Lisa, this one is for you. You’ve helped me through so much this last year and I can never repay you for it. I will continue to be your best friend and hope that by helping with the ezine, it does help you a little bit.

Whenever I’m down, Lisa is up. Whenever I’m bored, Lisa gives me something to do. Whenever I’m disappointed she points out what could be worse then that. So basically she’s helped me keep my sanity. I hope that everyone appreciates her as much as I do because putting out an ezine every few months is hard work. But she doesn’t complain about it. Okay, she does now and then, but only when she’s down. Then it’s my job to bring her back up again. We’re really good for each other and I hope you can tell this by seeing our eighth anniversary ezine with a ton of new stories in it. I keep saying we should stop it, but she carries on no matter what. She’s my rock.

Thank you, Lisa, for everything you do for everyone. I hope the eight years have been as good for you as they have been for me.

Thank you to all of our writers, artists, betas and readers. Without you we would have nothing to do. Keep up the good work, everyone.

Love and hugs,



She's a goof, I swear!

She's the responsible one and I'm the slacker (as I sit here in my flannel bathrobe)!

Three things to say...

1 - Words cannot express how thankful we are to have this fabulously talented crew working for us. The pay may not make your pockets jingle but hopefully the images will make your heart tingle. :) Please keep writing and betaing and arting and reading.

2 - It's been called to my attention that we don't actually "edit" the stories, so the years we said these were "editor's notes" were incorrect. You are absolutely right: we are not editors. Heck, even our "production notes" probably need an editor. But what we are is fans and readers, and we have the time, ability, interest and desire to put these ezines out every couple of months. For the last 9 years (it's technically the 9th year we've been doing this but since the first anniversary falls after 1 year... well, I hope you get the math...) this has been our labor of love. We have withstood sharp edged comments tossed our way, we have held fast when real life shook us to our core, we have endured because we don't know how to walk away from a fight. Many people have come in through the MME doors (figuratively) and we have welcomed their pressence and been saddened when they moved on. But we're still here. There's always room for one more.

Oh, so back to the point... yeah, we don't edit. That's what your beta is for. We're here to "oohh" and "aahh" when you send us a lovely story or a nice piece of art.

3 - Hm... oh... yeah... send a little feedback to the authors... a quick line, that's all it takes.

Enjoy the ezine!