How We Met, part 2 by Pete

How We Met, part 2 - Pete

Connor asked me the following day if I wanted to go to lunch with her. I figured she might want to poison me or something, but she just wanted more stories from me. Stories I always have handy.

“Sandy, how did you really meet? And be serious now,” Connor asked.

“Okay, it’s not as exciting as the other story, but it’s the truth. Jim would kill me if he knew I told you about it. Now I’m going to tell the story and you’re going to let me finish before you say anything, all right?” I asked.

“Shoot. We’ve got an hour, Sandy.”

“I was at the bar, called the Bolt, and it's one of the best Leather bars I've ever worked at. I happened to be working that night and could feel the excitement in the air and knew it was going to be a fucking great night.

Luckily, for me, the other bartender was a dud, so I knew I was going to make bookoo bucks. I was dressed to kill. I had on a wife beater tank top, and my Carhartt orange/copper colored Utilikilt, with my black motorcycle boots. (Of course, I had changed two to three times between bare assed chaps, and bare assed jeans. So I finally decided on the kilt). I was going commando that night. I love that feeling of being totally covered by the kilt, but when I jump my ass up on top of the bar and into my crouching position, the kilt rises across the span of my wide open knees. Then I show just a glimpse of my goods. (Just enough to get the customers interested and into a hot and fun mood)I liked waiting for their approval, man, it must be the same for a stripper on a pole as she swings back her head, and every dude’s eyes are on her waiting to see what she does next.

The bar started to pack in the guys, and I'm talking a shitload of guys, because that night was a special night. We got Policemen from Cascade, Washington pushing their calendars.

I already met all the guys before we started the night and shit, I even got to go to dinner with them. My boss insisted on it, as he was the host, and he said I had to work my magic... I’m not sure what that meant, but we had a hell of a time during that dinner, laughing our asses off, and flirting and smiling. (I love flirting)

After dinner, the party moved to the bar and I had to get busy as the bar was packed. Ever since dinner, I hadn't been able to take my eyes off one of the CPD Cops in his leather... His name was Jim. Even if these guys weren't real, who gives a shit? They look great in uniform, or at least what was left of them. They were left with very little still on. For instance, Jim posed wearing fuck me short and his shoulder holster. (Can we say hot?) So the CPD are making their rounds around the bar selling their calendars, and stuff, getting pictures and kisses. The hotty, (Jim) I had my eyes on was heading toward the bar, directly where I was working. He knew I was watching him and I knew he was heading over to talk to me. Suddenly this damn guy jumps in front of him, just between me and my bar. I was pissed. So I jumped up on the bar above the little shit, (seeing that my CPD was watching everything I did) crouched and spread my knees, and let the kilt spread tight exposing myself in my CPD's general direction. My CPD pushed the little shit out of the way with a smile, thanking him and came right up to me. I got a big ole fucking grin on my face and grabbed his head, tilting it up to my lips and kissed him hot and fast. He pushed his big strong arm underneath my kilt and grabbed my package and tugged on all of it, ever so lightly. I gave him a devilish smile and dropped from my knees to my ass and wrapped my boots around his shoulders. He plunged his face into my kilt and found his way to where his hand used to be. I could feel his nose sniffing my nasty scent off my body. He pulled his face out of my kilt and kissed me, dragging me down off the bar onto his lap. I looked back and my fucking boss had a big ole fucking grin on his face and nodded his approval. I leaned into Jim and whispered into his ear. "Fuck. I want this so bad right now, but I should really finish out my shift. Can you wait till after we’re done?" And to my fucking surprise, Jim said "Fuck Yeah!"

I went back to work and finished out the night. He stayed as we all cleaned up the bar, and the entire time, all these shits were hitting on him. I wanted to kill them all. He would just smile and look over at me with need and longing in his eyes. More than need, it was downright heat, smoldering like a volcano.

When I was finally done. We all walked out together and we made our ways to cars and bikes. He came with me without even asking and fuck if we didn’t have the best time ever. Fuck… We went to my house. I made him keep his CPD Jacket on, and I stripped him and started my exploration of my new playground and what a playground it was. It was as if Jim had never been with anyone that ever wanted to just use him. Jim began moaning and groaning as soon as I started to touch, kiss and lick. I knew this was gonna be a night I was gonna remember for a long time.

As huge as his body was, the muscles seemed soft, (I mean that in a good way.) his ass just a fucking perfect pin cushion,(and maybe someday I could be the pin) his legs, fucking huge and his chest large and slick. Of course his cock and balls were perfect. Not huge, just right. I hand cuffed one of his wrists and one of his feet to the sides of my bed (Ever thinking of others, I would never tie a man up completely, on the first date. There has to be a trust that develops for that) I climbed on top of him right on his six pack. I spread my arms all over his chest, and bit his nipples, they hardened immediately, so I knew he liked that. I slid down a bit, just to where I could feel his cock in my ass crack. He kept repeating, “I've wanted that ass all night since I first saw it when you jumped up in front of that guy. We could all see your package and I almost lost a nut then." I smiled and bit his nipple again, not hard, just lightly. I could feel his pre-cum on my ass, so I reached back and opened me up with his juice until I guided his cock into my channel. He said, "Yes, right there Chief." I slowly slid down him, and lifted his head up as he kissed me. It was the longest kiss I had ever had and without any thrusting inside of me, we both came just from the kiss alone. It only took minutes, but it was the best moments I ever had... The hardest thing I ever had to do was undo the handcuffs to set him free, knowing he had to go back to his cop life. I didn't even get a damned CPD Calendar...But I can still remember how awesome that kiss was. Pure heat, can’t be beat.”

I sat back and just looked at Connor’s face. “So, that’s how we met.”

“I know that’s crap, because Jim has never posed for a calendar in fuck me shorts. And while we’re at it, what are fuck me shorts?” Connor wanted to know.

“Fuck me shorts, are so short that your privates almost fall out and it leaves nothing to the imagination. Jim owns several pairs,” I insisted.

“I know this is a lie, because Jim never would have let you show other people your package,” Connor said smiling like she had won a prize.

“Ask him.”

“I’m not asking him that stuff. But I know he would never share,” Connor said adamantly.

“No, he doesn’t share, but what you don’t know is that Jim likes to show me off. He likes doing things in public. I swear to God, he does.”

“Sandy, are you serious? When did you work at a bar?”

“Oh shit, did I say I worked at a bar? I meant, I worked the bar,” I said with a twinkle in my eyes.

“You fat liar. I fell for it again. God, you are so mean. I really wanted to know how you met. You suck, Sandy.”

I laughed all the way back to the station house. It was good to be in control. (I need to find the kilt and take Jim to the bar tonight. I’m in the mood.)

The end

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Acknowledgments: I loved my job.