Faith by Thais

Faith - Thais

Jim awoke to the smell of blood, his partner and the love of his life was thrashing around in their bed. Clutching Blair to his body, Jim tried to sense what was wrong; he could still smell the blood, but his senses weren't allowing him to see well enough into the darkness. Releasing his partner, Jim turned the light on. Jim quickly tried to dial it down, but he wasn't quite fast enough. Squinting his eyes, Jim finally adjusted and was able to see. Then he wished he hadn't. Looking down at Blair, he saw that there was blood everywhere.

Jumping quickly out of bed, grabbing the telephone, Jim dialed 911. He took Blair's vitals while talking to the person from 911. He couldn't believe all the blood loss. Blair's vitals all seemed to be fine, which was all the more alien. The operator then asked Jim where the injury seemed to be, and Jim went to Blair's body to inspect it. He was taken aback to see where the wounds were, quickly wrapping a discarded tee-shirt around the closest wrist, trying desperately to staunch the flow of blood. He didn't even know what to relate to the person on the telephone. He was sure they would no doubt think him insane, and he wondered if he already was nevertheless.

Finally, the ambulance arrived with a police escort and Jim took them upstairs to Blair. He'd still not awoken from his sleep. The EMT workers started bandaging him as they cleaned away the blood. The looks in Jim's direction, where he stood answering the questions of the cops, were unrelenting. Jim, one way or another, knew that they assumed that he had hurt Blair in this bizarre way. Blair was prepared for transport, but Jim was informed that he couldn't go with them since he was still being questioned. Knowing he could do nothing, Jim leaned down to kiss Blair.

At that very instant, Blair chose to awaken. Seeing all the Emergency people in his proximity, Blair panicked and cried out. Without delay, Jim leaned closer to Blair and tried to pacify him. Blair looked down at all the bandages and gazed up at Jim, asking with his eyes, for an explanation.

Jim whispered, "Chief, there is a flow of blood from your wrists, your feet and around the top of your head. Like the Stigmata legend we have all heard of."

The Emergency personnel had to get Blair to the hospital, so they pushed Jim to the side as they got Blair into the vehicle. The whole time Blair was screaming out, "Jim, you know I don't believe that, right? This can't be happening, I'm Jewish, for crying out loud." The driver slammed the door and they were in route to the hospital.

Simon arrived at the loft and went immediately to Jim, "Don't say one word until your lawyer gets here. You didn't say anything yet, did you?"

Jim responded, "Simon, Blair had wounds like a person suffering from Stigmata. Simon, don't look at me like that. Wait until you see what I have, then we'll talk."

Simon said, "Jim, we won't worry about the paperwork for now. We need to get to the hospital and see what the doctors have to say and make some decisions then. Will that do for now?"

"Simon," Jim whispered, "You'll never know how much this means to me. I'm about out of my mind with concern."

Simon and Jim got into Simon's car and made their way to the hospital. The doctor met them in the hallway and asked to talk to both of them. He said, "I can't explain it, but Mr. Sandburg is suffering from something they call Stigmata. He has blood flowing from his wrists, feet and his head. We've given him two transfusions since he arrived, but he's still bleeding. We don't know precisely what to do at this point other than watch him closely. We've called a specialist to come in to see him."

"Thank you, Doctor," Jim said. "We need to see him as soon as possible."

The doctor said, "Under the circumstances, I feel that would be a good thing. He is very frightened and having a crisis of his faith. Try not to distress him in any way."

Jim and Simon advanced into the room to a very traumatized Blair Sandburg. He took one glimpse at Jim and started weeping.

Jim put his arms around Blair and said, "Chief, don't worry, they'll figure this out. I'm right here and I won't be leaving anytime soon. Not until youíre well."

Blair looked at him and said very quietly, "Jim, you want to hear the most horrible part? What would my mom say if she came in and saw this? For gods sake, I'm Jewish. I don't accept the Stigmata legend to be true. Why come to a diminutive, gay Jewish man?"

"Blair, do you want me to contact Naomi?" Simon asked. "I could almost certainly get a hold of her wherever she is and get her here as quickly as possible."

"God no, Simon," Blair exclaimed, "That would be the most awful thing to happen. She would just breathe her last breath if she saw this. She kept trying to tell me I was trying out too many religions through my travels. I don't know, maybe she was right."

Unexpectedly Blair found himself with something on top of him and it was dark. Blair called out, "Jim, help me."

Jim shook Blair out of his sleep and said, "Chief, wake up, babe. You're having a bad dream. It's all right; it's fine now. Open your eyes, Chief."

Blair opened his eyes and found Jim looking at him with concern in his eyes. He smiled and said, "Jim, you won't believe the dream I just had. It was feral, man. I'm not going to any more church services with friends from work to see what other religions are like. That'll never happen again. Thank God I was just dreaming." Blair continued to tell Jim all about it.

Blair curled up next to Jim, "What kind of people would do that to another human being? He was a superior man, and yet, they were terrified of him. Fear creates hatred causing a breeding ground for viciousness. I just don't understand, do you?"

Jim shook his head and said, "Chief, I have never understood disgust, loathing, hatred and ugliness. Never will. But we're surrounded by it all the time. We can only hope that we won't be drawn into the evil."

"As long as I have you," Blair whispered, as he started falling asleep in the safety of his lover's arms. "I love you."

The end.

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Acknowledgments: Mary Browne, Kerensa and Lisa Duncanís Twin were the betaís on this. Thank you. Thank you to Patt for the artwork.