All Night Long by Angelee

All Night Long - Angelee

“Oh, Goddess!”

Blair arched up, moaning in pleasure. Big, blue eyes closed tightly as a wave of pure pleasure the likes of which he’d never felt before shook his body like the proverbial leaf.


He bit his lip hard, hard enough to draw blood. He’d never expected anything like this. Not in a million, trillion years.

Nothing like this.


He’d gone to see if James Joseph Ellison would hear him out about Sentinels and that perhaps he might just be one. He’d expected anger, which he got, if being slammed into a bookshelf was any indication. Second hint was being called a ‘neo hippy punk’ or some variation of that.

But he never expected this.

James Joseph Ellison had loosened his hold on him slightly, buried his face in Blair’s neck and sniffed him, like a prized treat or a meal that smelled really, really good.

Blair had held still, not wanting to anger the big, really big, man, allowing the touch - kind of liking it actually.

When Jim had pulled away, it was to look around the room with slightly dazed, blue eyes dilated to the point of not having any of the blue showing at all. Blair had called his name tentatively. That earned him a low, deep vibrating growl, which had shaken his slighter frame. Blair had blinked at that, but hadn’t become frightened, knowing somehow, deep inside that Jim would never hurt him.

The man who Blair wishfully hoped would be his Sentinel, grabbed him by the wrist and tugged him out of the curly haired man’s office. He quickly found himself firmly seated and belted in what Blair was more than sure was Jim’s truck. At least he thought it was, since he had the keys to it anyway. When Jim had made sure Blair was safe, he’d reached over with a trembling hand and gently tucked Blair’s stray curls off his face. With that, they’d taken off out of the campus.

All questions were now met with a low growl, as were any attempts Blair made to loosen his seatbelt.

When they’d gotten to what Blair assumed was their destination, Jim had given him a small growl of warning as the bigger man got out of the truck. He’d gone around to the other side and opened the door for Blair.

The smaller man had tried again, calling his name softly. It hadn’t gotten him a growl this time; it had gotten him a gentle urging out of the cab of the truck and a very nice, warm, tender kiss to the forehead. Without realizing it, Blair had given a happy sigh, really liking the kiss. Jim had given him a tiny smile before tugging him toward the apartment complex.

No words were spoken. It seemed as if the Sentinel didn’t have anything to say, though as they road the elevator, Blair could swear he heard soft purrs coming from Jim. He would have loved to have laid a hand on that big chest and find out, but he didn’t want to chance it. He’d like more kisses. Not just on his forehead, though.

Blair had no delusions about the fact that he wanted the Sentinel. Wanted him with an ache that hadn’t gone away from the moment he’d laid eyes on him at the hospital when he’d impersonated a doctor to get close to Jim.

James Joseph Ellison was beautiful. And big, so very big, with a chest Blair would love to lay his head on for an eternity. It wouldn’t hurt to have those well muscled arms around him, either.

Going up in the elevator, Blair had looked at Jim wistfully, thinking someone as beautiful as the Sentinel was would never want someone as short and ugly as he was. After all, he had curly hair he couldn’t do a thing with, eyes too big and too blue. He’d looked down at his body and sighed sadly. It didn’t compare to Jim in any shape, way or form.

He had been so lost in his depressing thoughts, Blair hadn’t even noticed when the elevator had stopped. Jim had led him to the door of an apartment. Jim’s, Blair suspected, but didn’t bother to ask; the Sentinel would only growl at him in response.

Gently ushered in, Blair had looked around curiously. Nice, very nice, if a bit plain. It didn’t look like anything that would scream ‘home’, but it was nice.

He’d startled, when Jim tugged on his arm, coaxingly this time, leading him up a flight of stairs. Blair frowned, not knowing what to think. He’d been led into Jim’s bedroom. It was nice. Very, very nice. Nice comforter, big fluffy pillows.

He’d turned to ask Jim what it was he wanted, only to meet eyes that were still dilated and filled with tears. Blair’s frown had deepened. Going over to the trembling Sentinel, he’d gently placed a hand on a broad and very warm chest. His only thought was to stop the tears that threatened to overflow. He rubbed gently, trying to give comfort the best that he could.

Jim’s left hand came over his. A deep, grumble echoed through that big chest into Blair’s hand. The curly haired man looked up questioningly, not willing to break the silence. At least not yet.

Jim blinked the tears from him eyes, moving closer. Lowering his head, he gave a low purr that held a wealth of questions. Blair’s other hand came up to cover the left side of Jim’s face, his thumb rubbing at the tears that had escaped. He gave a tiny smile when the Sentinel had moved into it with a soft mewling sound.

Blair spoke for the first time since getting out of the truck. “I’m not quite sure what it is that you want. But if it’s me, and I really hope and pray to all the deities that exist that it is, I’m yours for the taking,” he’d whispered softly.

“Mine?” Jim’d asked so hopefully, it filled the Blair’s eyes with tears of their own.

Blair nodded. “Yours. Do to me what you will. I’ll allow it willingly.”

“Never hurt.”

Blair had smiled. “I know that, sweetheart. I know that with every fiber in my being. I don’t know what someone as beautiful as you would want with a curly haired geek like me, but I’m game. Boy, am I ever.”

Jim shook his head. “Beautiful. You are so beautiful.”

Blair’s smile had deepened. “Thank you for saying so.”



Jim tilted his head to the side as he contemplated the man before him. “Believe?”

“Yes. I believe, because you believe and that’s all I need.”

Jim gathered the curly haired man into his arms, holding him close, sighing softly, contentedly. “I don’t know what’s happening to me,” he admitted reluctantly, after a long moment.

Blair rested his head against a strong shoulder, thinking silently that these shoulders could hold the weight of the world on them. Or perhaps the curly head of a very lonely college student.

“You’re a Sentinel. I’m your chosen Guide. What I’ve read in the old tomes is that the Sentinel goes a bit wonky when he first spots his Guide.”

Blair felt big and oh-so gentle hands on his hair, as well as what felt or sounded like a nose sniffing him. “I started feeling funny after you left the room at the hospital,” Jim replied quietly, whispers of warm air moving the soft curls. “Then I found I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. All I could think of was y…you,” his voice broke on the last word. “All I wanted was you. The way you smelled, so clean and fresh, like the air after a summer rain. The way my tongue could taste your flavor, sweet, healthy, addictive. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. The way I need you so badly it hurts. Hurts really bad.”

“Do you mind? Wanting me like that.”

Jim rubbed his face against the Blair’s silky hair. “No. Should I?”

“You could have anyone in the whole world and all you get is me,” Blair said sadly.

Jim pulled away slightly to cup Blair’s face in his hands. “Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that. I bonded you. Deep inside I know I have and it’s for a reason. I’m fucking well not going to fight against it. And I don’t want you ever saying something like that again. I think you’re going to be my whole world before too long. My life, my sanity, my heart and soul will belong to you and you alone. A beautiful blue-eyed, geeky fellow who desperately wanted to help me. So much so, he impersonated a doctor, to get close to me.” Jim smiled at Blair who was listening intently to his words. “I’m not going to fight it either,” He said, gently kissing the lips raised slightly as if begging for a kiss. “Not now, not ever. Will you let me show you how much I want this? Want you?”

Blair nodded, sighing shakily when their lips met. Hands, big warm hands, removed his clothing. Listening to Jim as the Sentinel offered words and kisses of encouragement, Blair blinked up at the skylight dazedly, not believing this was happening. That this was happening to-him, of all people.

Never, never in his life had someone so beautiful fallen into his lap. Not ever. And Jim was truly beautiful. The Sentinel had looked up at him from where he knelt as he unlaced Blair’s shoes, before startling the smaller man out of five years by placing his head against Blair’s abdomen and loving rubbed his face against the skin there.

It was an act Blair never thought a man the size of Jim was capable of. So full of tenderness and consideration, it brought tears to his eyes. Blair reached down with shaky hands had gently caressed the Sentinel’s soft brown hair.

Jim looked up and their eyes met. Blair knew then, there was no going back. He was once and for all truly lost. There would be no one else for him ever, but the man kneeling before him.

“J…Jim?” He’d unsteadily asked, not quite sure what it was he was asking. Just knowing he had to ask.

“I know. I know. You’re going to have to understand that I’m about ready to lose control. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stop once we start. Can you handle me once I’ve been unleashed? Do you want to?”

Blair had given him a shaky smile. “More than you know. I want it. I want it all.”

Jim rose from the floor, making Blair’s heart skip a beat with how gorgeous he was. “Be sure. Be very, very sure,” he’d warned blue eyes full of hope and longing. A longing Blair could very readily identify with.

“I am,” Blair whispered back. “Oh, Goddess-am I ever.”

“Have you done this before?”

Blair’s eyes widened in amazement as the Sentinel’s big, buff body came into view when Jim removed his clothing.

“N…not really.”

Jim dropped the sock he’d been holding. “Not really?”

Blair took the sock from him and flung it over the railing. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Jim blinked at him. “What?” He finally asked.

“I haven’t had sex yet.”

“Not ever?”

Blair nodded. “Not ever. Unless you count my hand and that can be a bit lonely and depressing.”


The curly haired man had moved closer, laying his head against the Sentinel’s chest. “I think I’ve been waiting for the right person.” He’d looked up, giving Jim a shy smile. “You?” he questioned softly.

Jim blinked away the tears. “Oh, baby.”

“Love me, Jim. Love me?” Blair pleaded softly, urgently. “Love me, please?”

The Sentinel had nodded, carefully leading Blair to the bed.

What followed was a night Blair would never forget. Jim had been so careful, so very gentle, wooing him with hands, mouth and that magnificent body of his. Not that Blair needed much wooing.

Blair couldn’t not respond. By the time Jim had entered him, the Blair was trembling with need, his body soaked with sweat from the never ending sensations coursing though him.

“Oh, Goddess,” he whispered again, arching up against the body moving on top and in him.

He’d never felt anything like this, ever. Jim’s face was buried against his neck as he thrust gently, as if he had the time and stamina to make love to Blair all night long. Which the Sentinel was more than capable of doing, Blair was certain about that.

Blair sighed shakily, running trembling hands over his Sentinel’s broad back. Wondering if Jim would object if he touched his butt?

He sent his hands lower, smiling softly when his touch was met with a purr of encouragement. Oh, man, did this mean that Jim would let him touch him all over? Blair’s hands itched to do some exploring. He wondered if he could make the Sentinel forget his own name.

Blair frowned inwardly. Might be a while, considering he didn’t have any experience to speak of. He was glad he had waited for this very special man. So very glad.

He forgot all about that when Jim thrust in at just the right angle to make Blair gasp hoarsely. He arched up, hard enough to lift the Sentinel.

“Oh, Goddess, Jim? Jim? Again. Do that again. That feels so good. Again. Do it again,” He pleaded hoarsely. “Just like that.”

Jim raised his face from Blair’s neck. “All night long. Every night if you want.”

“I want. Oh, Goddess, do I want.”

The Sentinel closed his eyes for a moment, releasing his senses. “It’s getting toward dawn. The birds are starting to sing. I think I’ve loved you all night long. You’re going to be sore, sweetheart,” he said, opening his eyes slowly. “Very sore.”

Blair wrapped his arms around Jim hurriedly. “Don’t care. Don’t you dare stop. Don’t you dare.”

Jim chuckled softly, tugging on a sweat soaked curl. “Wasn’t going to, baby.” Actions proved his word as he began to move inside his Guide, once again, making Blair moan.

“That’s so good. So very good.” Big, strong hands caressed the sides of his face.

“Glad you waited for me?”

Blair gave him a brilliant smile. “Yes. Oh, Goddess yes. If it meant having this with you, I’d wait a million, trillions years if I had to.”

“I’m glad. Blair?”


“Wanna see if we can keep going? Make love all day long as well?”

Blair ran his thumb over Jim’s cheek, collecting the moisture coating the angular face. “You betcha,” he replied, before licking his thumbing. Knowing how much Jim liked it, by the way the hardness jumped in him. “I’m game, if you are.”

Jim gave him a brilliant smile. “Oh, I’m game alright.” With that, flipped them over so Blair was on top.

The curly haired man looked down at him in dazed confusion. “J…Jim…”

The Sentinel smiled up at him. “Do what you will, I’m yours,” he replied arms outstretched on the tangled covers.



“Touch you wherever I want?”

Jim smiled deepened. “I wish you would.”

Blair frowned slightly, “You’re not just saying that?”

“No. I’m truly, wholeheartedly yours.”

“I can kiss you…”


“Touch you…”

Jim arched up, going deeper into the body he had been a part of for quite awhile. “I wish you would.”

Blair gasped softly. “On, that felt really good. Hmm, will you let me do to you what you’ve done to me all night long?”

“Whenever you want, for as long as you want.”

Blair began slowly moving from side to side. Watching how the Sentinel’s eyes narrowed in pleasure. “All day? Every day?”


“Nights, too?”

Jim nodded. “Nights too.” He replied, hands digging into the bedding as Blair began to move urgently above him.

Blair gave him a brilliant smile. “Want to seal our new relationship with a kiss?”

Jim returned the look, just as brightly, just as lovingly. “Oh, yeah,” he replied softly, reaching for the lips coming down toward him. “Oh, yeah.”

The end

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Acknowledgements: To Bobbie Turnbeauh for beta. With much thanks and my forever gratitude. All remaining errors are my own. Thank you to Lisa Adolf for the lovely cover.