Naked by Kate Roman

Naked - Kate Roman

"Blair..." Jim rubbed his hands over the long, slender back, groaning softly at the pleasure of touching Blair. Loving him. Blair arched under his hand and Jim lowered his head, biting at the place Blair's neck met his shoulder.

The taste of Blair was intoxicating, sweet and salty and... Jim inhaled sharply, pulling Blair close, filling his senses with his lover. Blair on his skin, in his arms, on his tongue, the scent of his need, it was nearly too much right there, and Jim shuddered against his Guide, nearly overcome with the sheer intoxicating pleasure.

This man... he loved him, wanted him, needed him, in a way he'd never felt for anyone else. "Blair," he choked out.

"Oh Jim... God, yes, Jim," Blair sobbed, rolling his head back, giving Jim better access to his neck.

Jim bit again then almost roughly pushed Blair onto his back. He needed him now, needed to taste him, needed everything. Blair moaned his approval as Jim mouthed his way down his body, then cried out, arching off the bed, as Jim lapped at the perfect nub of his nipple.

Pointing his tongue, Jim teased the fleshy button, one hand caressing the muscles of Blair stomach, the other tangling in the long soft locks of his lover's hair. Blair whined, writhing beneath his touch and Jim raised his head long enough to deposit a fast, hard kiss on Blair's ready mouth.

"Chief," he whispered, and Blair's eyes slowly opened, fixing on his face. Jim gulped at what he saw there, Blair's soul as naked in his eyes as his body was on Jim's bed, and then Blair was reaching for him, pulling him down to kiss him so hard, so deep, that Jim was lost, a prisoner to Blair's touch, Blair's tongue. To Blair.

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thank you so much to K-9 for the gorgeous cover art.