The Taming of James Ellison by Missfae

The Taming of James Ellison - Missfae

Ah, yes… just like that.

Nails raked down his back leaving red scores in their wake as the man thrust deeper into the willing body wrapped wantonly around him.

Fuck me… harder, deeper, oh man, you are so good.

Shapely legs wrapped around his muscular lower back as the man obligingly picked up the pace, pumping for all he was worth. Hands reached up and grabbed his solid biceps as he plowed deeper.

Yes, Jim, yes… tell me you love me… tell me you love…

Sweat glistened off the naked bodies of the two lovers as Jim looked into the blue eyes and panted, With all my heart, I love you… I never knew what I’d been missing before being with you…

Yes, darling, yes… make me yours, Jim, oh god… I’m coming… I’m…

Come for me… I love you so much…

“Sally… Sally!” A hand was shaking the pretty blue-eye blonde. “Come on… earth to Sally… snap out of it.!”

“Wha… Jim?”

“Uh… no… girlfriend, get it together; our lunch break is almost over.”


“Give the lady a cigar; right on the what… second, third try?”

“Jokes, you are just so full of jokes.” Sally sighed and looked at her best friend. She really is my best friend.

The two of them were as different as night and day. Sally Reardon was a petite blonde with big blue eyes, who collected unicorns, a little odd for a cop. When she wasn't in uniform, she had a penchant for frilly tops. Tonya Lark, her best friend, was a 6’ tall African –American with waist length dreads and a sweet disposition. But when the two were paired up in Vice, they hit it off immediately, and had one of the best arrest records in the history of the Cascade police department. Now, the two friends sat in the new Cascade mall, or more precisely, in the food court of the new Cascade mall, two blocks down from the police department.

Tonya reached for her drink. “Girl, are you alright?”

Sally nodded. “I was just thinking.”

Tonya grinned. “Thinking or lusting?”

Sally’s gaze snapped to her friend. “Tonya!”

“Hey, don’t get mad at me… I mean, don’t get me wrong. He sure is a whole lot o’ man…”

“I don’t know to whom you are referring,” Sally huffed.

Just then, the man in question came through the door with his arm around the shoulders of a smaller man; they were looking into each other’s eyes and laughing about something as they made their way to the food court. Sally’s eyes took on a look of puppy dog adoration as she followed their progress.

“He is the one to whom I am referring.” Tonya nudged her best friend. “James ‘sex on a stick’ Ellison.” She inhaled deeply and then blew it out. “Anyway… that sex is on reserve for just one person.”

Sally tracked the two men’s progress until they finally disappeared into a Chili’s. “That’s because he hasn’t met the right person. I mean… men are like dogs, you just have to shake the right bone in front of them.”

“Oh yeah?” Tonya nodded in the direction of the departing duo. “Well, I think he’s found the right bone and it’s attached to 5’8”, 150 lbs of small, curly-haired Blair Sandburg.”

Mortified, Sally looked at her friend. “Tonya, that’s only office gossip, and you know it!”

“Believe what you want, but there are none so blind…”

Sally raised a hand. “Are you gonna help me or not?”

Tonya raised her own hand as she tried to mollify her friend. “I’ll help… never said that I wouldn’t…”

“Thanks, Tonya.”

“I’m just saying that you’re barking up the wrong tree. But if you’re determined to do this, you can count on my support.”

Sally gave her a hug. “Let operation ‘Taming of James Ellison’ begin.”


The next day Blair and Jim arrived early to finish, or rather, for Blair to finish, Jim’s paperwork from a previous bust. “Chief?” Jim started to sniff. “Do you smell anything strange?”

Blair paused in the act of sitting at his desk and took a deep breath. “No… nothing. Why?”

“I don’t know. It’s faint but it reminds me of….” A gigantic sneeze cut off this sentence.


“Blair…” Another sneeze. “It smells like that sage Namoi is always burning.” Jim was doubled over by a series of sneezes.

Blair offered Jim a handful of tissues. “Sage? How did it get here?” He grinned at Jim’s dirty look. “Peace, man, I’m just trying to help, okay? Why don’t you try to locate it?” Blair watched as Jim sniffed. A horrendous sneezing fit ensued as the Sentinel pointed to his desk drawer. Blair hurried to the desk, opened the drawer, and withdrew a small packet of potpourri. “Voila!”

“What the hell is going on?” a voice bellowed, and the two men turned just as Simon stormed into the squad room. “I can hear Jim down the hallway.”

“Sa—” Jim started to explain but was cut off by a tremendous sneeze.

“I’ve got to get him out of here. Simon, I’ll call you later.” With those words, Blair ushered his sneezing Sentinel out of the squad room.

As he turned to go into his office, Simon scrubbed a hand over his face. “If it’s a Sentinel thing, I don’t want to know about it.”


Sally and Tonya were seated in the food court, people watching and munching contentedly on rice cakes, when an excited co-worker rushed up to them. The woman, Mary, was bursting with news.

“Did you hear about Detective Ellison?”

Sally cut her eyes at Tonya. “No. What happened?”

“It was the weirdest thing. He came into the office and had a sneezing fit. “

“So?” Tonya asked.

“The word on the grapevine is that someone tried to poison him.”

“What?” Sally’s mouth hung open in disbelief.

The oblivious woman was too wrapped up in her story to notice the other’s reaction. “Yeah, it seems that someone planted a substance in his desk that was so highly toxic, he had to be taken to the ER.”


An eager nod. “Yes… but that isn’t the worst of it!”

Tonya eyed the gossip with distaste. “If that’s not the worst part, then what is?”

“The way Sandburg was fawning over him, rubbing his back, petting him… just like he was his boyfriend instead of his roommate.”

Sally felt her blood boil at the rambling woman’s declaration. She got in the woman’s face and gritted out, “You should be ashamed of yourself, spreading gossip like that!”

“Well…” The woman tossed her head. “Just telling you what I heard. Besides… it’s not as if everyone doesn’t know that they’re involved…” The murderous look in Sally’s eyes cut off the rest of the declaration.

Tonya shook her head in disgust. “Mary, I think you’d better go now.” A pause. “We’ll catch you later.”

“Sure,” Mary replied, casting a final glance at Sally. “Later.”

“That bitch…”

Tonya touched the aggravated woman’s arm. “Sally, calm down.”

“But the things she said…”

“… are what most of the station believes.”

“But they’re friends; of course he is going to be worried. And that stuff about trying to poison him- I mean, it was just sage…and a few other natural herbs.”

“Did you ever stop to think that maybe he was allergic?”

Sally pouted, refusing to meet Tonya’s gaze. “No.” The two women sat in silence while Sally considered the implications of her actions. “So what do I do now?”

“Give it up?” a hopeful Tonya replied.

“Nope. This was just a fluke. I have another idea that I’m sure will work. Are you with me?”

Wearily Tonya nodded. “Against my better judgment.”

“Good.” Sally beamed at her friend and declared, “Part two of operation, ‘Taming of James Ellison’ begins tomorrow at 0900.”

“God help us all,” Tonya muttered.


“Hurry up, you’re late.”

“And a jolly good morning to you too.”

“Ah, come on Tonya… don’t be like that. I’m just excited.”

A shrug. “If you say so. Okay… what’s the plan?"

“Well, I went to this shop that blends custom lotions, perfumes… you know stuff like that.”


“And I asked the lady for a combination of herbs that would be guaranteed to drive a man wild... to have him practically throwing himself at my feet.”

Tonya, ever being the voice of reason asked, "Wouldn’t that be a bad idea? I mean, considering Ellison had an allergic reaction to the other herbs?"

Sally waved her off. "It could have been anything. You know these offices are old and dusty. This is all natural. You'll see, it'll be fine."

Tonya sighed in defeat, "Let me see it."

“Voila.” Sally was joyful has she whipped out a small, garish purple bag.

Tonya eyed it suspiciously, before reading, “Pauline’s Passionate Perfumes and Sundries.”

“Yep.” She looked around.

“Sally.” Tonya regarded her friend with a worried expression. “What are you looking for?”

“You mean to tell me that you never noticed that Jim walks through here on his way to the elevator?”

“Ummm… yes?”

Sally tsked. “Girlfriend, you have got to be more observant if you wanna catch a man.”

“Who said that I wanted a man?” Tonya harrumphed.

Sally looked quizzically at her friend, but turned away, pouting. What in the world? I’ll have to find out what’s going on later, Sally decided as she turned back to her search. Soon she saw Jim’s familiar figure coming down the hallway and as usual, his head was bent as he listened to Blair’s animated discourse on their current topic of discussion. Sally’s eyes narrowed in disdain.

Tonya heaved one of her many long-suffering sighs. “Down girl, he is the man’s roommate. You expect him never to talk to the man?”

“Well, after this,” Sally sniffed, “he’ll only have eyes for me.” She motioned Tonya forward. “Now hurry and change places with me, I need to have my back to him.” Sally drew the small aromatic bottle out of the bag.

“Sally…” Tonya warned.

“Hush,” Sally hissed, “and watch a master at work.”

Tonya rolled her eyes.

Sally ignored her, as she glanced at Jim. As usual, he was so focused on Blair, that he was oblivious to her affections. “The woman at the store told me that this is the perfect scent for my body because it was blended especially for me.” She watched out the corner of her eye as the two men came closer.

She heard Blair say, “I have a surprise to bring you for lunch tomorrow.”

“Chief…” Jim hedged.

“No man, it’s all natural. You’ll love it… trust me.”

Jim rubbed his jaw. “Why do I have the feeling that those are famous last words?”

Surprise? The surprise is that’ll he be eating with me… or eating me. She giggled at the naughty image that flashed through her mind. “Here, tell me what you think.” At that moment, Jim passed directly behind her and Sally squeezed the bulb on the atomizer, sending a fine mist over Jim’s front.

“What the hell?” Jim exploded.

Sally was instantly big eyes and little girl mannerisms. “Detective Ellison, I am so sorry.” She began wiping his chest. “Let me get that off of you.”

Jim stepped back. “Don’t worry. I just need to get to the men’s room.”

“But it’s my fault.” Sally’s hands were all over Jim.

Blair stepped between them. “It’s alright. No harm… no foul.” He took Jim’s arm. “Come on, man, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Sally mouth dropped open as she watched Blair lead Jim away, his hand firmly planted on the bigger man’s lower back.

“Close your mouth, girl, before you swallow a fly,” Tonya whispered, gently pushing Sally’s chin up.


“Did you hear what happened in Major Crime?” Mary’s voice preceded her as she approached Tonya and Sally’s table in the Galleria.

“Do tell… do tell,” Tonya replied dryly.

Mary sniffed and made to turn away. “Alright, if you want to be that way.”

Sally reached up and grabbed her arm. “I want to know.”

“Well… Detective Ellison was sprayed with some sort of perfume or something…” Tonya cut her eyes at Sally, who refused to meet her glance. “Anyway, from what I heard, he went to the men’s room and washed his face, chest, whatever and changed his shirt.”

“Uh-huh.” Tonya leaned back in her seat, folding her arms across her chest.

“I was told that he was okay, then, about an hour later, he starts scratching. I mean, he was really going to town, said his skin was on fire.” Mary’s eyes twinkled as she warmed to her topic. “They say his friend,” she made sure to laden the word with innuendo, “got him down to the showers and stripped him.”

“He was just helping him get into the spray,” Sally replied. It was hard not to hear the steel in her voice, but Mary seemed to miss it.

She continued. “Lisa said that the next time she saw Ellison, he was dressed in sweats, panting hard and that his lips were swollen.”

“Probably having an allergic reaction,” Tonya jumped in, noting the dark look that crossed Sally’s face.

Mary tossed her hair back from her face. “Then Blair must have been having the same reaction. I was told that he was in the same exact state.” A pause. “Maybe they have similar allergies?”

A red-haired woman hurried over to the table. “Mary, there you are. I’ve been looking all over for you. Come on, we’re gonna be late getting back.”

“All right… all right. I’m comin’. See you two back at the station.” She gave the two ladies a snide grin, and moved to join her co-worker.

Tonya watched her friend watching Mary heading off. “What now, oh persistent one?”

“I almost had him.”

“Sure you did.”

“If it wasn’t for that hippie always…” She made a “you know” gesture with her hand, and a disgusted face, “hanging around.”

“Well… he is always hanging around, and I have a feeling that Ellison likes it that way.” Tonya saw the way Sally's eyes suddenly twinkled. “No. Whatever it is… absolutely not!”

Sally stuck out her lower lip; Tonya wanted to take it between her teeth and nibble on it.

“Okay. What are you going to do now?”

Sally stood up and dusted off her bottom. “Lunch.”


"What a morning!" Jim massaged his tight neck muscles as he entered the squad room. He’d been out conducting interviews on a pending investigation, and noticed a picnic basket on his desk. This must have been the surprise Blair mentioned.

Sniffing cautiously, he approached. Once he was convinced that there was nothing there to make him sneeze or itch, he relaxed. H walked by and clapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey, Ellison, looks like Hairboy made good on his promise.” He peered over Jim’s shoulder. “I don’t see a Wonder burger in sight.”

Jim pulled out a sandwich and took a bite, while reaching for the phone. “Very funny.”

“Hey, man, you’re spitting crumbs.”

Jim swallowed and took another bite. “Serves you right for mocking my enforced dietary needs. Besides… this is pretty good.” He listened to the phone on the other end ring. “Blair’s not answering.” He hung up. “Must be out.” Jim finished the sandwich and pulled out another. “These are really good.”

H watched the other man wolf down the second sandwich. “They must be. Sure you don’t want to share?”

Jim shook his head. “No way. Go get you own Hairboy, and leave mine alone.” Suddenly, his eyes went wide.

“Jim? Jim? What’s wrong.”

H watched as Jim wiggled in his seat.

“Jim.” He reached down and gently shook his friend by the shoulder.

Jim breathed in deeply. “Need Blair.”

“Umm, Jim? What’s going on?” H was beginning to panic, when Jim knocked his hand away and turned towards the squad room door.


“Hey man, sorry I’m…”

Jim was on the startled young man, dragging him back the way he came.

“Jim… what’s goin’ on?”

“Gotta get home.” Jim pulled Blair past the elevator and down the stairs. The last thing H heard was Blair telling Jim to turn down some type of dial.


The next day, Sally and Tonya were at their usual table at the food court, when Mary came hurrying up to them.

“Did you hear about Detective Ellison?”

Tonya stared at Sally. “No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell us.”

“You’re darn tootin’!’’

Sally studiously avoided her friend’s eyes. “What happened to Ellison?”

For the first time since she became the official bearer of Ellison gossip, Mary took a seat to tell her tale.

“I heard from a friend, who heard from another friend, who was delivering a package to Major Crimes…”

Sally leaned forward. “What? Heard what?”

“That Detective Ellison was strutting around the department with a ‘cat that ate the canary’ grin, and… that Sandburg was having quite a bit of trouble sitting. Of course, he was trying to act naturally. Then I heard, from another friend in records, that Ellison made a change to his official record.”

Sally gulped. “He-he did what?”

“He made an off-i-ci-al change to his record.”

Tonya knew what was coming, but she asked anyway. “What type of change?”

“His status from “single” to “in a relationship.” My friend also said that when the clerk asked who the mystery woman was, Ellison just smirked while Sandburg turned all kinds of shades of red.” Mary covered her mouth to stifle a giggle. “I think it’s kinda cute.”

“Real cute,” Sally ground out.

Mary’s eyes twinkled. “She also said that Sandburg was walking with a limp.”

When Tonya saw Sally begin to shred her paper napkin, she hastily interjected, “Wow, will you look at the time. Sorry, Mary, gotta go.”

“Go?” Sally echoed.

“Yeah, you know. To take care of that thing, that… we’ve got to take care of… you know.”

Sally looked into Mary’s eager face, and knew that she had more good news to impart. “Right. That thing. Mary, I’m really sorry. Perhaps we can catch you some other time.”

Mary’s face fell. “Sure, no prob. I’ll see you two later.” The two women glanced back at Mary as they walked away.

Sally held up her hand, palm out towards Tonya. “If you say, I told you so….”

Tony shook her head and sighed. “I wasn’t, but it would have been nice if you had listened to me.”

“I know, I know. It’s just that… I am so tired of being alone.”

Tonya took in the slumped posture and the dejected air of the other woman. “You’re not alone, ” she whispered.

Sally snorted. “Yeah, right.”

Tonya’s whisper was barely audible. “You’re not.”

“Tonya?” Shaking her head, the other woman turned to leave then it hit Sally. Tonya loves me- ‘is in love with me.Sally reached out to gently touch the other woman’s arm. “Tonya…wait a minute.” As Tonya slowed down, Sally’s mind was racing. Tonya has always been there for me. Even during all my crazy stunts, when she knew that I was making an absolute idiot of myself, she stuck by me. The shy way that she would look at me, and she is always gentle with me. Didn’t matter if I showed up on her doorstep, drunk and sick, she took care of me. Way more than a friend.

Looking at her friend, for perhaps the first time since she met her, Sally smiled. “Tonya, are you saying…”

Tonya nodded.

“Since when?”

“Since we’ve been partners.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the type of thing one brings up in a conversation. ‘Hey, how was your date last night? By the way, I wish it was me in your bed.’”

Sally looked at her friend and smiled. “Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever been with someone who really loved me for me, before.”

Tonya smiled back as she took her hand. “Come on in… the water’s fine.”

Sally squeezed her soon-to-be lover’s hand. “I think I’m ready for the plunge.”

Across the mall, Jim gave a low chuckle.

“What’s up?” Blair asked as he handed his lover a Strawberry Smoothie.

“Do you know Sally Reardon and Tonya Lark?”

“Vice. What about them?”

“I think they just decided to explore a relationship.”

“Really?” Blair started bouncing on his toes. “That’s so cool. By the way, did you ever find out who sent you those gifts?”

“Not yet, why?”

“Well, we really need to thank them.”

“For what, causing allergic reactions? You’ve got to be kidding!”

“Nah, man. I mean, I’m glad they weren’t serious, but think about it. If it wasn’t for those allergies, we never would have gotten together.”

Jim draped his arm around Blair’s shoulders. “True, but you’d better believe this, Einstein, I didn’t need the excuse of an allergic reaction."

Blair's jaw dropped. "You mean… "

"Yep. That's exactly what I mean. I've had my eye on you a long time, Chief. Why do you think I never pushed for you to find your own apartment and move out? I would have let you chase me until sooner or later I caught you.”

“So are you saying… I’m the ‘Beauty that Tamed the Sentinel?’”



“Let’s go home and see if we can find a better use for that mouth.”

The end

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Acknowledgments: Thank you to my mentor Tinnean, my beta Lyn and my sister trickiegyrl. The contributions that each of you make, truly cause my stories to come to life.

This is a Plot bunny that hit me as I was waking up one morning. In fact, I actually saw the two women talking.