Seeing Red by Patt

Seeing Red - Patt

Jim Ellison hated this season. No, he didn’t hate Christmas that much, but he did indeed hate the color red. After a while, the color made his eyes hurt. They would actually burn from looking at red too often. He was beginning to wonder if his eyes were going to start bleeding from all of the red he was seeing. But, that would mean there would be red once again.

As he walked down the street to do some shopping without his partner in tow, he looked around and realized how much red was in decorations during this season. There was a Santa Claus in the first window he passed with lots of red to hurt his eyes. Then the next window had a beautiful tree, but all of the bulbs on the tree were red, followed by red garland. His eyes were starting to hurt again, and he had just begun this shopping trip. He needed to find something for Blair for Christmas. It was the 24th and still no present under the tree for Blair. He knew what he wanted to get him, he just didn’t know where and when he would find time to go alone. It was hard getting away from his lover. Not that Jim wanted to be away from him, but unless he never wanted sex again in the future, he had better find something and find it fast to put under the tree.

He walked into the next building that sold leather items. Blair needed a leather shoulder holster for his gun at work. He found exactly what he wanted and headed towards the counter. But then he passed something he couldn’t resist looking at. As he stared, he realized, he had to touch it. It was beautiful and he needed to caress it with his fingers.

He picked it up and gently ran his fingers across the cool smooth leather until he reached the etchings that were in the leather. There was a wolf surrounded by the forest. It was so Blair. Jim looked at the price and wanted to throw it down in disgust, but he knew it was something Blair would love. The etching was tied onto a round frame of steel wrapped in leather. Blair was going to see the beauty in that and immediately fall in love with the present and thank Jim accordingly. That’s what Jim wanted, was the thank you afterwards.

Jim had walked a very short way from there and saw something else that Blair would love. He needed a new laptop case and this one had a wolf on it and it was all leather. It was gorgeous and knew that it was the way to his lover’s heart. Who are you kidding, Ellison, it’s the way to his dick, not his heart. You know you just want sex. It’s been a week and it’s showing.

Jim walked up with all of his purchases and paid for them. The man at the counter asked if he could wrap them for Jim. Jim smiled and said, “That would be perfect.”

“What would you like the tags to say?” The man asked.

“To Blair, love, Jim,” Jim answered.

“I’ll be back in a little while, just walk around and enjoy some of the beauty in the store,” the man suggested.

“Thank you,” Jim replied as he began to walk around as suggested. He couldn’t believe his luck. He would be able to take wrapped presents home and put them under the tree tonight. Blair would stop being mad at him and that was that. Jim felt like he was going to get some tonight and that would be a good thing. Jim loved Blair to death, but hated the way that Blair had such control over him. Blair was definitely the Chief.

After walking around for 35 minutes, the man who waited on him called him up to the counter. Jim went up and frowned. Each package was beautifully done in some type of red paper. The man said, “Is this all right with you?”

Jim said, “It’s just that it’s red. I have this thing about red. It drives me crazy, but that’s not your fault. They’re gorgeous. Thank you so much for the wrapping. I was a little late on the gifts as you noticed.”

“I can rewrap them in some nice blue or gold wrapping. We have both,” he said.

“No, don’t be silly. He’s going to love these wrapped gifts, just like they are. Thank you again and Merry Christmas to you,” Jim said as he left the store, feeling pretty good about finding three gifts, when all he had started with was a thought of one.

When he put the gifts into the truck, he was getting a headache and knew it was from seeing all of the red lights and red decorations all over the street. As he drove home, the headache seemed to get worse, very quickly. So much for getting sex.


When Jim walked into the loft, Blair was wearing a red robe and red slippers and smiled until he saw the look on Jim’s face. “Babe, you have a headache don’t you?”

“It’s the worst one I’ve had in ages.”

“Set the gifts under the tree and we’ll go upstairs and I’ll give you a massage, how does that sound?” Blair asked.

Jim put the packages under the tree that was blinking the red lights so much so that Jim wanted to throw the tree over the balcony. He stopped himself of course and went and hung up his jacket and said, “Upstairs?”

“Yeah, get undressed and relax on the bed. I’ll be up in a flash,” Blair advised.

Jim walked carefully up the stairs and when he got there his mouth just about dropped to the floor. Gone were the yellow and blue bedding he was used to and in its place was the red sheets, green comforter and red pillows on top of everything. Jim felt like he was going to throw up.

“What do you think of it?” Blair asked when he stood beside Jim.

“Blair, can I tell you something and not have it hurt your feelings?” Jim asked.

“Of course you can. You can tell me anything. Now what’s wrong?”

“The reason I have such a bad headache is because I’ve been surrounded by red all day long. I’ve discovered that red gives me a major headache. Usually I don’t see that much of it, but today was really bad. Everything hurts my head right now. Could we take this off and put the old sheets and comforter back on. The yellow and blue don’t hurt me at all,” Jim explained.

“Wow, this is something new. We’re going to have to be careful from now on. Let’s change the bedding right now. Come on, help me and we’ll get you all comfy on the blue and yellow set. I’m sorry, Jim. I didn’t mean to make it worse.”

“Neither of us knew this. It’s new to me too,” Jim replied.

Once the bedding was back to normal, Jim stripped and lay on top of it, waiting for his massage. Instead Blair said, “How about we just lay here and relax and if you’d like to make love to me you could.”

“Chief, I’d love to make love to you, but this headache is the worst I’ve ever had. Could I get rain check for tomorrow?”

“Okay, I’ll give you a massage. You just relax and fall asleep. Things will be better tomorrow,” Blair said.

“Merry Christmas, Blair. I love you so much.”

“Merry Christmas, Jim. I love you too.”

“I can’t wait for you to open your presents tomorrow,” Jim said.

Blair smiled. “I can’t wait to open them. You were gone for ages. How many stores did you have to hit before you found something?”

“It doesn’t matter, Chief. The truth is, I loved shopping for you and I don’t know why I had put it off for so long. Next year remind me of this. Okay?”

“I will, Jim. Now relax and let me work my magic with my fingers.”

And Blair did just that. Jim was asleep within ten minutes and Blair was sleeping beside him an hour later. Blair just knew this was going to be a very Merry Christmas.

The end

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