Competitive Sports by Marion

Competitive Sports - Marion

“I’m not into competitive sports right now,” Blair panted as he and Jim threw their clothes to the wind in their haste to get naked and onto their bed.

“No, Chief?” Jim blanketed his lover’s body with his own. He began to work his way down the sturdy form, kissing, nipping and sucking as he went.

“YES! I mean, no…” Blair roused himself and pushed Jim over so that the smaller man was on top.

“I’m all for a sport where there are no losers, only…” He aligned their bodies and began to rock against his lover, causing Jim to thrust up and try to match the rhythm Blair set. Both men rushed head long towards their goal.

“…WINNERS!” Blair shouted as he and Jim came within seconds of one another.

Neither man heard the final whistle or the cheer of the crowd from the TV set downstairs…

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thanks go to Sheila, Nancy and Patt for encouraging me.