Many Faces of Blair

WARNING - SLASH material (M/M sexual relationships), NC-17 level and some graphic photographs are contained in this E-ZINE.

There may also be some controversial subjects in the stories, please remember that this is fiction, and is in no way meant to make light of any similar situations.

Proceed at your own RISK. If you don't like the material, then please go back now!

Disclaimer: These stories have been betaed, but the author has the final say in how the story is presented.

Our authors appreciate feedback, please be kind.

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Story Title Author
In The Beginning Lisa, Duncan's Twin With Graphics
  A fateful meeting is just the beginning. 9K      
Ke Kali Nei Au (The Wedding Song) Landis McQuade With Graphics
  Blair bakes a wedding cake and proposes to an unsuspecting Jim. 35K      
Legalities of Love J. L. Blackstone With Graphics
  Blair Sandburg, attorney-at-law, meets billionaire James Ellison and what happens next is not fit for the courtroom. 78K      
Inspired by the Ordinary Tangent With Graphics
  What could be better than living with your favorite source of inspiration? 11K      
Learning to Fly VampyrAlex With Graphics
  Jim and Stephen return to Cascade after years of being away from their hometown. There they meet a very special tour guide. 37K      
Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter Lyn With Graphics
  Mrs. Brown wants handsome janitor, Blair Sandburg to marry her daughter. 57K      
A Sentinel's Guide to Flexibility akablonded With Graphics
  Stress management -- especially when you're a sentinel -- comes in all sorts of packages. 82K      
The Drilling Rig Scribe With Graphics
  A graduate student, working to earn tuition in the rough world of an oil drilling platform, meets a mysterious, troubled man. 112K      
Struck J.M. Griffin With Graphics
  While speaking at a local high school, reknowned anthropologist, Blair Sandburg, finds himself in the middle of an incident that impacts his future. 28K      
It Happened One Night Silk With Graphics
  Dining out has unexpected consequences for Detective Jim Ellison when he develops an appetite for Chef Blair Sandburg. 37K      
Hot For Teacher Roxanne With Graphics
  Sociology teacher, Blair Sandburg, falls in love with the uncle of his problem student. 74K      
Fantasy is Reality Kaitelynn With Graphics
  Detective Jim Ellison goes to Fantasy Island and meets his destiny. 94K      
Paradise Lost Monica & VampyrAlex With Graphics
  While on a fishing trip Jim, Henri and Simon get caught by a terrible storm and drift onto a mysterious island. 128K      
Keeping Brilliant Fire Frog With Graphics
  Detective Jim Ellison knows Blair only as one of the best informants he has. Will he be willing to take a chance on this alluring yet shady character? 33K      
Recognition Rogue With Graphics
  When destinies collide, one soul recognizes another and does everything he can to convince his other half that he IS the 'other half'. 49K      
Strangers by Night Rushlight With Graphics
  A young Blair Sandburg finds that life on the streets isn't all it's cracked up to be, and that sometimes it's necessary to rely on the kindness of strangers. 73K (pre-slash)      
Manhunter Patt With Graphics
  What happens when a tough guy turns soft when he meets up with one of his skips? 132K      
Sense and Psychicability gena With Graphics
  Det. James Ellison is a man with a problem; an injury, a mystery and a date with a psychic are just the beginning. 35K      
Unspoken Lies Kylia With Graphics
  Novelist Blair Sandburg and Detective Jim Ellison are brought together to solve a case... and maybe find a whole lot more. 52K      
Thief of Hearts Morgana With Graphics
  Captain Jim Ellison from Narcotics finds a thief in his home and loses his heart. 87K      
Virtually Yours Dolly Llama With Graphics
  When a seemingly careless hacker begins attacking several telecommunications firms in Cascade, the trail leads directly to a particular computer engineer with something to hide. Will the Cascade Police Department's High Tech Crimes Division be able to apprehend the culprit, or are they hiding behind 'firewalls' of their own? 208K