Primary Colors Blue, Red and Yellow by Debbie Stone

Primary Colors Blue, Red and Yellow - Debbie Stone

“Hey Jim, did you know that blue is one of the primary colors?” said Blair while gazing at the full moon through the skylight above.

“Yeah, so?” Jim replied looking over at his beautiful partner.

“So the color of our eyes is one of the primary colors. Isn’t that cool?” still staring at the moon above.

“I suppose but what brought us this conversation, chief?” Jim then followed Blair’s gaze through the skylight to the full moon enjoying the view as well.

“I don’t know I was just lying here thinking about your eyes and how much I love the color of them that’s all.” Blair then turned his gaze to Jim.

“Sandburg, sometimes you can be so sappy,” rolling over to look into the blue eyes that stared at him from under the yellow comforter on their bed.

“Hey don’t pick on me for having such great taste in my preference color for eyes,” a big smile appeared on Blair’s lips as their blue eyes met with the love that they shared for one another.

“Alright Blair so how about this then? I love the color red like those incredible lips of yours,” a smile on Jim’s lips mirroring Blair’s.

“Talk about sappy, Ellison,” punching Jim in the chest as he was pulled into his sentinel’s arms.

“So I see how it is, you can be sappy and I can’t? I don’t think so Mr. Blue eyes.” Jim began to tickle Blair relentlessly and he tried to pull the yellow comforter from his lover’s body.

“Well, if you love my red lips so much why don’t you take a closer look?” trying to keep the yellow comforter from being torn away.

“Ok wise guy, I will,” and with that threat Jim grabbed Blair’s head gently with both hands and drew his head up for a deep and breathless kiss. Blair quickly dropped his struggle for the yellow comforter and joined Jim in the kiss.

As they parted, Blair’s blue eyes slowly fluttered open. “That was so not just a closer look, man. Wanna look at them again, big guy?” As Blair pouted up his lips and burst out into laughter as Jim began to tickle him again.

“Chief, I will always love looking at those incredible red lips of yours and your eyes are the most beautiful blue I’ve ever seen.” Jim once again took Blair’s lips to his with a gentle kiss this time as his gazed into the blue eyes that looked lovingly back at him and felt the warmth of those red lips filling his senses of sight, touch, smell and scent.

“Wow Jim, that was just incredible. I never thought that examining the primary colors could be so stimulating,” said while looking down with lust at the large bulge in the yellow comforter. “Can we continue to explore the primary colors while we tuck into our yellow comforter and see what else I can find that might be red under here?” grasping onto Jim’s now enlarging cock.

With a gasp and groan from deep in his throat Jim cooed, “Sure chief, sure. I’d love to continue to explore the primary colors with you. Please explore away, please, please, please.”

With that, Blair’s head disappeared under the yellow comforter followed quickly by Jim and they spent the next several hours exploring the primary colors of each other lighted only by the glow of the blue moonlight that covered the yellow comforter.

“Hey Jim, I agree with you. I love the color red too.”

The end

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