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Many Faces of Jim and Blair 8

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Story Title Author
Wallowing escargoat
    Jim falls in love with Blair and decides to fix it all by eating junk food. 38K 
Ah, Geez! mereridkat
    A comedy of errors slides Blair into the arms of his one true love. 11K 
Free To Fall PsychGirl
    A re-telling of TSbyBS, with some twists. 71K 
Not Poison Arrow
    Pride goeth. 33K 
In Matters of Life And Love Lyn
    Jim and Blair both struggle to cope after Blair's abduction by Lash 16K 
The Reluctant Guide Natalie L
    Upon the death of his Guide, Jim must make the decision to quit the police force or choose a new watch-mate. AU, NOT a death story 51K 
The Man Whisperer Marion
    Having problems with your pooch? Canine controlling you? Call Cascade's own Dog Whisperer! AU 34K 
I Wanna Be Like You Patt
    Jim and Blair are forced to face each others thoughts and feelings. 24K 
Primary Colors Blue, Red and Yellow Debbie Stone
    The boys discuss primary colors and how they affect their lives. 4K 
Following By Example Jane Davitt
    It only takes a single question to change everything Jim and Blair thought they knew about each other. 29K 
Naked Kate Roman
    Blair fills Jim's senses. In every way. 2K 
The Gypsy Tinnean
    After his release from a French prison, Captain Lord James Ellison finds himself suffering from 'spells' where he sees and hears things he couldn't possibly see and hear. Fearing his son might be consigned to Bedlam, William, Duke of Rainier, seeks help from Blair, the Gypsy healer. AU 117K 
Mr. Sandburg Goes to Town Stormy Stormheller
    Based on the Frank Capra movie, 1936, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. AU, Split into two parts 292K 
Winter in Eden Ceares
    Something's got to give. 32K 
The Naked Jungle akablonded
    Jungle plantation owner James Ellison must battle with nature and his growing feelings for an unwanted guest. AU 101K 
Family Annie
    Sometimes it takes a tragedy to realize just what you still have. 33K 
Do What the Panther Dare Not Bluewolf
    Blair's life takes a tragic turn... or does it? NOT a death story 72K 
Can't Have Cake and Eat It, Too KarieAuthoress
    Megan thinks itís time for her two friends to get it together. 37K 
Happily Ever After Landis McQuade
    Jim and Blair enter a new phase in their married life as Jim transistions from criminal to a cop and Blair goes from being a kept man to being a busy restaurateur. The transition is not so easy as either thought it would be. AU 38K 
Snow banbury
    Jim and Blair struggle through the snow Ė literally and figuratively AU 36K 
Observer Effect Arrow
    Watching the watcher. 22K 
Burnished Kerensa
    Jim forgets a very important day. Can he ever make it up to Blair? 33K 
The Taming of James Ellison Missfae
    How can you convince someone that youíre all that they need? 22K 
Making The Right Choice Peggy R.
    Has Blair lost the love of his life? 19K 
Real Men Don't Cry, Ellison Debbie Stone
    Did Jimís dad succeed in teaching his son about how to be a tough guy? 7K 
Joined Kate Roman
    Jim and Blair always had a special bond... and now they've taken it to the next level. 2K 
A Sea-Change, part three Laurie
    Three years after Blair decided to stay in Cascade, why is Jim feeling so irritable towards his guide? WIP, AU, M/F NonCon 202K 
Sharing Patt
    Blair can think of nothing but Jim. 7K 
Guidance PsychGirl
    Jim gets a nice surprise when he lets Blair plan another vacation. 24K 
In Memory Of Stormy Stormheller
    Things arenít always as they seem. Death story, but cute death story 3K 
Sentinel-mental Song Lyrics akablonded