Here it is, June already and I have no idea where April and May went. Did we skip them or something? Did we blink and miss them? At any rate, here it is June and the new ezine is almost ready to come out. As usual, I had a really good time reading all of the stories and doing artwork for the ones that needed it. We have some excellent stories this time. We donít have a lot of stories, but what we do have are great.

My thanks to Lisa for putting up with my moods lately. She puts up with a lot talking to me every night. Iíve been troubled about the lack of stories coming out in Sentinel Fandom and I tend to bitch about it nightly. Why are the writers slowing down so much? Is it because many have moved on or just tired of writing Jim and Blair? I hope itís not the latter. I adore these boys and hope that we have writers writing stories forever. I can hope and dream canít I?

Thank you to all of the new writers that we have this time. Weíre so glad to have some new blood. Thank you to the old blood writers too.

My thanks once again to Mary for last minute betas and listening to me bitch about lack of stories. LOL

Thank you to all the artists that helped in this ezine. Any help is always appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing if you all like the ezine or not. I sure hope you do. As I said before, there are some great stories here. Enjoy them and have fun.




Every time a new ezine comes out I remember the very first one and how crazy it was. All because of an idea that came to me one night when I couldn't sleep. Biker Jim. Whoa, that image is still fresh (and hot) every time I think about it.

Back then my husband did all the web and HTML work; I had NO clue. Since then, I've picked up the wonderful art of "cut and paste" and that's mostly how the new ezines are done. Which is sometimes why they take so long to get out... I miss changing things here and there and it creates a whole other set of problems!

A lot of people have suggested easier ways for me to do the HTML but for me, there's still something up close and personal about doing it "by hand". I've trained Patt in the art of paragraph breaks and bolding and all those necessary features, and she's taken on the lion's share of the work and for that I am eternally grateful! :)

Every story in this ezine was secured by her hand; she went out and emailed and bugged and cajoled all these wonderful authors into tribbing their story to us and I cannot even begin to say how much I appreciate all her hard work over the years. I'm a social person but not a go out and make new friends person, I tend to keep to myself and that doesn't make for a successful, and long surviving ezine project!

I've heard a few times recently (and in the past) that people assume the ezine is Patt's because of all the work she does behind the front counter (while I hide in the back office and play with my Wii!) and I have to say, while the idea was mine (okay, my husband came up with the idea for the first one but I said, "hey, let's do another!), the ezine is mine and Patt's. It belongs to everyone who has contributed over the years, be it art or a story or a beta, is part owner... lol... a share holder, if you will.

So, it's time to put this baby out there. I hope you enjoy the stories and let the authors know, please.

Don't forget The Many First Times of Jim and Blair, the Moonridge 2008 edition, deadline of September 7. Contact Patt or Lisa, Duncan's Twin with any questions.



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