Joined by Kate Roman

Joined - Kate Roman

The kiss is deep, so deep and sweet Blair wonders for a strange and floating moment if he can stay in it forever, live through the connection. Every sense is on fire and he thinks suddenly this is how it is for Jim, so strong and intense, understands how one sense can overpower all as his lover fills him, every fiber of his being.

His breath is Jim's, his vision Jim, the only sound the pounding of the blood - Jim's blood - in his ears. They are one at last, Guide and Sentinel, a bond forged beyond breaking.


He's holding on tight, so tight his fingers are splayed over the bench, and he's scrabbling at the sink for purchase as he struggles to part his legs further - oh god, deeper, more... oh yes there, just there - and let Jim that fraction further in without losing his balance, losing this connection. Flesh on flesh, flesh in flesh and he belongs to Jim now, he's owned, possessed and it's better than he could have imagined, better than it's ever been.

Jim's on him, taking him, loving him, mouth on skin and beautiful, perfect words in his ear.

"Mine, Chief. Mine."

The end

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Acknowledgements: With thanks to Tinx for the beta and Patt for the cover art.