How We Met, part 1 by Pete

How We Met, part 1 - Pete

Warning: Golden Shower story.

I’m really tired of people asking how Jim and I met and what we have in common. The next person that asks is going to get a whopping story. Okay, so it’s not a whopping story since some of it was real, but still.

Simon walked up to me at the bar and said, “So Sandburg, when did you two decide to become a couple?”

“A couple of what?” I asked, teasingly.

“Seriously, what got the two of you started?”

I was ready but I didn’t know if my Captain of Major Crimes was ready for this story. So instead I said, “We’ve always been attracted to each other, so it was no big deal. Common sense told us we belonged together.”

Simon smiled and walked back over to the table. I started to follow when Megan Connor walked up to me and said, “Hi Sandy. I couldn’t help overhearing what Simon asked. I would really like to know what started you two in this direction.”

I pulled her over to a different table and said, “Do you have a while?”

She pushed me down, sat across from me and smiled. I took this as a ‘yes’.

“I was bartending at this leather bar, and one of my regular customer’s came in, in his bare beefy chest, blue jeans and a totally opened yellow fireman coat. He was sexy, but not really my type, but for some crazy reason he had always had the hot’s for me.

Every day he would come and see me, starting up with the same line... "So, is today the day that I get to taste you?"

I would laugh, and give him a kiss and wonder why the fuck he thought I was so appealing. Maybe because I never let him taste me and a lot of guys have let him taste them, or maybe he really did think I was hot. At that time, I doubted that to be his reason.

He grabbed his beer and went to sit up against the meat rack and hang on the fencing, and watch the guys going into the bathroom. Every time I had to take a piss, I'd wait till everyone was taken care of with cocktails, and I'd head for the private toilet so I could lock the door. Each time I had to go, my friend, Jim, would shoot over to the door before I got it closed and ask to come in with me. I'd laugh and hit him away. This little bit of flirting went on for weeks. It wasn't just me, it was other guys too. Every once in a while, he would catch a guys eye, and he would follow the guy into the bathroom. I always had to turn my head because that was against the law, only one person at a time in the private bathrooms. Now the trough bathroom was ok, but it wasn't private! Three or four guys could piss into a trough at the same time.

My friend would be in there a few minutes and out again. One day I noticed that he always brought his bottle of beer in with him, so I watched him, and sure enough, his bottle would be almost empty when he'd go in to the trough, but when he came back out, it was almost full. It hit me hard. This dude likes to drink piss.

One night, we were having a live fisting demonstration from a group of hot calendar guys from San Francisco. Fuck, I wanted this one, but his partner let me know right away he was taken. That did not stop me and his partner from flirting with each other as he was stripping for us all.

The show was going on, a guy was up in the Sling (made out of hot leather, thick and comfy enough you could swear it was to sleep in) and everyone's eyes were checking out the show. I thought now would be the perfect time to take a piss. Man I had to go bad, so I told my bartender buddy to watch the bar and I'd be right back. I darted my way through the thicket of men to the toilet. Damn, the private one was locked and I really had to go. I said ‘fuck it’, and went into the trough room finding it empty and thanking whoever was in charge of the universe, pulled my cock out thru the hole in my jeans (they were almost no jeans at all, the holes were so big) and let my body do it's thing. Just as I started my friend jumps into the room and said "I think today is my day", and threw himself into the trough. He was lying on his back, his head directly under my stream. I warned him. "I can't stop this Jim, I have to go bad." He replied, "Let it go then."

As I pissed he drank and slopped up as much as he could without gagging. As I still pissed, he got out of the trough, smiled and walked back out to the show. Mind you, he had piss on his hot fireman rain coat's back, his hot beefy chest, and his face, and didn't even think of washing it off. I went back to my station behind the bar, and got busy doing my thing.

After the show, the crowd thinned, Jim walked past and looked at me on his way out smiling ear to ear, blowing me a kiss. I blushed, and said, “See ya next time.”

“He smiled and said "Taste ya next time".

God I loved my job!”

I sat back and smiled at my friend and co-worker sitting across from me. She was blushing and fanning her face with the menu that had been left on the table.

“Oh my God, Sandy, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. This is how you met Jim?” Connor asked, somewhat surprised.

“No, I just love to tell this story,” I answered.

“You shit. I hate you,” Connor ranted and walked towards the table where the rest of Major Crime was sitting.

I smiled all the way over to the table and kissed Jim as I sat down. Jim whispered into my ear, “I want to do that again.”

Jim never had to tell me things twice, we said our goodbyes and we walked out to Jim’s truck.

Once we were in, Jim smiled at me and asked, “Can I drink you now?”

I never understood why it made me so hard having to piss and knowing I would have Jim’s hot lips on me soon. We were in a public parking lot for crying out loud. But what could I do. I unzipped my jeans, pulled my cock out and laid back on the seat of the truck. I thank God it was an old truck without bucket seats.

Jim got busy and before I knew what happened, I was pissing down his warm, inviting throat and Jim was humming the entire time. God, he was hot. I never understood why he found me so irresistible but for some reason he did and for this I’m thankful. He finished what he was doing and climbed on top of me for a few moments. When he kissed me, it was with all the love in the world, but also a lot of fucking heat. You gotta love that heat.

The end.

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Acknowledgments: Thanks to my sis for getting me into this. This is my first Sentinel story, please be gentle with me.