer and clicks on an icon labeled A.

int. registrar’s office. day

Jim enters and the clerk, Nancy, briefly looks up to acknowledge his presence then goes back to what she was doing.

Jim: Excuse me?

Nancy: (not looking up) Yes?

Jim: I need you to look up some records for me.

Nancy: (looking up) You’re not a teacher.

Jim: No, but I am a police officer and I need to see the records of Lisa Patterson and Mona Guese.

Nancy: Where’s your badge?

Jim reaches to pull out his badge when he remembers he wasn’t given one yet. Nancy is smirking.

Jim: The department didn’t have time to issue me one yet.

Nancy: Uh-huh. Come back when you do and bring a warrant too.

Jim: Look, these girls were murdered last night. Now I can go back to the station and get a warrant but that’s gonna take time and that’s something I don’t have right now if I want to catch the low life that killed them.

Nancy: Not to sound cold and heartless, Mr. Ellison, but people get killed all the time around here. I could get fired.

Jim: (trying to be charming and not succeeding) You obviously have a good heart. I'll talk to your boss for you.

Adam enters. He recognizes Jim from last night. He slides to the left end of the counter and starts leafing through some pamphlets lying there.

Nancy: What could be in their school records that would be of any value to you?

Jim: I don’t know. That’s why I'd like to look at them.

Nancy: For all I know you could be some sleazy reporter looking for a big scoop.

Adam laughs. They both turn to look at him. Jim recognizes him.

Nancy: Professor Pierson I didn’t hear you come in.

Adam: You were otherwise engaged.

Nancy: Can I help you with something?

Adam: I was only stopping in to drop off some withdrawal forms. You’d better get this fellow his records Nancy, he really is a cop.

Nancy gives Jim a dirty look but types something into the computer. A few seconds later a printer is spewing forth the records. She pushes her chair back to the printer, rips them off and hands them to Jim. She then stands up and goes over to collect Adam’s form. Jim scans the records, noticing that both girls were enrolled in “erotic folklore’ taught by Blair Sandburg. Jim exits. Adam follows him. Jim is unaware that he’s being tailed.

int. Daniel’s home office. day

Blair lets himself in with a key. He disarms the security. He calls out for Daniel but no one answers. He briefly searches the place to find it empty. He breaks into the computer and pulls up the records Daniel was checking out. He opens a page with a picture of Alex in the upper left corner.

Blair: Oh, man. The girl's are back in town? Not good. So not good.

He purposefully leaves the computer on and leaves.

int. major crimes. day

Jim is running a check on Blair. It comes up clean. Megan enters to hurrahs. Jim looks up and watches her approach his desk. She has a bow slung across her back and a pouch of arrows strapped to her waist.

Megan: Detective Ellison?

Jim nods.

Megan: I'm inspector Megan Connor. Your new partner.

Jim is unsuccessfully trying not to laugh at her arsenal.

Jim: Sure you’re not trying out for the-Buffy-grew-up-show?

Megan pulls out an arrow and slams it down on his desk. A hush falls over the room as everyone watches the scene unfold with anticipation.

Megan: Laugh all you want now detective, you’ll change your mind. They always do.

Jim: I've spent forty-three years not believing, see no reason to start now.

Megan: Give it a week. You will. Now, if you’re going to be my partner were going to have to get you kitted up with a P-90 and some ammo. No worries though, I have a friend in the military- space metallurgist actually, but she can get me what I need.

Jim: Since when do police officers get issued military assault rifles?

Simon walks up to them and lays down a standard issue Beretta and a badge on Jim’s desk.

Simon: They don’t, so in the meantime, use this.

Megan: Captain I …

Jim tunes them out and picks up one of the arrows to examine. He is touching its tip when he zones. Megan sees him fingering it and yanks it away from him.

Megan: Don’t touch that.

Jim is unresponsive.

Simon: Ellison, I don’t pay you to daydream. Snap out of it.

They try everything they can to bring him out of it but nothing works.

cut to: ext. police building. day

Blair is going into the building when an arm grabs him and pulls him around the corner.

Adam: You can’t go in there.

Blair: Why not?

Adam: It’s not a good time, that’s why not.

Blair: Look, I don’t have time for this. I think Alex and her she-pack banshee wolves are back in town. I need to talk to Megan.

Adam: Yeah, that’s a possibility. One I sincerely don’t care much for.

Blair: What are you doing here?

Adam: Looking after your arse for one. Keeping tabs on the coppers for two. Those girls were in your class.

Blair: They think I'm a suspect?

Adam: If they had this they might.

Adam pulls out a leather hair tie with an engraving of a wolf from his pocket. Blair grabs it from him.

Blair: Where did you get that?

Adam: On the body of the girl I found in your office.

Blair: What?

Adam snatches the tie back from Blair.

Adam: It’s a curious thing, Blair, this natural immunity you seem to possess. Especially considering your genetic constitution.

Blair contemplates this as Adam disappears.

cut to: major crimes. day

Jim is still zoned.

Megan: We should call a doctor. This isn’t normal.

The elevator door opens. Blair steps out and makes his way through the crowd gathered around Jim’s desk.

Blair: (to Brown) Hey, H., what’s going on?

Brown: This new guy Ellison was touchin’ one of those antiviral coated arrows and he went catatonic. Been like that for ten minutes now.

Blair: Guys, let me through.

The crowd parts and Blair steps up beside Megan who is getting ready to slap Jim. Blair grabs her arm in time to stop her.

Blair: That’s not going to work.

Megan: Sandy?

Blair: Megan? don’t call me that. Hey, everyone back off, I think I know what’s going on.

The crowd reluctantly disperses with only Megan and Simon sticking close by. Blair moves closer to Jim.

Blair: What’s his first name?

Simon: It’s Jim. What’s wrong with him Sandburg?

Blair: Do me a favor and leave?

Simon and Megan don’t budge.

Blair: Please?

They leave and go into Simon’s office. Simon opens the blinds so they can watch what is going on. Blair puts his hand on Jim’s forearm and starts gently caressing it.

Blair: Jim, hi, I'm Blair Sandburg, remember? we met in my office this morning? Now, that antiviral agent is only a threat to those with a rare infectious blood disease…

Jim’s focus is back.

Jim: Vampires again, Chief?

Blair: That happen often?

Jim: Sometimes. While you’re here I'll need you to answer some questions.

Jim motions for Blair to sit down. Simon and Megan come back out.

Megan: Everything all right?

Jim: Yeah, never been better. Could we start doing some police work around here?

Simon hands Jim a fax sheet.

Simon: Medical examiner faxed this over while Sandburg was bringing you out of your coma. I'll expect preliminary findings on my desk by the end of today.

Simon heads back to his office. Jim looks up from reading the fax sheet.

Jim: (to Blair) Where were you around 11 pm last night?

Megan: Why?

Blair: I'm a suspect, right?

Jim: You could say that.

Megan: What!?

Blair: I was…

Megan: Sandy don’t answer that. (to Jim) Sandy’s a consultant with this department. He helps us solves crimes. He’s not in the habit of committing them.

Blair: Megan, I can defend myself and stop calling me Sandy.

Megan: Never said you couldn’t.

Jim: So, Sandburg, where were you?

Adam strolls up to Jim’s desk. He kisses Megan on the cheek.

Adam: With me.

Megan looks at her watch and then Adam.

Megan: I thought I said one o’clock.

Adam: The hijinx are playing a free concert in the park. Thought I'd stop in and see if you’d want to take an earlier lunch.

Megan: Can’t. Need to do something about my new partner’s mental constipation.

Adam gives Jim a knowing smile. Jim’s jaw is twitching.

Adam: Where are my manners? I suppose I should introduce myself. Adam Pierson.

Adam extends a hand for Jim to shake. Jim reluctantly takes it.

Megan: My husband.

Jim drops Adam’s hand.

Jim: Huh?

Megan: Adam’s my husband.

(Jim rubs his forehead)

Jim: Great. That’s just great. So, Mr. Pierson, where exactly where you and Mr. Sandburg last night around 11 pm?

Adam: Joe’s.

Blair: It’s this amazing blues club, man, we ought to go sometime. You like the blues?

Jim: I like answers. Got any for me?

Jim stands and puts his jacket on.

Megan: Where are you going?

Jim: To do my job. To detect. To find a killer. To get away from you crazy people. If you’ll excuse me…

They move aside so Jim can leave. Blair picks up the fax and reads it.

Adam: I'd say that went well.

Megan and Blair glare at him.

Adam: What?

Megan: What!? I'll tell you what, you bastard. Last night’s victims bring the tally to over 130 in the last month.

Adam: 131. There was one in Blair’s office. Took care of it. No worries.

Megan: My worry is that you and your pals are deluding yourselves into thinking this is some random act of coincidence. I think we know it’s more than that.

Blair: (Waving the fax at them) No blood. It’s definitely them. They always…

Megan: …leave them looking pretty.

Blair takes off.

ext. streets of Cascade. day

Jim is parked at a red light when he notices a tall skinny blond, Ray, and tall muscular brunette, Krycek animatedly talking at the bus stop. Jim turns up his hearing and listens in.

Ray: I'm tellin’ you, Naomi’s gettin’ in a shipment of dark charm today.

Krycek: Man, you are so full of shit. Where’s the damn bus? We’re gonna be late again.

Ray: Yeah, yeah, but do you hear me? Do you hear me?

Krycek: Yeah, I hear you. Another night of swarming vampires. I'm sick of vampires. I need a new career. Give me a gun and oil shifting aliens and I'll shine.

Ray: (snorts) Yeah but does it pay as well? The bus pulls up and the two men get on.

Jim: Vampires? What the hell is it with this town? Naomi? I wonder…

The light turns green and Jim pulls a u-turn to head towards the marina. As he’s driving he pulls out his cell phone.

Jim: This is Detective Ellison. I need a number for a bookstore down at the marina… no, I don’t have the name… no, I do not think you’re a librarian… how many bookstores can… oh? Just give me the first one.

Jim hangs up and dials in the number he’s been given.

cut to: the book brew. day

The store is empty. Pan camera through the store and back into the office where Naomi is flopped in her desk chair. A flurry of movement is seen to the right of her chair, near the window. Angle in: her neck has two puncture wounds but she is still breathing. The phone rings and the answering machine picks up.

int. museum. Daniel’s office. day

Daniel is perusing a large, old book when Blair storms in. Blair walks up to the desk and flips the book so that he can see the cover.

Blair: Hmm.

Daniel: Blair.

Blair: You need to get the family together.

Daniel: The family? You make it sound like we’re the mob.

Blair: You are a mob.

Daniel: Better include yourself then.

Daniel opens a drawer, pulls out a book and hands it to Blair. Blair takes it with great enthusiasm.

Blair: Whoa. This is… this is… I don’t know what to say. The last copy was reputed to have been destroyed in Peru over a hundred years ago.

Daniel: It was.

Blair: But it’s…

Daniel: Look closer

Angle in: the old worn journal.

Blair opens the cover and the title page reads “Personal diary of Jackson Daniels, scholar and explorer."

Blair: Must be a bitch having to change your name every couple of decades.

Daniel: And sometimes it is easier to allow another scholar to achieve the success of your discoveries. I met Rick in Arabia. We traveled together awhile and during those times he talked on and on and on about people with enhanced senses. So, I decided he should actually meet one.

Blair: He called them sentinels.

Daniel: Actually, it wasn’t Burton, it was Jack who thought they needed a better classification than preternatural peoples.

Blair: Once a warrior…

Daniel: Yeah.

Blair: Wait a minute. You’ve known all this time and you’re just now sharing? Why?

Daniel: I thought we’d have more time. Since that doesn’t appear to be the case, I'd thought you’d want to get started.

Blair: Boy, do i ever, but I already have a diss topic, and what do you mean you’d thought we’d have more time?

Daniel: Blair, I've been down the kooky-scientist-no-one-takes-seriously road before and it’s not pleasant.

Daniel checks his watch and grimaces.

Daniel: The time thing? I have a meeting and I'm already late, so we’ll talk later, all right?

Blair: Tonight then? 10?

Daniel: I'll do my best. Better make it our place.

Blair: Thanks. (shakes book) This is incredible.

Daniel: And, Blair? You might want to bring a suitcase.

Blair: No. No way.

Daniel gives him a look that says it’s an order not an offer and exits.

ext. military installation. day

cut to: int. thirty floors down. day

Jack, Sam, and Janet are in a lab. Sam and Janet are looking at slides on a computer from an electron microscope. Jack’s wandering about the room picking up objects at random and studying them. Sam is keeping an eye out for him.

Sam: Sir. That equipment’s not cheap.

Jack: Carter? I'm filthy stinkin’ rich, I could probably finance another hundred of these hickeydoos here.

Sam: That’s not the point, sir.

Jack: Find anything yet?

Janet: No. It’s almost as if the cells in Blair’s blood dissolve the virus found in yours but I can’t figure out how it happens. Or why. And every time I analyze it, it’s different. I've vectored in every conceivable factor I can allow for – environmental changes, diet, natural aging process, disease, chemical and hormonal imbalances- and I've done a lot of extracurricular research sir.

To illustrate, Janet opens a file with an image of Blair’s bloodwork from five years ago and pulls it up beside the current image. The changes are significant.

Jack: Can’t we bring in a virologist to assist you? A herpetologist?

Sam: I think you mean hematologist, sir.

Jack: I don’t think so, Carter. Janet?

Janet: I don’t see how someone who studies snakes can help us, sir.

Sam: Sir, we’ve discussed this.

Jack: (confused) Snakes? (shakes his head) Well, I'd like to see someone try to put us behind bars in a lab.

Sam: It could happen.

Jack: Never underestimate the enemy, yadda, yadda, yadda. Carter, I've been fighting wars since way before you were born. Since before any of your ancestors were born.

Janet lets out a startled non verbal response to what she is seeing on the screen.

Janet: That’s never happened before.

Sam and Jack focus on the screen. All of the blood cells that are Jack’s are now dead.

Jack: They don’t look like donuts anymore. What’s that mean? Sam and Janet exchange looks of worry.

Janet: I think we’ve found a way to permanently eradicate vampires.

Jack: Blair’s blood can kill me?

Janet: It would appear so, sir.

Jack: Well, that’s just a bit too biblical for my tastes.

Jack has pulled out his cell phone and is dialing.

Jack: (into phone) Get Sandburg back to my place. Now.

ext. the book brew. day

Jim tries the door and finds it locked, so he goes around back to investigate. He sees the open window but it’s too high so he finds a crate to stand on and peer in. It’s somewhat gloomy inside so he opens up his senses- eyes first, but Naomi’s behind the desk and out of his view.

Angle in on his nostril’s flaring.

He jumps off the crate, runs back to the front and kicks in the door, runs through the store to the office where he finds Naomi unconscious. He pulls out his cellphone.

Jim: This is Detective Ellison, I've got a 10-60 and a 10-37 here. Get a bus and a forensics unit over to The Book Brew down at the marketplace asap.

Jim checks Naomi’s vitals and finds that her respiration is shallow but that her heart is strong. He’s so absorbed that he doesn’t hear Ray and Krycek enter. Ray has a raised ax and Krycek is pointing a gun at Jim.

Ray: I'd advise you to back away from the lady, right now.

Jim looks up stunned to find weapons trained on him. He starts to rise when Krycek hinders his progress by stepping into his face and putting the gun to his head.

Krycek: He asked nicely. I won’t.

Jim raises his hands in supplication and goes back into his crouching position.

Krycek: Who are you?

Ray: What do you mean, who is he? (Ray points to the puncture wounds)

Krycek: Did you remember to dip that ax?

Ray: Shouldn’t we grill him, then kill him?

Jim: Cop killers don’t go over well in jail.

Sirens are heard. Krycek turns away and Jim dives at his knees, taking him out. Uniforms rush in as Ray raises the ax.

Uniform one: Drop it. The CPD does not employ vampires.

Ray: (surprised) You’re really a cop?

Jim glares at him as uniform one cuffs Ray. The EMTs come in and start checking out Naomi. EMT two pulls a vial out of her pocket, squeezes some liquid onto her fingers and rubs it over the puncture wounds.

Ray: She gonna be okay?

EMT one: Should be. Her color’s good. They’ll transfuse her and she’ll be good to go in a few days.

Ray: Where you taking her?

EMT two: Cascade General.

Krycek nods in relief and turns to Jim.

Krycek: Tt’s the only place in town that deals with vamp vics.

They lift Naomi on a stretcher.

Ray: Thanks.

They take Naomi out.

Uniform one starts pushing Ray towards the entrance as Megan enters.

Megan: (wiggling her finger at uniform one) Unh, unh, unh. He’s mine. Lose the cuffs.

Uniform one does so immediately. Jim is none too pleased.

Jim: He tried to cut off my head with an ax.

Ray has pulled out his cell phone and is dialing.

Krycek: Megan. You know this guy?

Megan: Alex, Ray, say hello to my new partner.

Ray holds up a finger to indicate she be quiet.

Ray: (into phone) They’re taking your mom to Cascade General. We’ll meet you there.

He hangs up the phone and holds out a hand for Jim to shake.

Megan: Jimbo, this is Ray and Alex, Cascade’s volunteer anti-vampire corps.

Jim is about to laugh when Krycek’s challenging look stops him cold.

Megan: You boys have a nice chat. You’re going to be spending a lot of time together. Alex and her bitches are back in town and it’s going to take all of our collaborative efforts to bring them to hell. Krycek, call your FBI guy and see what he can get us. Kowalski?

Ray looks up from the stack of comics he is collecting.

Ray: Yeah?

Megan tosses him Blair’s hair tie but Jim catches it before he can and Jim sniffs it.

Jim: This is Sandburg’s.

Ray snatches it away from Jim and pockets it.

Ray: I'll have Fraser meet us at the hospital.

Megan: Okay, great. I'll call Daniel and have him cover Naomi. Jimbo? Go with Alex and Ray, they’ll get you up to speed on everything you to need to know.

Megan rushes out of the store.

Jim: Alex and her bitches?

Ray: Head vampire whacko. Old as a dinosaur.

Krycek: Even an asteroid couldn’t kill her.

Krycek and Ray exchange a look and smirk. Ray hands Jim the comics while Krycek gently pushes him towards the front of the store.

Jim: (paging through the comics) You’ve got to be kidding.

Ray: Nope. For the condensated, no, uh, not that, uh, condensed, yeah, condensed, version they’re fairly accurate and a fun read.

They exit the store.

ext. the marketplace and the book brew. day

Jim, Ray, and Alex notice Fraser trying to be inconspicuous at a flower store. Ray tosses his keys to Krycek who walks toward the parking area and saunters over to Fraser, but Jim beats him to it and slams Fraser against the flower stall causing it to fall down. Diefenbaker jumps out of a clump of flowers and attaches himself to Jim’s leg. Jim releases Fraser and attempts to remove Dief without success.

Jim: Get off me.

Fraser: Diefenbaker, release the detective now.

Dief doesn’t listen and Ray shakes his head.

Ray: Fraze? He’s deaf. Like this, remember? Dief, let go of Jimbo, exclamation point.

Dief releases Jim and goes over to Ray who digs in his pocket and gives him some food.

Fraser: Ray, do not feed him those empty processed calories.

Ray: (smirks) Fresh out of pemmican.

Ray reaches in the other pocket and gives Fraser Blair’s hair tie. Jim watches suspiciously.

Fraser: Diefenbaker’s the best tracker in the north.

Jim scrubs at his forehead and looks at them like they’re all crazy when Krycek pulls up in Ray’s GTO and motions for all them to get in. Ray gets in the front with Krycek and Jim, Ben and Dief take the back. Krycek drives away.

int. major crimes. day

Frantic activity abounds. Simon can be seen in his office shouting to someone over the phone. Megan is at her desk looking through files on her computer and holding her phone against her ear.

Megan: (into phone) Sam, it’s Connor again. (looking around office) I'm getting worried. Call me.

Megan looks back at her screen-.

Angle in to show a surveillance tape of Alex walking through a park on top of a cliff above the bay and then seemingly disappearing.

Megan rewinds it and watches again. She prints out a screen capture, grabs it, jumps up and goes to Simon’s office.

int. Simon’s office. day

Megan gestures for Simon to hang up. He does.

Simon: That was the mayor.

Megan: (handing the picture to Simon) I think I know the location of their lair.

Simon: That’s the old hotel over on…

Megan: (nods yes) Assemble everyone you’ve got, sir. I'll go get the reinforcements. I'll call when I know the plan.

Megan exits. Simon gets back on the phone.

int. Alex’s lair. day

Janet is strapped to a chair and in bad shape. Nirti is wielding a hand device, attempting to get answers to her questions. Alex walks in the room and assesses the situation. Alex flies at her and rips the hand device away, puts a hand around her neck and starts strangling her.

Alex: I am an Olmec queen. I was alive before your parasitic wench cousins came and stole all the knowledge you were too stupid to possess yourselves, so I'll say it again, Nirti, do what you’re told or I'll yank you out of this beautiful woman and put you in a gorilla.

Nirti obeys and exits the room. Alex goes to Janet and brushes the hair out of her eyes and offers her a drink of water.

Alex: I have never been able to find good help. Women are just so… catty, don’t you think?

Janet drinks some water and spits it on Alex’s face.

Alex: You’ve got spunk, Janet. You’d make a fine companion.

Janet: Go ahead. I still won’t tell you anything.

Alex: I believe you and that’s why I'm going to have to do away with you. Victoria? come have some lunch, honey.

Victoria enters and starts slowly feasting on Janet.

Alex: You see, Janet, it’s simple- I don’t need your research. I only need your research subject. Vic? When you’re done, dump her in Jackson’s office.

Victoria: Mmm, finally. Let the fight begin.

int. GTO. day

Fraser: We didn’t have a proper introduction last evening, Detective Ellison. I'm Benton Fraser of the Northwest Mounted Police, I came to Cascade on …

Ray: Fraser, you need a new story, that’s what, 150 years old now? (Ray reaches in the back and flips through the comics, opens a page and hands it back to Jim) Now, Jimbo what you need to know is this….

Jim studies the drawings carefully. He points to a picture.

Jim: That’s Sandburg.

Ray: Yeah, he’s like the holy grill to the vampires.

Fraser: Grail.

Ray: Grail? Are you sure? He’s like the cheeseburger of cheeseburgers to those guys.

Fraser: I'm positive, Ray. The Holy Grail was the bowl that Christ drank from at the Last Supper.

Ray: Oh, yeah, that whole transubduction thing the nuns used to go on and on about.

Fraser rolls his eyes at Jim.

Fraser: Sandburg is something of a mystery to us. He needs our protection.

Jim: You guys are nuts. And you are still suspects. You were at the store last night. Naomi was afraid of you.

Fraser: It would have appeared that way, yes, but you would be wrong.

Ray; Here we go.

(Krycek pulls up in front of the hospital).

Krycek: Get out. I'll park.

Jim, Ray, and Fraser get out and walk towards the hospital while Krycek pulls into the garage across the street.

int. Cascade General. day

Jim is paging through the comics and beginning to take things more seriously.

Jim: (to Fraser) You’re a vampire? What about the whole sunlight deal?

Ray: Fraser may be a freak, but vampire he is not. He just can’t die is all.

Fraser: I am not a vampire myself, no, but I have been privy to their habits for many years and in the course of my studies I have come to the conclusion that older vampires are immune to sunlight. I believe it to be a mind-over-matter phenomenon, as is perhaps the case with many vampire mythologies.

Jim: What you believe becomes reality?

Ray: Yeah, cool huh? You can actually kill some vampires with wooden stakes.

The elevator opens and they exit.

int. hospital corridor. day

They exit into the corridor, look around and see some uniforms in front of a door and proceed to it.

ext. Jack and Daniel’s house. day

Daniel approaches the house in battle ready maneuvers. The front door is slightly ajar. Daniel stops and listens and hears nothing. He sniffs the air and stiffens. He enters the house.

int. Jack and Daniel’s house. day

The house is in shambles- furniture overturned- it’s been searched thoroughly. Daniel makes his way into the sunken living room where he discovers Sam’s body a bloody mess. With tears in his eyes he comes closer and sees what looks like a note in her blood. He bends down to read the scrawl by her hand where with her own blood she wrote, find Janet. He stands up and looks around the room, focusing on a closet. He goes over to the closet, opens it and removes what appears to be a small bomb. He sets the timer for 5 minutes, places it by the body and leaves.

ext. Jack and Daniel’s house. day

Daniel hurries to his car and gets in.

int. Daniel’s car. day

Daniel gets out his phone and dials and then drives away quickly.

int. hospital corridor. day

Jim flashes his badge and peeks his head into the room and sees there is no patient but rather an older man in military dress uniform sitting in a chair, talking on the phone. Jack looks up and sees Jim and grimaces.

Jack: (into phone) Keep driving. Half the gaggle just arrived. I'll call you when I have a plan.

Jack hangs up and motions for the uniform to allow Jim entrance.

int. Naomi’s room. day

Jim enters.

ext. Naomi’s room. day

Fraser has a few words with uniform one. Uniform one leaves. Ray says something to Fraser and walks away from them and Fraser enters the room, standing guard in the doorway.

int. Naomi’s room. day

Jack: Detective Ellison? I'm Jack O'Neill. The boys here brief you?

Jim: There’s a pack of crazy bitches with some vendetta against you all. There are vampires involved, who may or may not be impervious to sunlight, can be killed with special arrows, ammo, and axes dipped in some kind of poison, and Blair Sandburg is something special to them.

Jack: Sounds like a bunch of hooey, huh?

They hear nonstop chattering come down the hall and then Blair, pushing past Fraser bursts into the room.

Blair: Where’s my mom?

Jim: Your mom?

int. parking garage. day

In the dim garage, Krycek is walking quickly towards the elevators when a car pulls out of a spot and comes barreling towards him. He runs. The passenger door opens letting out a cloud of smoke and a blonde woman. The car speeds away and the woman quickly gains on Krycek. He reaches for his gun but is not fast enough. She slams him against the wall. He struggles but is paralyzed by her and cannot move.

Marita: Alex, Alex, Alex, what did I tell you?

Marita traces a finger along Krycek’s neck.

Krycek: I told you I'd see you in hell.

Marita: Mmm. (she licks his neck) Not so soon. Alex, you used to love this.

Krycek: That’s before I knew what a traitorous bitch you really were.

Marita: (she gently bites into him and starts drinking) The cause no longer suited my best interests. Now, tell me where O'Neill’s lair is.

Krycek: I still believe.

A force rocks Marita hard against Krycek. They both fall down and there is an arrow sticking out of her. Krycek looks up and sees a man in a trench coat.

Mulder: He still believes, you paranormal whore.

Mulder pushes Marita off Krycek. He takes a vial out of his pocket and rubs a salve over the puncture wounds and helps Krycek get up.

Mulder: You okay?

Krycek: Better all the time. One down. Only a handful to go? We’re making progress.

They exit into the elevator hallway.

int. elevator bank. day

Mulder: The gunmen think they may have come up with Alex’s lair. Satellite photos.

Krycek rubs at the bite marks on his neck as the elevator door opens. They get in.

int. elevator. day

When the door closes, Mulder pushes the button for lobby, turns with his back to the door and watches Krycek, giving him a lewd smirk. Krycek reaches out an arm and hauls Mulder to him, kissing him passionately. They break apart when the elevator dings.

Krycek: Thanks.

The door opens and they step out.

int. Naomi’s room. day

O'Neill: I had them run a few extra tests to be safe.

Blair rushes over to him, gesticulating wildly and speaking frantically.

Blair: How long have you known they were back in town, huh? You think none of us had a right to know? To protect ourselves? To protect her? Did you think they wouldn’t come after her too? Some super-bad-ass-special ops guy you are.

Jim gives a nod at Jack in reference to their military background.

Blair: Why didn’t you blow her to kingdom come since you’re so fond of blowing things up? Do I need to remind you what happened the last time? And they killed some of my students. Man, this sucks. I have two months to finish my dissertation, if I'm not dead by then, and I'll probably be dead by then, anyway, so why should I care, except that of course I care because I've spent the last six years of my life working on this…

Jim reaches lightly grabs Blair’s arm.

Jim: Whoa, Sparky, turn the juice down. I'm starting to get a headache. And I already have a migraine from all this nonsense.

Blair is silent and still and stares at Jim’s hand, a slow smile starting to spread across his face. Jack notices the smile and turns to Jim and glares.

Jim: (to Ben) He’s the Blair you wanted that book for?

Fraser: A-hem.

Blair doesn’t hear him and keeps smiling as Mulder and Krycek wheel Naomi into her room.

Blair: I've invested. I've committed.

Jim starts to remove his hand from Blair’s arm and Blair takes it and squeezes.

Blair: I've found.

Naomi smiles when she sees Jim.

Naomi: When he was a boy he used to pretend he was…

Blair drops Jim’s hand.

Blair: Mom! Did they infuse you?

Krycek and Mulder put the bed in place and Blair goes to sit on the edge beside Naomi while Mulder goes over to shake Jack’s hand and give him a slip of paper.

Naomi: Blair, honey, I'm fine. (to Jim) I'm Naomi.

Jim extends a hand and they shake with her holding on longer than necessary.

Jim: Jim Ellison.

Naomi: Jim, I have to apologize about last night. I'm usually a much better hostess, but I…

Blair: You two know each other?

Jack sizes Jim up.

Jim: We just met, Sandburg. No, I was at the harbor last night and I heard some trouble and thought I'd investigate.

Blair perks up.

Blair: You heard trouble? What did you hear?

Jim: The guy at the door, my partner’s husband, and some other guy were…

O'Neill: Daniel.

They turn to stare at him.

Jim: …and Daniel were threatening your mom.

O'Neill: Oh, for Pete’s sake, they weren’t threatening her.

Fraser: We were most certainly not threatening her.

Naomi: They weren’t threatening me.

Ray walks in holding bags of food. Jack rubs his hands together.

O'Neill: Oh, goodie. Snacks.

Jim: Vampires eat?

Blair: Vampires are nothing like you see on tv, okay? They’re human, all right? Humans with some advanced advantages. Not unlike you. In your case, however, your advantages were developed without a virus. It must’ve been your time in Peru. I read all about it. Living all alone in the jungles. Bugs, snakes, the heat, the rain. Yeck. it must’ve been terrible.

Jim grabs Blair and hauls him up against the wall.

Jim: My time in Peru is classified.

Blair: I can see I have my work cut out for me with you. Nothing’s classified if you have Jack’s password.

Jim releases Blair, then O'Neill grabs Blair's shoulders and pushes him back against the wall.

O'Neill: We’ve talked about this before.

Naomi: Stop manhandling your son, you fascist goon!

Jim sits down in the chair Jack has vacated while Jack snatches the bag from Ray’s hands and extracts some Doritos. He opens the bag and holds it out in offering but everyone denies. He starts eating. His phone rings while he’s crunching. He makes an excuse me gesture and turns toward the window.

O'Neill: ‘Lo?

cut to: ext. Cascade mountain. day

Megan is standing in front of an enormous smoking hole where the base used to be, phone to her ear.

Megan: (into phone) The base is gone.

cut to: hospital room. day

Jack takes a deep breath, turns around to look at everyone in the room and then turns back to the window.

Jack: (into phone) That’s a problem.

Jack’s phone beeps.

Jack: (into phone) That’s Daniel. Look, go get Pierson and stay there until I call back.

He hangs up with her and takes Daniel’s call.

Jack: (into phone) What do you got?

cut to: Daniel’s car. day

Daniel is speeding down a highway.

Daniel: We have a plan B, right?

cut to: hospital room. day

Jack: (into phone) Goddamn those bitches to hell. It took me nine hundred and eighty three years to find a house I liked for the right price.

cut to: Daniel’s car. day

Daniel exits the freeway and starts driving down a residential street of modest houses.

Daniel: I'm getting the book. You get a plan B, colonel.

Daniel comes to a screeching stop, hangs up the phone and gets out.

int. Naomi’s room. day

Jack pockets his phone. Jim stares at him.

Jack: Good hearing.

Blair: Good everything. Hearing, smell, sight, touch, taste. am I right? I'm right, aren’t I?

Jim nods yes.

Jack: Great. Plan B.

Jim scowls at him and Naomi whistles for everyone’s attention.

Naomi: So, as I was saying, they weren’t threatening me. I found a book that I didn’t want them to have.

Jack: Intimidation. (shrugs) Usually works.

Naomi: (scoffing) Men. And you actually wonder why these girls give you so much trouble? Mmfh.

Jim raises his eyebrows as he looks at each of the men who have all averted their eyes to the floor.

int. Adam’s office. day

Megan is pacing furiously about the room when Adam opens the door and enters.

Adam: What’s up?

Megan: The base is gone. Destroyed. I called Sam and couldn’t get an answer. So, I called Janet and then Jack. No one answered. No voicemail, no nothing, so I went out there and it’s gone. Completely annihilated. Pile of rubbish.

Adam: What?

Megan: I'm scared. Really scared.

Adam: Where is everyone?

Megan: Safe. For now. I sent Ellison with Kowalski and Krycek to the hospital and they called Blair so he must be there too. I don’t know where Daniel is. I think the rest of them are dead.

Adam takes Megan into his arms.

Adam: We don’t know that for sure. Let’s go check Daniel’s office and then we’ll head to the hospital.

Megan: Okay.

Adam: We’re going to be okay. Let’s go get more weapons.

int. Naomi’s house. day

Daniel is holding open a book with pages ripped out. He takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes, replaces his glasses and starts searching her house.

ext. Daniel’s office. day

Megan knocks on the door but there is no answer. Adam takes out a lock-pick set and begins to work when Megan brushes him aside and holds up the key. Adam backs away and lets Megan unlock the door with the key. They enter.

int. Daniel’s office. day

Megan screams when she sees Janet’s head sitting on Daniel’s cluttered desk.

int. Naomi’s room. day

Jim: Ehat’s in this book?

Mulder is conferring with Jack while Krycek and Ray read through the comic they snatched before leaving the book brew. Naomi shrugs her shoulders. Blair’s phone rings.

Blair: Hello? What? I don’t know.

cut to: int. Naomi’s house. day

Daniel is frustrated and is no longer gracefully searching through Naomi’s stuff. The house is a mess.

Daniel: Blair, this is very, very important.

Blair: (o.s.) Let me just ask her.

Daniel: Blair! She hid them. Now is not the time for truthfulness.

cut to: int. Naomi’s room. day

Blair: (looks at Naomi) I can help you with that, if you’d like.

Daniel: (o.s..) No!!!

Jim, who is listening to the conversation, perks up at the panic he hears in Daniel’s voice.

Daniel: (o.s.) Put Jack on.

Blair: (holding out the phone to Jack) Dad?

Jack shrugs and takes the phone. Jim looks at Naomi.

Naomi: I met him in ’68. He wasn’t so starchy back then.

cut to: Naomi’s house. day

Daniel: Tell him to start obfuscating now. I need that book.

cut to: hospital room. day

Jack: I'll send Ellison with him.

Daniel: (o.s.) What about a safehouse?

Jim, who has been listening in, can smell Jack’s fear.

Jim: You can use my place. 852 Prospect.

Jack looks at him and nods yes.

Jack: Daniel, they’re on their way. I'll leave Fraser and Kowalski here. Mulder and Krycek can come with me and get Ellison’s place secure.

Jack hangs up the phone.

Blair: (to Jim) How far away can you hear?

Jim: I don’t know, Chief, I've never measured it.

Blair is so excited.

Blair: I can’t wait to get started on the fieldwork, man. You’re like a walking crime lab.

Jim places a hand on Blair’s back and guides him towards the door. He turns his head to look at Naomi.

Jim: Feel better.

Naomi smiles at Ben and Ray.

Naomi: I'm in the company of two gorgeous men; I'll be fine. Now, Blair, what were you going to ask me, sweetie?

Blair: Um, if, you know, if Daniel can go secure your place?

Naomi: (to Jack) Keep your boyfriend away from my house.

Jack: Is that any way to treat family?

Naomi: He’s not my family.

Jack: Of course he’s your family.

Blair: Mom, he is sort of like my stepdad, you know.

Naomi: Don’t you take that tone with me.

Fraser: Family dynamics can be rather weird and wonderful, don’t you think? There was a time….

Jim, Blair, and Jack exit.

int. salon. night

Alex is getting beautified when Victoria walks in with Cassandra and Nirti. They take seats in the chairs adjacent Alex and a team of esthetician appear and start working on them.

Alex: What’s the news?

Victoria: Janet’s dead.

Nirti: I wiped those insolent bastards from the face of this planet.

Alex: You blew up the Stargate?

Nirti arrogantly smiles. Alex reaches under her cape, pulls out a Zat gun and zats Nirti. Nirti falls to the floor. Cassandra and Victoria look worried. Alex puts away the Zat, straightens her cape and looks in the mirror.

Alex: (to worker) More flippy, okay? Cass, drag that snake over here.

Cassandra drags Nirti over and Alex moves the cape aside to reach into another pocket. She pulls out a syringe and hands it to cassandra.

Alex: In the neck.

Cassandra injects Nirti and her eyes flash and then she dies.

Alex: What did you do today, Cass?

Cassandra: I put a tracking device on Methos’ car while he and his old lady were viewing your handiwork, Vic.

Alex: Ladies, that is perfect. All we have to do is attack them when they gather and take Blair and I'll live forever. (to worker) Great. Can you fix up these two? I'll get rid of her.

Alex stands up, shakes her hair, takes off her cape, steps over Nirti and starts dragging her out the door.

Victoria and Cassandra exchange worried looks and in unison turn to Alex and smile.

int. Jim’s truck. day

Jim: Vampires can have children? In the normal sense? Not like Anne Rice, right?

Blair: (hopeful) you read Anne Rice?

Jim: (defensive) No. But, I'm a cop. I know things.

Blair: (smiling) You should read them. Lestat’s based on this french guy Naomi used to date. As far as sharing the blood? I tried it. Didn’t turn me, but it’s every bit as hot as she makes it out to be.

Blair gives Jim a lascivious grin. Jim swerves. Blair pats Jim’s leg. Jim shakes his head and focuses.

Jim: Speaking of books, what’s this book she doesn’t want them to have?

Blair: It's not them she doesn’t want to have the book. It’s Alex. My mom won’t give it to them because she thinks that as a woman she’s the only one who can safeguard it from the she-pack.

Jim: That’s sexist.

Blair: Not really. If you knew Jack, Daniel, and Ben’s history you’d understand.

Jim: So, what’s in this book and why does Alex it want it so much that she’s willing to go on a killing spree to get it?

Blair: She doesn’t want the book as much as she wants me, but she needs the book to tell her what to do with me. Ever since that trip to Mexico… she was messed up before she went, man, and I don’t know what happened, but she was 10,000 kinds of crazy when she came back.

Jim: This just keeps getting clearer and clearer.

Blair scrubs at his face and sighs.

Blair: It’s embarrassing.

Jim: I can hear your heartbeat, (turns to glance at Blair) see these little beads of sweat getting ready to pop out of your pores, and you smell different…

Blair: I'll help you with all of that.

Jim: Fess up, I'm gonna find out.

Blair: It’s like this, or at least I think it’s like this….

ext. 852 Prospect Street. day

Jack, Krycek, and Mulder get out of a government issue SUV, fully kitted up with weapons and wearing body armor. Another black SUV pulls up beside them, the men are alert and have weapons trained on the vehicle. A door opens, a black clad leg is extended and Daniel appears. The men lower their weapons as Megan and Adam get out. They too are prepared for battle.

Jack: Krycek, Mulder, and Pierson secure the outside. Connor, you’re with me. Third floor. Secure that stairwell.

Krycek climbs up the fire escape to secure the roof while Mulder and Pierson check the side, back, and front and get them secure.

int. 852 Prospect Street. day

Jack’s team enters and sweeps the ground floor. It’s clear.

Jack: Connor, get the elevator. Krycek? You got the roof secure?

cut to: 852 Prospect roof. day

Krycek makes the final sweep of the roof, looks out over all angles of the city and answers Jack in a normal voice.

Krycek: All clear.

cut to: int. 852 Prospect. day

Jack: Gotcha. Proceeding to stairwell. Looks over to elevator where Connor has opened the panel and cut wires.

Megan: All clear.

Jack motions for her to join him as he starts up the stairs facing front while Megan covers from behind. They sweep and clear the stairwell and exit onto the third floor.

int. 852 Prospect hallway on third floor. day

Jack and Megan cover the hallway. Jack signs a command to Megan and she kicks open the door to 307 while Jack covers her.

int. 852 Prospect. Jim’s apartment. day

They clear the apartment. Megan walks through the cubby under the stairs, sees the window, opens it, and looks out.

ext. 852 Prospect. day

Street is clear.

int. 852 Prospect. day

Megan looks tense as she walks back to the living room.

Jack: Not the best high ground

Megan: We’ll manage.

int. Jim’s truck. day

Jim: So, what’s the deal with Alex.

Blair: She’s like you. A sentinel.

Jim: A what?

Blair: I know, man, it’s a lot to deal with, but I assure you that from what I've seen so far you have much more control over your senses than she did, and you are not going to go crazy.

Jim: Whoa, slow down, Chief. I thought she was a vampire.

Blair: The vamp blood revs her up. It’s like the drug for sentinels. Turn here.

(Jim turns down Naomi’s street.)

Blair: Third one on the left.

Jim pulls up behind Daniel’s car.

ext. Naomi’s house. day

Jim and Blair walk towards Naomi’s house. Jim tunes in and hears sounds of distress inside. He places his hand across Blair’s chest to prevent him from continuing. He holds his other finger to his lips to indicate Blair not talk. Blair nods yes. Jim pulls out his gun, lightly pushes Blair back so that Blair is behind him. Jim kicks in the front door.

int. Naomi’s house. day

Daniel has ransacked the place and is sitting on the floor looking at photographs of Blair as a child. The sounds Jim heard was Daniel laughing. Daniel looks up at them.

Jim: Stepdad?

Daniel: (looking warmly at Blair) You could say that.

Jim puts his gun away and Daniel extends a hand and Jim pulls him up off of the floor.

Blair: Naomi’s gonna kill you.

Daniel: (to Jim) Daniel Jackson.

They shake hands.

Blair: Is now the time to be taking a trip down memory lane?

Daniel: The past is fluid.

Jim gives Blair a questioning look.

Blair: Daniel’s an archaeologist.

Jim: You think she hid this book somewhere associated with the past?

Daniel: Just the pages.

Blair: But, Naomi’s a pilgrim. She doesn’t make attachments.

Daniel: 1969.

Jim: (lights up) Good year.

Blair: Yeah, I was born.

Daniel: In the back of Jack’s VW van.

Jim raises his eyebrows and Daniel hands him the photo.

Daniel and Blair: He hates the man. Really.

Blair: Naomi took it away from him when he got drafted.

Daniel: And went to kick some ass in the jungle.

Jim: So, where is it?

Daniel and Jim look at Blair.

Blair: My volvo broke down. I borrowed it… and… well… you see it’s like this…

Jim: Point, now.

Blair: Naomi apparently kept her stash in it and I got pulled over while I was consulting on a case and I didn’t happen to have my PD id on me, so I got busted, sat in a cell all night eating pizza and watching tv and when they finally had it all straightened out at 3 a.m. I figured what the hell? Naomi can pay her own fee to get it back out.

Jim’s already on the phone talking.

Jim: (hand covering phone speaker) What color?

Blair: Green.

Daniel: Puke green.

Jim: (into phone) Green. We’ll be there in twenty and can we have a butt load of that anti-vampire stuff? I don’t know about that, sir, but I want to be prepared. From the sound of things, these ladies have nothing on Lady Macbeth.

Blair: (big smile) He believes.

Daniel: Let’s go. We’re taking one vehicle.

Jim: I'll drive.

Daniel doesn’t put up a fight, just grabs his coat and heads out the door.

int. loft. living room. late afternoon.

Megan and Krycek are covering the balcony with their backs to Jack and Adam. Jack and Adam are on alert as they fix dinner.

Jack: Mulder?

Mulder: (o.s) No crazy bitches yet.

An explosion is heard. Jack and Adam swivel as glass starts flying at them and Megan and Krycek are propelled against the island. Mulder runs into the room. It is chaos. Flashes of movement and furious activity ensues. Cassandra and Victoria are attacking while Alex dukes it out with Jack. She subdues him and restrains him. Cassandra is focusing her attack on Megan. Adam intervenes and viciously tears into her neck before she can hurt Megan more. He gently lays her down.

Adam: (to Cassandra) I'm sorry it ever came to this.

Adam helps Megan up so that she can join in the fight. They surround Victoria. Megan jams an arrow into her, Mulder lifts her head up the hair, and Adam extracts his sword and cuts her head off. Alex screams, puts Jack down and in a frenzied fury, restrains Adam, Megan, and Mulder. When they are knocked out, Alex injects something into Jack and Adam and ties up Megan and Mulder.

ext. pound. early evening

Daniel, Jim, and Blair pull into the lot and see Simon waiting for them by the van. Blair holds up the key. They park the truck and Blair opens the van, slides open the doors and helps Simon start loading.

Simon: Good luck. I say I'd send backup, but…

Jim: We’ll nip this situation in the bud, sir.

int. van. night

Blair is driving. Jim is on guard while Daniel searches the van for the papers. He is extremely frustrated.

Daniel: (to himself) Damnit, Naomi, what the hell did you do with them?

Blair: Ah, man, she’s just tryin’ to help.

Daniel: I know that.

Blair: And I take offense at being some kind of secret weapons for you guys. You’re vampires. You can take her.

Jim: Keep your hands on the wheel.

ext. streets of Cascade. night

The van makes its way through the streets of Cascade until it comes to a stop in front of Jim’s place.

int. van. night

Blair: We need a plan.

Daniel hands him a gun.

Blair: You know i don’t like guns.

Daniel: I didn’t either.

Jim accepts a gun from Daniel and they head inside with Blair trailing behind.

Jim and Daniel: Stay behind me.

int. loft. night

Daniel kicks in the door with Jim behind him and Blair behind Jim. Alex is sitting on the couch. She allows them to approach her but she easily overtakes them. She starts sniffing Jim.

Alex: Blair, you didn’t tell me there was another one.

Blair: I didn’t know.

Alex: Mmmh. Thanks for finding him.

She pulls a can of pepper spray out of her pocket and sprays Jim which causes him a sensory overload. Blair runs over to help him.

Alex: Now’s not the time to experiment, Blair.

Daniel is up and tries to overtake her again but she’s too strong and overpowers him and restrains him and places him with the rest of the group.

Blair: You’re crazy. Whatever you’re planning it’s not going to work. Simon’s sending over backup and they’ll be here any second.

Alex: You were always a terrible liar. I'm going to get what I want Blair.

Jack comes to his senses.

Jack: You’ll die before you touch one curly hair on his head.

Alex goes and kicks Daniel.

Alex: I'll hurt whoever I want.

Daniel: You’ll only hurt yourself. You don’t know what you’re dealing with.

Alex: You just don’t get it. You’re all going to die and I am going to live forever. This world is mine for the taking and you can bet your intellectual ass that I'm going to take it. Blair’s mine and there is nothing any one of you can do about it.

She reachs out a hand and easily drags Blair away with her. She starts stroking his hair.

Alex: Blair, I don’t want to kill you. I need you.

Blair: Not anymore. You are far past needing me. I tried to help you. I really did but this vampire/sentinel combo is not good. Not good at all. But I'm willing to try but you have to let them go. They have nothing to do with this. Just… let’s go somewhere and figure this out. I'll figure out a way to help you and to make this all right.

Alex: (starting to lose it) It’s already all right.

Blair: (whispering to Jim) I know it hurts man, but you’ve gotta pull out of it. Now. Listen to my heartbeat. Focus on the rhythm. You can do it.

Alex’s rage increases when she realizes what Blair is doing. She pulls out a dog whistle and blows and all the neighborhood dogs start barking and Jim’s discomfort increases.

Jack: You have got to be kidding.

Alex: I'm not some dumb blonde.

She bites Blair and starts drinking. Blair keeps whispering and Jim slowly begins to focus on Blair’s heartbeat which steadily grows slower. Alex is drunk on Blair’s blood and can’t control herself to pull away. Blair’s heart stops. Jim is up and rushing at Alex. He knocks her off of Blair. She is immobile. Jim starts CPR on Blair.

Jim: Don’t give up on me now, hippie boy.

Jim continues his work and when he breathes into Blair’s mouth they share the vision of the jaguar merging with the wolf. Jim has stopped the CPR and lifts Blair to him as he sees a vision of Incacha.

Incacha: Go to the light.

Alex is writhing on the floor in pain. Daniel breaks his restraints and he quickly frees Jack, Megan, Methos, and Mulder. Daniel checks on Alex and she manages to bite him. Jack rushes over and starts rubbing an ointment on the wound.

Daniel: What are you doing? Get her.

Jack: His blood is killing her.

Daniel: I feel fine.

Alex dies. Megan, Methos, Mulder, Jack and Daniel surround her. Mulder kicks her.

Mulder: She’s dead.

Methos: Make sure.

Megan: How?

The merged spirit animals pull apart and Jim pulls Blair to him and hugs him and kisses his forehead.

Jim: (to Blair) You okay?

Blair: Yeah, you?

Jim tousles Blair’s hair and smiles.

Jim: i think I'm starting to like this town.

They pull apart and look at each other with deep affection. Jack watches with suspicion. Daniel smiles and picks up his hand.

Daniel: He’s not sixteen anymore.

Jack: (to Jim) You break his heart....

Jim leans in for a short kiss.

Jim: (to Jack) Not gonna happen, sir.

Megan: (to Daniel) What happened? What did the book say?

Daniel: (shrugging) We didn’t find it.

Methos: Honey, I told you a hundred times there are no answers. You just have to live long enough to drink another beer.

Mulder: (pointing to Alex’s body) What do we do with that?

Jack: Wrap it up. Get it out of here. We’ve got a storage facility that’ll double as our new base until we get something up and running. Then we’ll deal with Naomi.

Jack pulls Jim aside while the rest of the group gets Alex’s body ready for transport.

Jack: ( whispers to Jim) That little cubby there (points) under the stairs? You mind if Blair moves in?

Daniel: (in full voice) That loft looks like it could hold a king-sized bed.

Mulder and Methos hoist up Alex’s body and make for the door while Megan tries straightening up the place a bit. Daniel comes over to retrieve Jack.

Daniel: Sorry about the mess. Keep him safe.

Jack and Jim shake hands.

Jim: Will do.

Everyone leaves. Jim locks the door behind him and pulls Blair into an embrace.

Jim: Want to go bed shopping tomorrow?

Blair: I'm down with that.

the end

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